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Water Colossus Edit

By Farkwhad
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Did a pretty significant overpaint to this, just to prove to myself that I am in fact progressing, haha.

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Looks extremely awesome!
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*runs in with a greatsword* HUZZAAAAAaaa....aa... thats it.. back to monster hunter for me
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gabrielwillamesStudent Artist
Oh god, same level of epicness
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and then the summoner became ruler of the seven seas, SUCK IT AQUAMAN/NAMOR XD
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Masterx3Student General Artist
how would you defeat this monster in a actual video game?
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Masterx3Student General Artist
i wish this was in another video game other then rift , for console. i would definitly love to fight this XD. how long did it take you to design and draw this and what was the process you went through?
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Wow, this is cool!

A head-cannon that serves as a giant supersoaker!!

Sure can use one of those!!
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If that little guy ends up defeating that bigass hunk of epicness then call me a Potato.
This beast is ridonculously awesome, especially now that you've managed to improve the details on everything.
I'd love to see it in person however, but I guess seeing that in person would be the last I'd see for a while ^^"
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well he wouldnt have to destroy it. he would just have to remove the cursed armor and then it would just go back to doing watever water monsters do when they arent cursed.
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An interesting view, however that is as much as it is.
Nothing said the being was cursed, nor if it was a water monster to begin with.
Maybe it's a big spirit living in the armor, using water as a tool to attack.
Maybe it is as you say, a cursed water elemental/monster, but still, what would keep it from attacking him then?
The fact that he "freed" the elemental from the armor?
But ohwell, for the little guys sake, I hope you're right ;)
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LeafBugStudent Writer
Description, yo.
Alberthein1's avatar
I'm not sure if I saw that in between these months that I posted this, but yet..
Thank you for your iniciative - It's nice to know the artist decided ^^
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milosralevic General Artist
i'll adopt this as my pet, and call it Lucy!

come Lucy! quick!
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PinekkkHobbyist Digital Artist
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solid-snake92Student General Artist
awesome O.O !!!!
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this piece is just completely amazing, i can't even begin to describe how cause theirs just too much too gush over so ill just settle for amazing! :)
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Wow that is absolutely magnifiscent, it truly fills me with awe, very imaginative. right down to the design on the shackles and his method of attack.
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Angela239Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of the game ECCO the Dolphin
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MarxForeverHobbyist Traditional Artist
I want your version of ECCO.
Mine kinda sucks...
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Angela239Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm guessing you have the PC version. I have Ecco on playstation 2 and I love it <3
Simons-Art-Is-A-Bang's avatar
Simons-Art-Is-A-BangHobbyist General Artist
Ecco would never cause such destruction! :C
Angela239's avatar
Angela239Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol no it reminds me of the alien craft in the game. It also reminds me of a certain level....Up and Down? or was it Rivers of Time? Either way near the end of the level you encounter a fire and ice dolphin.

And I know Ecco wouldn't destroy the world, after all, he's trying to save it ;)
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katamaci456Hobbyist Digital Artist
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