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Hi Everybody i'm Faridcreator !
I created a new group named "AllCreators" A Group for all categories of art, even if it's outside of Deviant Art because i think you can progress in what you like to do and i really want to Help you and progress together, and we gonna be what we want to be, while doing our best to be Creators of contained with respect and friendliness, so i recruit you for this group so check out if you want !

Description of the group: Hello Everyone and Welcome to the group of "Creators" !

So What is it ?
This is a group About Creation you can do whatever you want to do in ! if you are Digital artist or Traditional or photograph or any else you can come in ! 

It will be a group About Sharing, Ideas, Advice, Creations, New Encounters and many else you can communicate with others people and even collaborate together to make new things, Learn and progress in our Passion !

And Last it would be a place for Friendliness where everybody do want to be kindly welcome, as much for what it does as for who the person is, even if those persons it is beginner or else we will be with him to continue and progress !

Come in, we would be very glad to have you in this group !

Everyone can be accepted in this group !
just tell me and i will see ;-) (Wink)
Be respectful and Nice !
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HI !
Now you can ask me for a commission for have a Artwork drew by Myself !
I can do anything you want just go see my commission and i will do what do YOU want !
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