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Sigmar Priest Armor full

By farmerownia
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Thanks for DD!! :D
HA! I've done it!

So those who wanted to see so much i present you Sigmar Pirest Armor.
I shaved my head especialy for photosesion. here is close up: [link]

Armor differs little from concept: [link]

i decided to make simple version for myself (this one is simplier) and more complex for my client.
Not much work overal but makeing metal color is harder always.... allright it was quick work, i made it betwen other projects about one and half week in whole.

Set contains a hammer talisman (Sigmar symbol), book with prays, and all that visible stuff.
Seals of Purity (those red things on armor) were made by Neraluna - i only provided concept, however i made whole scrolls for them.
some more pictures form phtosesion: [link]

MOAR TINGZ LIKE DAT: www. farmerownia .pl

Concept: Me
Armor: Me
Skirt: Me
Seals: Neraluna [link]
Model: Me
Photos: Me
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What is that piece in front of the mouth called?  It seems to be a bit too tall to be called a gorget.
farmerownia's avatar
its Fantasy Armor Gorget :D   it was never ment to be realistic and practical - Sigmar Priest from Warhammer, usualy have imense and bulky gorget only to look badass :)
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For the love of Sigmar. Please tell me where i can buy this armor. Is so Awesome.
farmerownia's avatar
HailMyself's avatar
Thank you very much
Abyssiner's avatar
Holy Shit!!!
This Armor looks insanely Awesome!!
The-Strify's avatar
Amazing attention to detail.
Nowio's avatar
whoa, want it! oO
farmerownia's avatar
Nowio's avatar
And hell of a job to finish even a part of it... i know ^^'
however doesn't change the fact that i want it xD
crash1973's avatar
Beautiful work, great job
the purity seals are a great touch!
SinisterLeather's avatar
Absolutely Amazing!
Carancerth's avatar
one of the best Larp character that I have seen
farmerownia's avatar
Carancerth's avatar
it's nothing mate, you diserv it ;)
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Hard to believe this is leather! You've replicated the wear and tear of plate armor so well. Hats off to you again for such a groovy design. You inspire me to get crackin on leather armor, which I've been avoiding like the plague XD

Those wax seals are a particularly nice touch. What did you guys make them out of? (clay maybe?)
farmerownia's avatar

Seals are from neraluna, its a rubber.
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Very cool! There's some nice detail and texture in them.:)
ParticleStorm's avatar
Awesome awesome awesome!!
farmerownia's avatar
thankies! thankies!! thasnkies!!!
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