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May 28, 2010
The suggester said: "Drizzt Do'Urden - more by ~farmer-bootoshysa is OUTSTANDING! This costume is all handmade and looks like he stepped right off the cover of R A Salvatore books."
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Drizzt Do'Urden - more



Drizzt Do'Urden full outfit.

You can but it on Etsy…

Done... well, i cant say it was easy or smoothly work. It wasn't hard either, but i was suprised that paterns for chest plate worked for the first time.
Whole project was very important to me.... an important theme.
I am not quite happy of photosesion, we have almost no sun for few weeks, pictures was made on totaly gloomy day, and I were lucky to get those photos before start raining (now is raining constantly for over a 3 weeks and floods here and there, o i was lucky to have ANY pictures - armor goes to the client)

I thought the wig will looks better - i was wrong. but hope it looks quite ok for character - the main is still armor and cape.
when i was designing the armor back in 2008 i've chosed one Drizzt picture as a main reference.…
Well.... more pictures of Drizzt are here:…

Oryginal idea - todd lockwood (based mostly on his work)
Concept - Me
Armor - Me and my crew Faun-Forge
Cape - Me
Pictures - TheGreenKnight
Model - Me (shy)
Swords - Mind-Forge
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I love the work you did on this. It's amazing. I do hope that the new owner uses scimitars though. :)