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It's been so long... hey everybody Fario here, wassup?? Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've mentioned before that I've been a lot more active on MyAnimeList these days.
Oh here's my MAL profile if you guys are curious about what anime I've seen and what manga I've read... maybe suggest which anime I should watch next or add me on there if you have an account there too, just add a message to it so that I actually recognize you. I've gotten addicted to the MAL forums lol
That reminds me, I really need to post new pictures of my anime/manga collection, it's ridiculously large now hahah

Sorry for no recent posts, I kinda haven't found the time or inspiration or any ideas to draw lately. College and forum browsing have eaten up a lot of my time.

Anyway sorry that this is a super short journal, I dunno what to really say but I just thought it'd be nice to make one after all these months.
Also thank you to the following people for their birthday wishes:
Extremely small list compared to previous birthdays, but I still appreciate that you guys took your time to leave a message anyway. Still can't believe I'm 20...

I'll try to post something real soon, I promise. I've got a drawing or two that I've been working on for months and (edit: idk if i can even finish them but ok)
I would like to post some Fantage art again (even though Fantage died off almost two years ago now lol).

See y'all later
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Yo guys, Fario here with a spoiler-free/no-spoilers journal about Pokémon: Detective Pikachu!
Pikachu (Waves) [V1]

Yesterday afternoon, I took my nephew to go to a local movie theater to see the movie. As big of a Pokémon fan I am, I honestly wasn't super stoked about the movie. Don't get me wrong, the CGI Pokémon didn't look that bad or scary to me (except for some of them, like Aipom). It just didn't seem like my thing, and I didn't play the game that the movie was based off of. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm not that into how Pokémon is being nowadays, or that I'm always skeptical of Hollywood CGI animal movies, but... I dunno.
But my nephew was super stoked no matter what and really wanted to see it. He even really wanted one of the big Pokémon Trading Card Game boxes with a giant Mewtwo promo card, so I told his mom to get it for him for his birthday. That wasn't enough to keep his excitement from the movie, though, so we all knew that we'd have to take him to the cinema eventually.

What convinced me to go though was my sister, who is traveling abroad in Japan right now. Because of this, she got to see Detective Pikachu on May 3rd, the day the movie premiered in Japan and was a whole week before America even got to see the movie. She told me that the movie was good, that she liked Bulbasaur in the movie, and, after a certain question I asked her, said that having Deadpool as Pikachu was better than if it was the Lorax (take that for what you will lol). When she saw the movie, it was all in English, which surprised me since I expected there to be a Japanese dub or something. I guess not.
But yeah, what she said about the movie intrigued me and she told me to try to watch it anyway... and so I have.
Pikachu Sigh

Pre-movie clipshow

My nephew and I got to the theater 50 minutes before the show, so we played Pokémon Trozei (another one of my nephew's birthday presents was a 2DS, so he played with that while I had my 3DS) while we waited to enter the theater room. When we were allowed in, the theater put on a series of clips (I don't remember what they called it, but I'll call it a clipshow for now since I dunno if there's a better word). Usually in other theaters I've been in, the clipshow before the movie would be stuff like advertisements and theater warnings and whatever. Now, this clipshow did have some of that, but it was only a small part of the overall clipshow.

Unexpectedly (and to my pleasant surprise), the very first clip that was put on was, straight-up and not kidding, gameplay of the original Pokémon Stadium with an instrumental of Mezase Pokémon Master (the first opening theme to the original Japanese version of the Pokémon anime) playing in the background. The theater seemed to make itself clear that it was popular with older audiences (there was even an ad for the theater's bar in the middle of the clipshow), but I didn't know until that very moment that this theater was clearly aiming at specifically the older and more serious Pokémon fans. I mean, I'm pretty sure that no kid in there would've recognized Pokémon Stadium right away if it weren't for the title screen being shown, and certainly barely anyone would have recognized the first Japanese Pokémon opening playing if they weren't in a family with at least one die-hard Pokémon fan (like mine).
To further add to the clear Pokéfanservice (ba-dum-tsssh), there were several segments of the famous "Who's That Pokémon?" eyecatch back from the anime's early days and a bunch of infamous clips from Japan's Pikachu Festival (you know what I'm talking about, right? the ones with the giant dancing Pikachu costumes?) spliced in and here through the clipshow. The Pokémon Stadium gameplay wasn't the only surprising thing being put on, of course. Right after that, the infamous NBC report about "Pokémania" from 1999 was put on (several people laughed at the psychiatrist advising against Pokémon lol). Then there was gameplay of Pokémon Snap put on. And the Magikarp Song. And the first episode of Pokémon Generations (the ONA series on YouTube, remember?). And some other things I forgot about.

