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Van Eycke's Sepphire Armor 02

That was a quick project...
Client had great idea... so designing it was real pleasure.

Armor for a noble and virtue warrior, or an elf if you prefer :)
Client has its own cloack with furr - i even liked it so we used it for photos

SOLD!!!! (of corse)

see more of such:
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How much would a full set like this cost to make?
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around 1000 euro
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I'm not sure how much that converts into US
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Now That's Badass armor.
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Waaouu! Great stuff!
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I really like the color detailing.
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Nice, so much better with the fur
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I would if I weren't broke lol
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sell a house, rob a bank, there must be a way!!!! :D
Hey is it ok if i use this image for my advertisement? i will do a little photo manipulation magic to it so it may not look the same. Badass armor by the way!
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sorry :) not posible. This is our standard selling products, I cant share it.
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really beautiful, i love this one
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This deviation has been featured in Leatherwork Week's leather armor feature. :)
love the simplicity of the pose and the armor. oooh wants to draw it! If I do, i'll give you credit for the inspiration. is that ok?
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quite simple but very very elegant, i really like the design of this armor ^___^
The GREAT an valiant elven knight.... with the tiny sword
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yep. something like that.
What did you use to Dye it, I mean Specifically how to give it such a good shade of blue, and also what is used to give armor a luster like shown on your piece.

I myself make leather armor for myself (not for sale) and I was just curious.

This is my first and only piece of armor that I have created for myself.

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
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well its a mater of experience. its just a ordynary blue color of ordynary leather dye. And polishing it is mater of useing wax :)
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