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Warhammer WAAAGH Orks

Well at last, i saw this on Fantasy Flight site yesterday so i think i can upload it

Here's a card for the Warhammer: Invasion Living Card Game of Fantasy Flight Games by Games Workshop.

Hope you guys like it, this is one of 10 cards i did for them

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nice work! can i use it for my new setting D&D 5th edition? thanks in advance
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Ork Weirdboyz draw their power not from the Warp but from the gestalt psychic energy of the Waaagh! itself.  They won't have daemonic incursions; instead there's a risk of psychic backlash that can explode their heads, killing nearby Orks.
WarpHeadz enjoy using their magical powers.
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Three seconds later: shaman's head goes Boom!
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Awesome , that`s great art :) !!!
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i love the orks way of thinking, they know most will die but they will always just keep sending endless hords until theve over run the enemy and won. they may not be the smartest but hey orks are made for fighting and winning(only winning by overwhelming odds)
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wow so cool i collect them and mine don't look half as good as this!!!!!
war hammer love
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im trying to come up with an intelegent comment...ah screw it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
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WAAAAAAAAGH this is excellent work))))
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Hey, do you mind if i use this image as my online avatar?
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Awsome pic was this done in photoshop?
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photoshop and painter :D
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Set this as my desktop background if thats okay with you :D
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its and honor!
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For Gork, 'n Mork! WAAAAAGH!!
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I love my red orks
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always nice to find a great orc piece. Very very nice!
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yes... GO BOYZ... WAGHHH
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I tried to come up with intelligent praise...but failed. This is simply fucking great
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