The most surprising parts of the clipshow for me were three clips they put in: the one that came earlier of the three was the "Chinpokomon" ad from South Park, the scene from The Simpsons referencing the Pokémon Shock incident, and a clip in Japanese about a woman discussing about the return of the Pokémon anime after the events of Pokémon Shock (it's on YouTube known as "Pokémon Problem Inspection Report (Subtitled)" if you want to see it).
I haven't actually seen any of these scenes before, but I recognized the first two of these three right away. Not offended or anything, but it's just I wasn't expecting that considering they were clearly parodying Pokémon, hahaha. The last clip was one I never saw or heard of before, but it was pretty clear that the woman was referring to the infamous Electric Soldier Porygon episode from what she was talking about and the warning about sitting quite away from the TV at the end. The clip featured lots of fan-mail wishing for the anime's return, which, alongside with the pictures that fans drew, was pretty touching.

I dunno if this clipshow was exclusive to this theater only (I'm 75% sure it is though), but this whole clipshow and the movie etiquette PSA right before the movie (which featured stop-motion Godzilla) were pretty delightful to see. Props to the people involved in putting 'em all together.
Pika Box- Love 

Spoiler-free thoughts about the movie

My nephew thought it was a 10/10 while I thought it was a 6/10.

Before you all get your torches, I want to explain.
I wasn't particularly hyped or really into the movie, but it was passable and wasn't technically boring to me or anything. The acting was eh-okay I guess, but during the beginning or something, I had the strange feeling I was watching some really high-budget video online instead of a feature film (not sure why lol). People were laughing most of the time, especially at Detective Pikachu's many one-liners, but I really only laughed at parts where people were looking at the main character like crazy whenever he was talking to the Pikachu... which was a tiny part of the whole movie.
There was another part where I was chuckling a little bit though, and it was from one of the very suspicious clearly-an-antagonist characters. He sounded kinda familiar and when I watched YourMovieSucksdotorg's review, he pretty much clarified who the guy sounded like to me whenever he spoke. Pretty funny if you know who YMS is referring to.
(Speaking of YMS, his quick review on the movie has so many dislikes!!! Yikes! Haven't seen that many since his quickie on Incredibles 2... while I liked that movie unlike him, I don't find his statements on this movie to be all that un-agreeable tbh...)

The story was okay and had some predictable parts for this kind of movie, but at the same, it did honestly surprise me on a few parts. Still wasn't enough to win me over, though.
Despite my "meh" feelings on the movie, I didn't really regret watching it and my nephew definitely didn't. If you're a Pokémon fan (especially of Gen 1/Kanto) or if you played the original Detective Pikachu game, yeah go ahead, check this one out.
Detective Pikachu dancing icon

Show's over!

Unfortunately, there was no post-credits scene (the viral clip of Detective Pikachu dancing wasn't in the movie either), so don't bother staying past the credits like I did if you are going to see it.
But hey, there was something just as nice when the movie was over anyway. A theater employee handed me and my nephew each a Detective Pikachu-themed Pokémon Trading Card Game booster pack, which is pretty neat and something that I certainly don't see everyday. I gave my nephew my booster since I don't really collect TCG cards anymore. He already got a ton of these packs when he opened his Mewtwo Detective Pikachu TCG box on his birthday, but he was pretty excited regardless.
And he had every right to. When we did open them, each of the two packs were not like the 4-card packs that were in his Mewtwo box. There were only two cards in each one (with one being a Detective Pikachu holo and a random holo card from the set), but there was an additional card-sized pic of Detective Pikachu and a small brochure-thing featuring all the cards and some promo ad stuff. It was pretty clear that these packs were theater-exclusive.
Pikachu want it

