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Published: October 4, 2018

Greetings, you are now about to read a first in a twelve part series of the Kids Next Door files of Sector V's adventures that were never discovered up until now. I really don't know why they didn't find and release these 10 years ago after operation: i.n.t.e.r.v.i.e.w.s. but hey, sometimes we gotta do stuff when the time is correct. So anyway...

Kids Next Door! Let's read some lost adventures!





KND Operation BATH by FarinaArtist
Codename: Kids Next Door:

now loading:
operation: b.a.t.h. 
(adapted from the comic operation: b.a.t.h.t.i.m.e.)

Written by :iconfarinaartist: (Mr. Warburton) and :iconarthurengine: (Mo Williams) 

Numbuh 2/Hoagie P. Gilligan
Numbuh 4/Wallabee “Wally” Beatles
Mr. Squeaky (New Character, :iconpinkandorangesunset: OC)
The Filthy Ones (New Characters)
Susy (New Character)
Joseph (New Character)
Mrs. Betty Gilligan (offscreen voice)

(The door opens up. Numbuh 2, in a green towel, enters the bathroom, ready to take a bath, with an annoyed look on his face as his mom yells for him offscreen to take a bath.)

MRS. BETTY GILLIGAN (Offscreen): This is the last time I'm telling you, Hoagie P. Gilligan! Take a Bath r-r-r-r-Right this instant!

NUMBUH 2: All right Already, mom! I'm going! Shesseh...

(Numbuh 2 starts up the tub and throws in some bath beads and pulls over the stool from the sink. He steps up and prepares to remove his towel.)

NUMBUH 4: PSSSH! Hey, Numbuh 2!

(Numbuh 2 yelps at the sound of Numbuh 4's voice; jumps back and covers himself back up and sees, Numbuh 4 in a red towel at the bathroom windowsill.)

NUMBUH 2: Numbuh 4! A little privacy here!

NUMBUH 4: Sorry but I need your help! My mum's trying to make me take a bath! You gotta hide me.
NUMBUH 2: Really mine too.

MRS. BETTY GILLIGAN (Offscreen): Hoagie! You better be using those nice bath beads Grandma Lydia got you...

NUMBUH 4: It's a conspiracy! We better run for it! Come on!

(Numbuh 2 grabs on to Numbuh 4's hand and he pulls him out the window. And the two start climbing down the tree.)

NUMBUH 2: Oh man, if my mom finds out I'm not in there, my butt is as good as toast.
NUMBUH 4: Relax, Numbuh 2. As long as you have that door locked...you do have that door locked right?

NUMBUH 2: No...

NUMBUH 4: Crud.

MRS. BETTY GILLIGAN (Offscreen): You Better Be In That Tub!

NUMBUH 4: Hurry!

(The two towel boys climb faster down the tree, and make a run as fast as they can into the woods. Unknown to them, high up in the trees in a rubber duck with a red lens camera is watching over them and awakens, revealing to also be a probe droid. It detaches itself off the tree branch it was from and floats over the rushing Numbuhs 2 and 4. Elsewhere in a small room, a man with a green vest, pink slippers, khakis and a rubber duck on his desk, watches the two boys flee through three of his television screens, laughing with ease.)

SQUEAKY: What's this? Two little boys, wanting to run out past their bathtime? Oh, this is divine. They think they can run away from home and stink freely all they want. Just wait till they get a load of...Mr. Squeaky!

(As he says this, he gets his cape, which are shower curtains, and a shower cap and after he's down saying his little evil speech, he laughs again, this time, manically.)

SQUEAKY's MOM (Offscreen): Roger! What did I say about laughing so loud when I'm having my very peaceful and silent book club?!

SQUEAKY: Sorry, mother.

(He then laughs again only this time, quietly.)

(Screen wipes to the next scene with the Kids Next Door logo)

(Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 4 pop their heads over a random fence and pop back down.)

NUMBUH 4: Over the fence on Three. One, Seven, Three.

(The two jump over the fence and land safely in a bush. The come out and brush the leaves off them.)

