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Thinking about the past Fantage stamp

:+fav: this stamp to support Old Fantage and how it constantly comes to mind everyday.
You can use this stamp by copying and pasting the thumb code on your right when you scroll down the page.

Sigh... it's too sad to think about how bad Fantage has gotten... although the Moonlight Prom this year seems good enough to consider. I mean there's a really sexy dress on the Ticket Booth that you can try out right now in the Photo Booth... too bad it's for Premium Members to actually own it :(

(c) EmeraldTokyo for stamp border
(c) Fantage icon belongs to Fantage
(c) me for stamp
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i miss old fantage its better than this new fantage with all this gold including THOSE LOW PRICES EVEN THOUGH I WASNT SIGNED UP FOR FANTAGE IN 2009 I KNEW IT WAS BETTER THAN THIS FANTAGE!
OLD FANTAGE:Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 

new fantage,Derp Face Derp Face Derp Face Derp Face Derp Face 
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mhm.. I don't like old Fantage.
Its a bit weird,There mouths were flat and the eyes are all the same. .3.
New Fantage Is kinda cool but,The things is messing it up is
1.Expensive stuff
2.Trade n sell is gone
3.This for memebers that for whatever
4.Nons get to have really lame stuff ( rude )
But New Fantage had Trade n sell it was super duper awesome..
When people Hacked people.. The people who got hacked contacts with Fantage.
Some stole this,Someone did that. Its so annoying.What is Fantage going to do about it??
Old Fantage have old stuff that I don't like.Like old places,sometimes cool stuff..So I kinda LOVE
New Fantage.. Its cool. But the part that makes me sad is,Trade n sell is gone.. Gives you anything you want.
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yea.. Trade n sell is just amazing place to Trade, and sell. LOL ;v;
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People were like NO GOLD! And I was like, FREE GOLD!
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You know I think they both have their downsides but, even though I love new Fantage i'll admit it's flawed, and when it's flawed it's really really flawed.
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unfortunately that's true
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change isn't always good in this case
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Yeah. Might sound good, but there's always going to be a downside to it.
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OnO same... i miss the good days
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I can tell you my Fantage autobiography if you want... beware I don't remember everything though.
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okii i shall put it in a deviation or something
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IKR new fantage sucks! Everything's for members now and the prices are TOO high. I wish old fantage was back but admin said "nahhh to much work" they literally said tht :(
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rumors say it's trade n sell
my reply: get the hell out of here!
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wait its vintage classics, look up vintage classics and look at the box thingy they're exactly the same shape, i honestly dunno if i should be excited or sad about this.
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