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Hey to anyone else who uses Discord, what happened and why did I get this message
What's going on by Fario-P
When I click on it it sends me to the Discord twitter but I have no idea why
To any Fantagians who are interested in attending a farewell party:
Kimmy's 2018 Fantage Good Luck Party Invitation by MissThammavongYo
hello hi all can someone tell me what this is cuz im a little creeped out
idk what it means or smtg, if u can help thanks a bunch
Flattery will get you nowhere by Fario-P
Probably one of the most underrated (and under-viewed) things in YouTube this year so far... please give this song a listen!
Hey everybody, Fario hereeeeee!
I know it doesn't seem like it, but I have been trying to catch up on a lot of things-- art trades, school work, and whatever's going on. (As for art trades, I'm sorry that I'm still working on them! I've been getting to them, so I hope you guys don't mind that you will have to wait a bit longer. I've been pretty slow with art trades lately, so once I'm done with these, I will not take any art trades for a while to be fair.)
The reason why it doesn't seem like it is because I got sick, which really screwed up a lot of things. I got really tired, overall sore and with a fever and a few coughing fits here and there. I'm feeling much better now, but it really screwed up my ears, taste buds, school attendance (I couldn't go to school for nearly a week!), and fasting (Ramadan started in mid-May and this sickness and the medication I'm still taking is messing it up for me). Sorry if it seemed like I was quiet for a bit last week.

Before I get into more of this journal, I have to briefly mention a contest that I am going to enter after I am done with some art trade work! KittyhimeSweetheart is hosting a magical girl drawing contest (Watchers only, so if you want to enter, you should be a Watcher) and I love her OCs, so I couldn't resist to keep this in mind this month. I hope I'll remember to get to my art trades and this! Pikachu plz 
Open|Magical girl contest!+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider+~*F2U*~+ Pretty in Pink Divider
Hello, my Sweeties and welcome! ^^ It’s time for another contest! :3 This is a magical girl themed one where you can make designs clothes and weapons OR redesign my OCs' outfits and weapons! "3
Watchers only, you can watch me but do not un-watch me the next day just for free art.
For the final entry, please have it fully colored, no having the entry just be a sketch or lineart.
No stealing artwork from others or arguing with other participants.
No fetishes, nsfw (for this one at least), or anything gross, please.
No dress up games or bases, these must be hand drawn.
You may do more than one entry.
Take your time, no need to rush.

All right, I have heard about the news long before you guys tried to tell me, but yes, I am aware that Fantage is closing down at the end of this month.
I had typed up a good chunk of things about my thoughts and whatever's going on, but eventually I thought that, since this is Fantage news, it would be better if I posted this in an inactive group about Fantage news. So all I have to say for now about this news can be found in this journal below at Fox-Fantage-News.
After 10 years of service, Fantage is closing downIt's not a hoax or anything, or one of those little conspiracies that Fantagians on YouTube often make discussing whether the game is closing or not. This is real. Fantage even posted a sign specifically talking about it, including that they're closing on June 30th. They've even already closed down all of their mobile apps and stopped taking payments.
Now, I know I've made lots of rants about the game in the past, whether they've made some really weird decisions to discuss about or outright introduced something that made me really mad. I've even drawn some really scary art about the game that was essentially a reflection of my feelings towards the game's questionable moments, and I'm sure some of you remember it. Maybe not, especially since I deleted it (wasn't that great anyway). But I think, despite all of that, that it was really clear that I did love this game (especially during my first couple of years playing it), and so I was really saddened by this news.
However, unlike

Have fun trying to read all that text, though... :8Bshrug: 

Aaaaand wow I could've sworn I had more to say, but I guess it was longer while I was typing all of that Fantage stuff here and before I moved it hahaha
Okay so I'll take my time here to address a few things before I forget.
  • First off, I'm sorry about not doing the art trade month with Hatsune Miku that I promised in April. School decided to jump on me and cover me with stuff everywhere, not to mention that I was trying to work on a few promised things like the aforementioned art trades that I still have to do. If I still decide to do this, I think I'll hold it in August since it is Miku's proper month... Levan Polkka Emote
  • For those I still have art trades with, I'm still working on them and I'm sorry that you have to wait this long! I am getting closer to finishing them, so I hope you don't mind waiting a bit longer. Because it's been taking me too long to finish them, I think I will take a break from art trades for a while to be fair.
  • I am planning a few Fantage tributes, of course
  • There's some things I want to make art of but I can't decide
Okay on that last one, I'm thinking about working on art that I personally want to do after I'm done with art trades. But I can't decide, so maybe you guys would be interested in helping me decide on what I could focus on? Some of the things I would like to do fan art of are Fairy Idol Kanon (especially since I have all the volumes now!), Harvest Moon, Fantage, Bottle Fairy... I dunno! My mind has been pretty blank lately.

Oh and I just remembered something to end this journal off with. That Pokémon Let's Go leaks from earlier have been confirmed. What's with recent Pokémon games being leaked weeks before announcements?
I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'm not gonna judge anyone who will-- I mean, one of my sister wants it and I imagine that she would want to get the Pikachu version, since her daughter loves Pikachu as much as I did when I was her age. Apparently it's a remake of Pokémon Yellow but with some Pokémon Go being integrated into it gameplay-wise and connectivity-wise... considering I don't like Pokémon Go and that I was hoping for a Sinnoh remake, I'm a bit disappointed.
But I do like the idea of the little Poké Ball Plus that they're making for the game! Considering I love my Pokéwalker and that this new accessory works similarly to that, I think it's a cool idea :)

I think I took long to make this journal :iconfario-p:


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