NUMBUH 2: You still need to learn your numbers right.

NUMBUH 4: Do not!

(Numbuh 2 puts his hands over Numbuh 4's mouth.)

NUMBUH 2: SHHH! Do you wanna wake somebody up?

NUMBUH 4: Like who?

(Suddenly they hear growling and they notice that there's a vicious dog behind them, ready to attack.)

NUMBUH 2: Like that...

(The two boys scream for their lives and run as the dog chases after them tries to bite them. They race all around the backyard but Numbuh 2 get the idea try to climb up to the roof, using the background gazebo. Numbuh 4 follows and the Dog tries to climb up but just scratches the wood of the gazebo. The two boys look at each other and slide across the roof and jump down onto the front yard and race to the road.)

(Screen wipes to the next scene with the Kids Next Door logo)


(Numbuh 2 and 4 peak through an alleyway not to be seen by anyone and hide again just as a car comes passing by.)

NUMBUH 4: Quick! Across this street!

(The two boys run across the street and into another alleyway as we see from the shadows, Mr Squeaky's silhouette appear from the right of the screen, ready to attack.)

NUMBUH 2: Now let's hope that's the last of anything we run into tonight...

(Then suddenly bubbles start floating around them.)

NUMBUH 2: What the?

NUMBUH 4: Hey, bubbles...

NUMBUH 2: Wait! Numbuh 4!

(Numbuh 4 tries to pop one but Numbuh 2 tackles him down into the ground as they fly away, but they are literally at the feet of someone.)

NUMBUH 4: What is wrong with you?! I was gonna pop that for the heck of it!

SQUEAKY: One pop of that and you would've been clean.

NUMBUH 4: Hey, good point there...sir?

(They look up to Mr. Squeaky and they jump into their action pose, ready to fight him. Numbuh 4 shifts his towel in case if he loses it during the fight.)

SQUEAKY: Let's not get dirty, shall we boys. I don't wanna ruin my birthday vest.

NUMBUH 2: Oh don't worry! Things are about to get real muddy!

(Numbuh 2 picks up a handful of mud as he talks and throws it at Mr. Squeaky. But Squeaky covers himself with his shower curtain cape and shakes himself off. And ignites a hose from his sleeve and sprays it at both the boys, both try to dodge by jumping on the walls and trash cans. Squeaky then shoots out the shampoo and it hits Numbuh 4 in the eyes, blinding him. Numbuh 2 then kicks jumps at Squeaky sending him into a metal fence and runs to Numbuh 4, who is in screaming pain. Using some water left over from the hose, he dunks Numbuh 4 into a puddle and cleans off his face, in the nick of time to be shot down by soap. And are retreated into the street by Squeaky and the soap.)

SQUEAKY: Well, see you boys on the clean side.

(Then from the manhole cover, a hand emerges and grabs Numbuh 2 and 4, just as Squeaky unleashes the Ultimate Bath on them. They disappear down and he doesn't notice. He wonders where they went and continues onwards searching for them.)


NUMBUH 2: Uh, Numbuh 4. What happened?

NUMBUH 4: I don't know? Where are we?

JOSEPH: Quiet! Someone will hear us!


(A candlelight flickers on and Numbuh 2 and 4 see Joseph (Filthy Kid 1) and they two are grossed out by his appearance and his scent.)

NUMBUH 4: Ergh! Worse than Crazy Old Cat Lady's scent!

NUMBUH 2: Wh-what happened to you?! What's that awful scent?!

JOSEPH: Don't question me now, come along.

(Joseph leads Numbuh 2 and 4, who both are still plugging their noses through the sewer to a large complex area of the sewer, where a bunch of kids have turned it into a hideout/playground/waterpark area for themselves. These kids are the Filthy Ones. And at first, Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 4 are amazed by all of this until Joseph leads them to their leader, Susy. Susy is about 8 years old, dress with a towel and in smelly old clothes and has a ring pop on her hand for kissing.)

JOSEPH: Oh great Susy. I bring you two boys lost in the streets and ran away from home because of their moms trying to make them take a bath...

