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August 5, 2011
Water Colossus by *Farkwhad

CATEGORY: Contests / 2011 / RIFT Create a Colossus Contest:

The suggester states, "This is such a powerful piece full of detail and clearly masterful skills. In the truest sense of the word, Water Colossus by *Farkwhad is awesome."
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry
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Water Colossus

Millennia ago, an entire civilization banded together to ensnare this devastating water spirit in cursed armor. However, once the deed was done, it was not enough to hinder the monster entirely. With no means to rid itself of the cumbersome shackles, it wiped out the entire populace of its planet in a blind fury. Ever since, it has been traveling the Rifts in search of a way to free itself with malicious intent.

I thought coming up with some possible attacks it does would be fun:

-Shoots a super-heated column of water from its mouth area. Indicators of this are a glowing of the neck and head area and steam venting from the forehead.

-Uses the bodies of its past victims as vessels to attack you with. Those bodies would be floating around in its own body, swept up by its powerful current and pushed out to create enemies to fight.

-Can smash stuff with its head in classic WWE fashion.

-Tail whip?

-Maybe create a steam/fog screen that hinders characters.

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Very beautiful and creative
BigBenmonk1991's avatar
this is epic beyond belief
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Uhhh, you're gonna need a bigger spear... and maybe a jetpack!!!
BassoeG's avatar
I've seen some damn strange things in this land, and a few I'd like to forget, but this takes unreal to new heights. I think now I understand what happened in this land. Some have speculated before that it could've only been done by aliens. I'll give the crazies that at least - this thing can't have been made by human hand. Whatever's holding open that portal is likely powering this... what to even call it. I've named it the Colossus. It's like someone took the biggest steam engine factory you can imagine, bolted a orbital laser to it and gave it a body that funnels water into it. It's slowly draining what appears to be a large lake to power itself, though it's body stems from the portal. that must be it's primary method of locomotion, considering the land's now a desert. Where -that- comes from is anybody's guess. Even from this distance it's easily the size of a small city.

I'm sure some jack booted general type's going to want to try and put this thing to use, and the money I'll make off guiding officials down here alone assuages my conscience somewhat about that. Still, it nags at me (nevermind what in the hell it'll do if someone interferes with it) - what's it drawing? Perhaps it's simply some automaton, some alien engineers project turned loose on an resource rich world to see what happens. Maybe it's some kind of cosmic arts project, etching far flung worlds with the equivalent of alien graffiti. A sort of galactic Banksy, if you will. Who knows. For now, I'm going to stay here a few days and enjoy the raw beauty of watching this thing do it's work. Something majestic about the thrumming sound of water and the crash of laser, out here in all this solitude, churning away.
LenaCobral's avatar
DogZeCat's avatar
This is probably the coolest thing on DA
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
ProvenBeat's avatar
This is one of few pieces of art that actually rendered me speechless from just how awesome it is. Phenomenal work!
gabrielwillames's avatar
my favorite art of deviantart i can say!!
Myrethy's avatar
Both beautiful and terrifying… everything a colossus should be. :thumbsup:
sypueria's avatar
this is how i imagened myself peeing outside as a kid
UglyKatsuki's avatar
This is absolutely amazing work. I love this!!! ^_^
TheWeeLad's avatar
this is a fantastic design, excellent work!
kabrtmatozu's avatar
Living in a myth ! Fantastic +fav 
HuntraG94's avatar
now that thing is freaking huge
lordseth100's avatar
IzaakShoelaces's avatar
jjuliuz's avatar
Epic!!! This design gave me some ideas 😎
The-Dapper-Scrapper's avatar
Really nice, unique design and the aged armour has a wonderful contrast with it's bronzed coloring to the actual blue being.
rjheklarjnator's avatar
water has never been this majestic
Metagrossfreak's avatar
So... If it's still über destructive and wild, what was the point of the cursed armor?
Myrethy's avatar
Pretty sure the cursed armor was supposed to be a form of imprisonment, like chains to keep it from destroying everything. 
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