...So! What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you see it? Are you planning to?
Lemme know of your thoughts about it and of my theatrical experience, I'd love to hear it!
I've been typing this for literally hours...... I dunno what to type, so I guess I type pretty slowly. Whoops.
Pikachu plz 

School's out! (for me at least.) :iconfario-p:
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Hey everyone, Fario here.
Sorry again for the lack of updates!!! I hope everything is going well for you all. As for me, I've just been collecting old manga left and right (I'll post something about them later, don't worry haha). Not sure if it's productive, but on the bright side I'm seeing new things and they all look cute and great (so I can't wait to finish reading them)!

As for college, I'm honestly not having as fun as it seems college would be for some people. But there does seem to be some freedom with this new part of life, so I'm not gonna complain too much about it.
But anyway...

Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13

Many of you know me for my Fantage posts, so I'm gonna make this clear as if it wasn't obvious already lol
But yeah I'm not gonna stop making Fantage edits, it's just I've been running out of ideas. In fact I'm going to make a custom edit soon (it's been a long time haha)!
I'm gonna try to make a "fairy kei" inspired custom edit since there doesn't seem to be any of those on this site. If anyone wants to do one as well, feel free to do it and then show it to me! I'd love to see it <3
(gonna tag some still active fantage users on here, sorry for the tag ;; ; )

If you don't know what "fairy kei" is, it's some really cute fashion trend from Japan that ig I'd describe as a mix between sweet lolita (pastel and innocence) and harajuku (lots of colors). It's super cute!
here's some examples of it on this site (you're welcome for the shout-out! ;))
Fairy Kei by ManouAzumi Fairy Kei by cute-loot Kawaii fairy-kei Rainbow Star by miemie-chan3 fairy kei coord by kagemomochi
Again, I hope anyone else is willing to do a custom Fantage edit like what I'll do soon! :)

Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13

I dunno how many of my Watchers are magical girl fans here...
but I will say that there is a Discord server that I'm on if you want to talk about magical girl stuff with me!
It's a server affiliated with :iconmagicalgirlparadise:. You can find the link to it below if you are interested:
MagicalGirlParadise's Discord Server! + New AdminsGreetings, everyone! This is the founder here.
Firstly, I must apologize for the lack of updates. Been very busy with work, and trying to stay active, with my maintenance here. However, we are not dead! We are now hiring some mods, to make sure that the submissions for this group, are relevant. Any complaints, can be sent in a note. :nod:
We now have a Discord, for the fans and members! https://discord.gg/mXmmPaZ
Please be sure to tell us who you are on Discord, so we won't think you are a random stranger!
Thank you again, and Happy Valentine's!
                       ~Founder of MagicalGirlParadise. :heart:

Please join if you love magical girl series, but can't find anywhere to talk about it! There's also lots of other channels ranging from adopts to idea-sharing to even separate channels for sharing magical girl art! It's really lonely in this server and I'd love to meet fellow magical girl enthusiasts!!!
Image result for tokyo mew

Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Cherry Blossom Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13

And now!! It's been a while, but wow someone tagged me with a questions tag! hahaha
Sorry if you were already tagged by the above, you don't have to do any of these questions don't worry haha
it's just i recently got tagged, but i also wanted to share my fantage editing ideas with others, so i lumped them both for the sake of not making too many journals

Today's 13 questions are brought to you by Rikkatan.

