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Hey to anyone else who uses Discord, what happened and why did I get this message
What's going on by Fario-P
When I click on it it sends me to the Discord twitter but I have no idea why
To any Fantagians who are interested in attending a farewell party:
Kimmy's 2018 Fantage Good Luck Party Invitation by MissThammavongYo
hello hi all can someone tell me what this is cuz im a little creeped out
idk what it means or smtg, if u can help thanks a bunch
Flattery will get you nowhere by Fario-P
Probably one of the most underrated (and under-viewed) things in YouTube this year so far... please give this song a listen!
Hello everyone, it is I, Fario-P! How are you all doing today?
I have been thinking about hosting a contest, especially since it's been forever since I've actually hosted a non-Fantage one, and I have finally decided that I will go with it!
I hope there will be people who are interested in participating and please enjoy :heart:
Also, wow, just realized I have 689+ Watchers... Thank you all!

Fairy Idol Kanon ~Unofficial 15th Anniversary Contest~

Fairy Idol Kanon (フェアリーアイドルかのん) is a manga for young girls that began serialization in the first issue of Monthly Comic BunBun on December 6, 2003 and started being collected into tankobon (first edition) volumes on September 10, 2004. The manga spans 4 volumes and is the first work by Mera Hakamada, who is best known for creating The Last Uniform.
It's a relatively obscure manga—or in my country (US) at least—I'm not sure about other countries, though I have seen images showing that the manga has also been translated into Korean and Indonesian. Even so, I was charmed by the story about three school girls forming an idol group with the help of a fairy princess. Kanon, the main character, is determined and loves to sing, and while the manga doesn't show actual singing (of course, it's comics, not a TV show), her passion is apparent. Her friends, the smart but occasionally fan-girly Kodama and headstrong but mature Marika, share her passion with singing, and I feel the same feelings that Alto, the fairy princess, has about them—they kinda make me excited and hopeful for them to succeed.

I have recently found out about the fact that this series will be 15 years old this December, and I definitely wanted to try and celebrate this commemoration properly with a contest.
The due date is Friday, December 7, 2018 (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time), with the results (most likely, if I can) will be posted within a day or two after. I will, however, consider due date extensions.
:new: 12/5/2018: I've extended the deadline to Friday, December 15, 2018 (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time)! I'm a bit busy this weekend.


Fairy Idol Kanon - References (2018 ed.) by Fario-P

Fan art (that isn't mine):

(enjoy the shout-out hahaha)
Alto [Fairy Idol Kanon] by Aliyune Marika from Fairy Idol Kanon by xxxKawaiiCupcak3xxx Kanon by 1a2j3sFairy Idol Kanon by Shiroi-Hana-01 Fairy Idol Kanon again by Mew-Pinku-Nashi Fairy idol Kanon by Mew-Pinku-Nashi Fairy idol kanon by luckyluckyclover77 Princess Alto by mimineko828 AT - Purple by FluffballCharlie
(I thought that this series had no merchandise... until today! Apparently Monthly Comic BunBun made collectible cards of characters featured in series that were serialized in the magazine, and 4 of the cards featured main characters from Fairy Idol Kanon. That's good to hear that this series had some kind of spotlight!)
Sparkling Divider by ttalktomesoftlySparkling Divider by ttalktomesoftlySparkling Divider by ttalktomesoftlySparkling Divider by ttalktomesoftly


  1. To enter the contest, please :+fav: this journal and let me know that you did by commenting! You may also spread the word about this contest on a journal, but that is optional.
  2. Your entry must be new, and not posted before this journal (posted on November 14, 2018).
  3. Your entry must be an artwork (sorry, no literature for this contest) that follows DeviantArt's Etiquette Policy.
  4. As most of the main characters are children (most of them being 10 years old) and the series is aimed at children/all ages, general NSFW (not safe for work) is prohibited. This includes gore, nudity, sexual content/sexualization, and any kind of graphic content. Fetishes are also not allowed. Aging up is allowed as long as it is appropriate and isn't NSFW or sexualized.
  5. Participants can only submit one entry. You may re-do your entry if it's not to your liking, but I will not take any additional entries from any one person.
  6. Stealing, tracing, and bases (whether humanoid or not) are not allowed. Using pose stock references are allowed as long as you give the stock provider proper credit.
  7. Crossovers are not allowed. As much as I like them, I feel like it'd be too easy to win me over if I allowed crossovers for this contest. And no OCs (original characters), please.
  8. I don't mind gender-bending and that's fine (of course, as long as it's appropriate), but please, no race-bending. I'm honestly not a huge fan of race-bending.
  9. Please do your best and have fun! Effort is everything, but please take your time and enjoy.


  • Do I have to be a fan of Fairy Idol Kanon to enter?
    No! In fact, I encourage anyone who is at least somewhat interested to join, since this series is very obscure. (So obscure that there aren't even scanlations!)
  • Are there any specific characters you'd prefer entries of?
    Not really. I'd be happy if any character was drawn, even other supporting characters that I didn't provide references for here (if you're familiar with the series of course)!
  • Can I design/redesign clothing for the characters?
    Of course! As long as it's appropriate (in both terms of SFW and being personality-appropriate) and has effort into the design.
  • What are you looking for in an entry?
    I do appreciate skill and style, but I'm especially looking for effort, originality/creativity, and relevance to the characters/series (as this is an anniversary contest).
  • Are digital/traditional art allowed?
    I welcome either! Sketches, full-on drawings, digital pieces, papercraft, paintings, pieces done with marker, anything is fine as long as you feel you can make your entry with your favorite mediums. (Just no literature, sorry.)
  • Anything else to add?
    Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome, just comment under this journal. I will update this journal here and there with more rules, prizes, etc. when necessary.


Prize donations are greatly appreciated!!

1st place winner will get:
  • 250 :points:
  • One simple retro animation (please ask for what I can or cannot draw!) in this style:
    (FA) A Mother's Love by Fario-P
2nd place winner will get:
  • 100 :points:
  • One retro screenshot in this style:
    (CE) Super Angelic Guardian Heart's Awakening by Fario-P
:new: 12/5/2018: I've added 2nd place prizes! ...Sorry it's not much, but it'll do?
I will offer more prizes if at least 5 people are interested in joining.
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Fairy Idol Kanon ~15th Anniversary Contest by I-See-Them-Too.*ce* fairy idol kanon! by sweethearthimeContest Entry: 12th Ann. Fairy Idol Kanon by Blueminty
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divider made by ttalktomesoftly

As for me, I'll be working on making Fairy Idol Kanon fan art for its 15th anniversary (as well as other important things, of course), so it won't be just me hosting a contest for it xD
Update 11/20/2018: Oh yeah! I can't believe I forgot, but yeah, the creator of Fairy Idol Kanon, Mera Hakamada, has a Twitter account! If you want to show her support for this or her other works like Salomelic or The Last Uniform, be sure to follow her. It's all in Japanese, but maybe you might still want to follow her?
Link to her Twitter!:

Please join and have a wonderful evening!! :iconfario-p:


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