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Drizzt Do'Urden - more

By farmerownia
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Drizzt Do'Urden full outfit.

You can but it on Etsy…

Done... well, i cant say it was easy or smoothly work. It wasn't hard either, but i was suprised that paterns for chest plate worked for the first time.
Whole project was very important to me.... an important theme.
I am not quite happy of photosesion, we have almost no sun for few weeks, pictures was made on totaly gloomy day, and I were lucky to get those photos before start raining (now is raining constantly for over a 3 weeks and floods here and there, o i was lucky to have ANY pictures - armor goes to the client)

I thought the wig will looks better - i was wrong. but hope it looks quite ok for character - the main is still armor and cape.
when i was designing the armor back in 2008 i've chosed one Drizzt picture as a main reference.…
Well.... more pictures of Drizzt are here:…

Oryginal idea - todd lockwood (based mostly on his work)
Concept - Me
Armor - Me and my crew Faun-Forge
Cape - Me
Pictures - TheGreenKnight
Model - Me (shy)
Swords - Mind-Forge
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I love the work you did on this. It's amazing. I do hope that the new owner uses scimitars though. :) 
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the cosplay is perfect but those aren't scimitars... u know scimitars are curved swords 
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Sure I know. :)  its not a cosplay. its a real armor for larp with safe latex swords... fiber glass has its limitations. Also in time when it was manufactured  technology was not very helpfull to achive safe latex scimitars. We were also limited with budget, bringing more costly solutions with custom fibreglass rods was imposible at the time. Its all we could get in clients budget :)
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*angels singing*
i always wanted to cosplay drizzt by myself.
but now i saw this and decided i never could be as awesome as this cosplay is.

really amazing work. well done!
i totally love it!!!

i would give nearly all i have to wear it once and get a shooting with it LOL

cindy <3
farmerownia's avatar
Thank you for kind words :)
Cindy, we make those armours on request if you realy want it.
I was wondering how much it would cost to order this set. Please let me know, so I can save up my money!
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The dark elf himself !
Chro-Naritaka's avatar
Most amazing Drizzt cosplay I've ever seen. Awesome job! :D
farmerownia's avatar
not a cosplay... :)   custom made armour.
DesertFiend's avatar
can i just take you home? this is just beautiful
Phramer's avatar
This looks amazing! I would were this for Halloween for years to come.
Big fan of R.A. Salvatore's drizzt series. You definitely did it justice here. Nice work
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Awesome, one of my favorite characters.
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dandragonslayer9's avatar
May i have it all? :P :3
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