  1. Write 13 things about yourself.
  2. Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
  3. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they're tagged. I've already tagged some people above for a different reason, so I'm not gonna do this haha... sorry.
  4. Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this."
  5. You can tag back
About me!
(there's gonna be unpopular opinions in here hahaha)
  1. I love magical girl series! Most of the anime/manga I've seen/read are of this genre.
  2. My favorite Pokémon region is Johto! Chikorita, Amazed (can't wait to do something for its 20th anniversary this year.)
  3. I am very forgetful...
  4. I become sad very often and get sad very easily.
  5. I don't listen to "normal music" very much— I find myself listening to anime and video game OST a lot more!
  6. Speaking of "normal music", I like listening to Marina (previously known as "Marina and the Diamonds").
  7. I do like Ariana Grande's vocals, but her songs are just kinda "meh" to me. Sorry.
  8. Koge-Donbo*'s art is really cute and I recently find myself drawing a bit similar to her style (heheh...), but I unfortunately don't like the stories I've read from her all too much (Tried reading Kamichama Karin and Pita-Ten. I've finished the former, but couldn't get past the first few chapters for the latter, might try again later). I guess I'd describe her manga work so far as "sugary sweet without substance".
  9. I like a lot of romance stories (surprisingly), but I don't want to get involved in a romantic relationship myself.
  10. I do want to make webcomics sometime.
  11. ...I actually haven't played that many Mario/Zelda games... I know, I need to work on that.
  12. There's a couple of manga-ka who I want to see new works from (e.g. Naoko Takeuchi, Mia Ikumi, Megumi Tachikawa), but unfortunately they haven't made any recent stuff!!! I wish they can come back. Mewtow crying plz 
  13. I don't like school (big surprise)
Rikka's Questions
  1. What was your favourite computer game when you were a child?
    If you're referring to online games, I used to go on everythinggirl.com (now defunct) a lot and play all the Flash games (ranging from MyScene to Barbie to Polly Pocket) oh my god xD. Otherwise, I remember loving RollerCoaster Tycoon a lot. (OpenRCT2 is great by the way!)

  2. Do you have any allergies?
    Not that I know of.

  3. Do you like pastel colors?
    Judging from what I've put up earlier in this journal, I guess I do!

  4. Do you have siblings?
    I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, all older than me (I'm the youngest haha).

  5. Who is your favorite artist and why?
    Artist? Like music artist, or artist in general, or Deviant, or....? xDDD

  6. What's your favorite music genre?
    Hmm I don't think I have any favorites! I like jazz, but I also find myself listening to electropop (not the modern edm songs tho they all sound the same tbh).

  7. Do you have something that brings luck?
    No... I don't really believe in lucky charms, to be honest.

  8. Do you have any hobby?
    I have been drawing for the past 10+ years (to my memory at least lol). I have also knitted in the past hahaha

  9. Do you have pet(s)?
    No. I don't feel I'm responsible enough to have a pet. I do think about pets though, especially with all the stray cats I see haha

  10. What would you like to be? What kind of work would you make with pleasure?
    I honestly don't know anymore.

  11. What's your favourite anime or manga series? ouo
    ...Do you really have to make me choose? xD
    But honestly, I dunno... I do really like Puella Magi Madoka Magica right now ig
    Madoka Smile Icon 

  12. Which one would you choose? Wings or fin? >u<
    I was really a big mermaid fan when I was younger, but I'd totally love wings. Yui (Yoroshiku ne) [V1] 

  13. What do you think most about me/my art?
    I really like your art, keep up the good work! There's lots of cute posts and variety in color schemes in your gallery... I like it.
    I've already featured you in the past, so that should tell you how I feel about your art already ;)

...and that's it!
I'm not gonna make new questions since I can't think of any and I'm not really tagging anyone for this questions tag.
but I hope you are all satisfied anyway!

Have a wonderful day. :iconfario-p:
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Hey everyone, Fario here! Sorry it's been forever, college has literally been taking up too much of my time and I've been meaning to post more, but it's really sucking my soul and therefore giving me a huge art slump. (Yes, not art block, but art slump. It's that bad.)
I'm also thinking way too much about making a web-comic soon, so there's also that adding to the slump of what I should do.

But anyway, I can't believe I am super late on this, but thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!
Sorry if I forgot anyone, but yeah, thanks for taking the time to send a birthday wish.