SUSY: How swell...Bring them here...

(Numbuhs 2 and 4 step forward and she signals them to kiss her ring pop and they do, which they're immediately grossed out by and try to brush the germs off their tongues.)

NUMBUH 2: Yeeuk! Gross!

NUMBUH 4: I'd rather kiss my little brother's butt than that again!

SUSY: Watch your tongue or you will kiss something much worse.

(Numbuh 4 then gulps in fright. Numbuh 2 finishes to brush the germs off his tongue and starts talking again.)

NUMBUH 2: So who exactly are you guys and what the heck is this place?

SUSY: Us? We are the Filthy Ones

NUMBUH 2: Well that really suits you! Ha ha!

(Numbuh 4 elbows Numbuh 2)

SUSY: Not just that...

(A flashback occurs when Susy narrates.)

Susy: We have run away from our parents' places, all because we refused to take a bath or a shower. And as for me, I've refused to take a bath because my mom's been ordering me to take one forever. I ran away from home, not wanting my mom to find out about me not being in the tub. It was then I discovered the sewers. If I don't want to be clean, then I could make these sewers as my home. And every time I saw some kids like Joseph or Emily who didn't want to take a bath, I grabbed them, stole some dirty clothes from the laundromat and made them home down here. It wasn't long before we decided to name ourselves the Filthy Ones.

(All Flashes back to the present.)

SUSY: Anywho, would you like to join us? We got extra clothes in your sizes.

(Numbuh 2 and 4 are weirded out by and look at each other.)

NUMBUH 2: Um, look...we're trying to hide from our moms too but now we were just under attack by some bath guy...

SUSY: Wait? Does he have a green vest?

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Yes.

SUSY: Rubber duck?

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Yes.

SUSY: Shower curtain cape?

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Yes.

SUSY: Shower cap hat?

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Yes.

SUSY: That's Mr. Squeaky!

(Susy then pulls out a whistle and blows it and it grabs everyone's attention in the sewer. And they all gather around her and Numbuhs 2 and 4.)

SUSY: Everyone gather around! It appears these two have had an encounter with our nemesis, Mr. Squeaky and I think with their skills and possibly with brains...

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Hey!

SUSY:...this could be the perfect chance for us to take him down once and for all and finally get out of here!

NUMBUH 4: I thought you said this was your home?

SUSY: It is. But it's our dream to see the world above again, to roam around in forests, roll in mud, explore the jungles, and never take a bath again.

NUMBUH 2: Can I give you a benefit of the doubt and say that you may end up getting a bath at the end of all that?

SUSY: No you may not. But we know a place where you can go to where you'll never take a bath again.

NUMBUH 2 and 4: Really?!

SUSY: Yes. But first, here's the plan on how we all can beat Squeaky...

(Screen wipes to the next scene with the Kids Next Door logo)

(Mr. Squeaky appears through the mist and searches down the alleyways of the city. Numbuhs 2 and 4, Susy and Joseph popup through one manhole cover which Squeaky doesn't notice and walks past.)

NUMBUH 4: What are we waiting for let's get him!

JOSEPH: Wait! There are alternatives to fighting.

(Joseph climbs back down to the sewer to grab some sludge from the sewer line with and gives it to Susy, which grosses out Numbuhs 2 and 4.)


NUMBUH 4: That's Rank!

SUSY: Trust us. Since Squeaky is a germ hating freak, this can distract him as we set up our attack positions and get him down here.

(Numbuh 4 looks at Numbuh 2.)

NUMBUH 4: Does that make any sense to you?

(Numbuh 2 shrugs. Susy then throws the sludge at Mr. Squeaky without him noticing, but when it hits the ground, a little bit hits his cape. He turns around and with a bar of soap in his hands.)

SQUEAKY: Hey! What the?!

(He is then stunned that nobody is there. He then has a suspicious look on his face and turns around, unaware that behind him, Numbuh 2, 4, Susy, Joseph and some of the Filthy Ones have made it out of the manhole cover and ran across the street into another alleyway. Susy pops out of the alleyway and throws more sludge at Squeaky and this time it slides across his arm.)