In fact, I'm feeling very generous tonight, so why not I'll give some underrated/underwatched deviants and some of my Watchers a shout-out Usagi Tsukino salutes 

First, the artists I really like and would like to share some love :heart:

I know I've featured her before, but I still would love to give a shout-out to kanon-jasumine, such a wonderful artist!!!
kousagi moon by kanon-jasumine sailor moon tibimoon family by kanon-jasumine creamymami by kanon-jasumine cure felice by kanon-jasumine kenshiro hokuto no ken by kanon-jasumine

I don't remember if I've featured them before, but please, please take a look at FiguFigu's gallery if you love Madoka Magica!
They do make art of other anime and originals too, but I'd say they're one of my favorite Madoka Magica artists on this site.
the fairly tale kingdom by FiguFigu Take me away into your arms by FiguFigu The contract is taste of the honey by FiguFigu Even if she knows she fall down soon, by FiguFigu HOPE by FiguFigu

Love very soft and vibrant coloring? Luminosity-Shade's art might be for you, I absolutely love how warm her gallery feels!
The Angel of Despair by Luminosity-Shade The Angel of Hope by Luminosity-ShadeThe Sky by Luminosity-Shade Dreamy Glow by Luminosity-Shade

And lastly, here's someone who I've watched originally for her amazing pixel dolls, Jasmine-Kao!
She's lately been doing some really great traditional artwork.
Serenity by Jasmine-KaoSweetie Seeu by Jasmine-Kao Dark moon lady by Jasmine-Kao [ART TRADE] Twinkle twinkle stars by Jasmine-Kao

Now onto some of the 697 people watching me (holy crap, almost 700!!) I've randomly picked... (Random dot org is a great randomizer!)
I'll be using the randomizer 5 times.

The first number I've got is 479: ShiroPanrose!
I absolutely love her Fantage fan art and I'm still surprised you're watching me! Her artwork is just super cute and I really love their shading style! Sometimes it looks so good that it doesn't even look like it's related to Fantage anymore hahahaha
Stocking Fantage by ShiroPanrose fantage oc by ShiroPanrose Fantage Oc by ShiroPanroseFantage Halloween Fan Art by ShiroPanrose

Second number, 139: meIodyy!
Another Fantage deviant who I really appreciate for contributing to the community (and not just for watching me lol). Loved your music videos from back then, too!
FULL CHARACTER-1 by meIodyy FULL CHARACTER-2 by meIodyy FULL CHARACTER-3 by meIodyy HAIR-2 by meIodyy

Next number, 268: need--forRead
Thank you for watching me! Your gallery sure has evolved through a lot, keep it up! Nice work on the shading.
Luke by need--forRead Girl Hayden by need--forRead Stellar by need--forRead [COM] Coraline by need--forRead

This is an extremely recent watcher with the number 6: garucca415
Thanks for watching! You sure do have a wide variety of works to your gallery. Keep it up with the neon colors!
~Paper Moon~ by garucca415 ~Mew~ by garucca415 ~Colors of a Butterfly~ by garucca415 ~ Blue Diamond~ by garucca415

And now last but not least, number 122: pyokoexzs!
Thanks for drawing Kusachiho from Bottle Fairy before (last one on the right with blue eyes below)! You have such a wonderful art style and I hope you post more often!
<da:thumb id="700062448"/><da:thumb id="701572388"/><da:thumb id="705422765"/><da:thumb id="702828043"/>

...Oh? What else has been going on other than my art slump?
Well, I did get to work hard and cook this weekend! My sister and I made the "Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger" from the Bob's Burgers cookbook.
Not my favorite burger (that would be the famous "Bet It All on Black Garlic Burger" from the show, which I made last year), but it's pretty good and my mom was impressed on how we made the garam masala sauce! If she's impressed with the sauce over the rice, then that's really saying something!
Also made some yaki udon afterwards! It was extra delicious today with the overuse of soy sauce and using shiitake mushrooms for the first time
Pikachu yays

Oh and I did finish reading Cyber Idol Mink! It's pretty good! Not sure if I liked it better than Saint Tail or not, though, haha
Also I'm sneezing everywhere and there's a huge snowstorm going on right now

Is it a surprise what I'm listening to 'cuz of that? :iconfario-p:
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Hey everybody, Fario here! It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry I haven't said much or anything...
I'm still working on a couple of things that I owe, don't worry I haven't forgotten! (Sorry again that it's taking a while.)

I haven't logged on lately until today, so I was pretty confused to see a bunch of journals with "I love you most" or "Show your heart" on them. I did dig through my messages to further find out, and so I found this journal below from the official DeviantArt HQ:
Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!The season of love has arrived! #ShowYourHeart on DeviantArt this Valentine’s Day with a week of challenges to earn an exclusive badge!

The season of love has arrived! Get ready to bring good cheer and warm feelings to the deviants you care about, because it’s time for a week’s worth of challenges to spread the love among the community!
SpreadThe Love!
Every day from February 8th to 14th, deviants will get the chance to share the love with the entire DeviantArt community with a daily prompt! Be sure to check out this section every day for the next prompt, and don’t forget to add the tag #ShowYourHeart to your entries!
Feb 8New LoveComment on a deviation on the Newest page.
Feb 9Love YourselfPost a 

This journal is essentially a list of nice heart-warming things to do for a week, which is a wonderful idea for this year's Valentine celebration! I guess there won't be a Valentine's Exchange, but oh well, you need to change it up every now and then, right?
So I'm happy to say that I'd like to join in the fun for today's prompt!! Let's get on with it and spread some NOISY LOVE POWER♥, shall we?

Image: Anime Amino Apps. Also, I'm kinda considering this anime...

So today's prompt is giving shout-outs to five deviations based on a topic one loves.
...I guess I'll be a bit creative on this part...

So for the last couple of months, my brother and I have been on the hunt for old things at used/thrift stores.
He's been finding things like a N64 and a bunch of old movies (many of which are Disney), and I've always heard people like PeanutButterGamer going out at thrift stores in hopes of finding some interesting stuff for years now... so I decided to be on the lookout for old things too! Except I've been mainly going to a used bookstore in Manhattan that is particularly known for also having a lot of video games and Japanese pop culture there. I've found some pretty amazing stuff for equally amazing prices there— including manga!
Why have I mentioned this recent hobby? Well, because some of the manga I bought there are somewhat obscure, and that's kinda what I'd like to focus on for today's prompt.

So the topic I'd like to focus on is obscure manga!
...Okay many of these aren't actually obscure, but I did get some part of them used and I don't hear anyone talking about any of these that much, so...
F2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixelsF2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixelsF2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixels
  1. Fairy Idol Kanon by Mera Hakamada
    Fairy Idol Kanon by Shiroi-Hana-01

    Anyone who watches me already knows how much I want Fairy Idol Kanon to be more known to fans of fairy and idol stories among anime and manga. It's a fun story for girls of all ages about how three elementary schoolgirls become an idol group with the help of a fairy princess. Maybe it's weird for me to say this, but I still like this series just as I did when I read this in my late childhood. (This is the only manga in this list that I haven't bought at the aforementioned bookstore, but instead online via Amazon...)
    This fan art by Shiroi-Hana-01 was one of the first fan art about the manga that I found here on DeviantArt, and it looks very nice, especially for a deviation done with Paint! Though I know this deviant has improved a lot ever since, this is still very nice to look at, with its bright colors and simple yet fun concept.

  2. Prétear: The New Legend of Snow White by Junichi Sato and Kaori Naruse
    Pretear by Rikkatan

    Prétear is one of many notable magical girl shows that Junichi Sato has worked on, though he created the concept for this one himself. It's a magical girl series that has a modern take on Snow White and (I guess) Cinderella that features a (in my opinion) uniquely visually designed protagonist and Sato's trademark devotion to character development. It was very well drawn and I like the story and the unique concepts (such as having the "seven dwarfs" being magical boys) quite a bit.
    Rikkatan did a spectacular job on this fan art of the main character! I love the way she shades hair, including in this piece— it looks appropriately soft and shiny. I also like her interpretation of the character's iconic magical outfit, the sleeves are very puffy and attractive in her style.