SQUEAKY: Again?!

(He then sees the sludge on his arm and decides to clean it off with water and a rag. Numbuh 2, 4, Susy, Joseph and the Filthy Ones race across the street to some trash cans next to a shutdown restaurant and this time, everyone throws sludge at Squeaky and it all hits at his cape. Furious, Squeaky screams and ignites his hose onto the trash cans. But Numbuh 2, 4, Susy, Joseph and the Filthy Ones run away just as the water hits the trash cans. Squeaky then turns them off, revealing a more clean trash cans.)


NUMBUH 2: We're Right here!

(Squeaky then turns around to see Numbuh 2, 4, Susy, Joseph and the Filthy Ones all ready for battle and with sludge in their hands. Trying to not have a panic attack, Squeaky tries to calm himself down and returns to his evil demeanor.)

SQUEAKY: Well, so it was you germ infested kids who were toying with me...well I'm afraid it's time for all of you to get clean!

(Mr. Squeaky then ignited his hose and started to spray the Filthy Ones and Numbuhs 2 and 4.)


(They all jump up or scattered away from the incoming water and they all started to make their moves against Squeaky. Throwing sludge at him, making him filthy and making him go crazy by the many, many germs all over him. But he continuously fought back with shampoo and a scrub brush and started to make some filthy kids actually clean. Some Filthy Ones gasp in horror of their friends becoming clean.)


SQUEAKY: Now for you!

(Squeaky charges for Susy but Numbuh 2 comes to the rescue from the air.)

NUMBUH 2: Hey Squeaky! Eat sludge!

(As he says this his towel flies freely in the wind as Numbuh 2 lands safely and sludge lands in Squeaky's face, blinding him. )

SQUEAKY: Ah my eyes! I can't see.

NUMBUH 4: Karma stinks! Doesn't it!

(Numbuh 4 then jumps onto a trash can and flips around a light post and jump kicks at Squeaky and as he does, his towel flies off as well and we only see Numbuh 4's foot hit Squeaky in the stomach as he backs away to the manhole cover, which Joseph opens and Susy politely rubs sludge on his birthday vest as he loses balance and falls into the sewer the kids laugh as he vows for vengeance.)

SQUEAKY: Ahhh, germs! The sludge! It's everywhere! You kids will be punished for this! You will be...

(Joseph closes the manhole cover before Squeaky could finish vowing for vengeance.)


(The Filthy Ones are throwing sludge at one another like a snowball fight in the winter and playing in trash cans or bins as Susy and Joseph thank Numbuh 2 and 4 for their help and tell them of the place they can go to where they'll never take a bath again. But we don't see the fact the two boys are naked.)

SUSY: We still cannot thank you two enough for helping us. Now the place we are talking about has a tunnel and can only be accessible only on a free night...

NUMBUH 2: Got it.

SUSY: Also there's one more thing...

NUMBUH 4: Who cares! Come on Numbuh 2!


SUSY: No wait!


NUMBUH 4: We're almost there!

(The two boys race toward the camera in silhouette until we see them from the waist up.)

NUMBUH 2: We made it!

NUMBUH 4: They were right! Nobody will ever find us here and we'll never have to take a bath again!

(Then all of a sudden, stadium lights flicker on and crowds start cheering and it's revealed the Numbuh 2 and 4 entered a Football stadium during a game, completely naked and they look down and cover themselves up. Numbuh 2 uses his hat and goggles. Both faces are crimson red with embarrassment.)

NUMBUH 2: Um, Numbuh 4...

NUMBUH 4: Yeah...


NUMBUH 2: Maybe we should've brought some pants or something...

end transmission

© 2018 - 2019 FarinaArtist
If you like what I do or have any ideas for possible fanfictions please leave me a comment and favorite this. Special thanks to the co-writer on this who helped me out. You are the best!

KND ( C ) Tom Warburton
Mr. Squeaky ( C ) :iconpinkandorangesunset:
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