  3. Saint Tail by Megumi Tachikawa
    Saint Tail by moai87

    Saint Tail is probably the most well known title on this list, but I still don't hear much of it compared to similar titles. This is a cute magical girl series that started the magical girl thief subgenre (which is kinda uncommon compared to magical girl idols, but there are titles other than this series that fall under that category), with the titular Saint Tail stealing items that have been wrongfully taken from others. Saint Tail is also unique in that the magical girl's magic is not traditional magic, but instead magician's tricks, and while the series doesn't focus on how these tricks are set up, it's still a fun story with a very cute art style and a big emphasis in romance. I somehow found an English copy of this manga (which is notable for being out of print longer than most of TokyoPop's past licenses), and it was published before TokyoPop stopped printing manga flipped (to left-to-right), which took me a while to adjust since I'm used to reading manga in its original right-to-left format.
    This fan art by moai87 is amazing!!! The shading is perfect and I love how the main character is drawn here. The background is beautiful, with the buildings contrasting well with the brightly starry sky, and I really love the glimmers of light on the main character's hair. Probably one of the best fan art I've seen of this series on this site.

  4. Cyber Idol Mink by Megumi Tachikawa
    Mink Cyber Kawaii Idol by PastelSuicides

    Published as Mink in the US by TokyoPop, Cyber Idol Mink is another manga by Megumi Tachikawa about a girl who loves certain pop stars becoming a magical girl idol, thanks to the unexpected gift of futuristic technology. I haven't finished reading this manga yet, but it's a manga that features Tachikawa's adorable art style while showing off aspects of a magical girl idol and some interesting panelwork in some pages. Like with Fairy Idol Kanon, I'd definitely recommend this to fans of idol manga, but I'd also recommend it to people who've read Tachikawa's best known work as Cyber Idol Mink has similar levels of romance as that series.
    I really like PastelSuicides's outfit idea for the main character here. It's a nice design with some bright colors that works with the character's bright pink hair, and the background is great with following the same theme as the outfit. I like how the eyes are colored, too!

  5. Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho by Ema Toyama
    I hold my Love by angelbaby1291
    Better known by its Japanese title, Gokkun! Pucho, Pixie Pop is a manga about a young middle schoolgirl who wants her crush to notice her, but is having bad luck with that... until she accidentally drinks a magical drink and meets a small drink fairy who the drink was intended for. The manga focuses on the fairy having to help her win her crush as making the drink again requires feelings of love, but she also has to help the main character deal with her now acquired side effect of the magical drink: every time she drinks something, she transforms and ends up in interesting situations. Even though I like fantasy more than romance, these interesting situations end up making this short series entertaining for me, and I ended up having many good laughs. (Disclaimer: There are a couple of creepy scenarios in this manga though...)
    While this fan art is pretty old (as many of the fan art for this series is on this site), I decided to go for this one done by angelbaby1291 for two main reasons: 1) this journal is focused on a Valentine's Day event, so this is appropriate; and 2) this art is just bursting with color! I love how bold the color choices for this one are, and it especially works well for the ribbons on the main character's dress, as it is (in my opinion) appropriately shiny. The background is more subtler in comparison, which works well with the bolder subject here.

F2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixelsF2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixelsF2U ~ Long Pink Crayon Divider by puppy-pixels

So those are the 5 deviations I'd like to shout-out to that are related to the obscure manga I've gotten!
What do you think of these artworks? Are you maybe considering these manga titles? (If yes, then great!! You might find a hidden favorite among these.)
Did any of you also participate for today's Show Your Heart prompt?
Feel free to share your journals in the comments below, I'd be interested to see what y'all picked Angel Beats Yui-nyan

Be sure to #showyourheart! :iconfario-p:
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