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Stand Oc The Living Tombstone by FaridCreator Stand Oc The Living Tombstone by FaridCreator
Stand Name : The Living Tombstone
Stand Master : ???

Story: this stand had a stand master but they died, and this living stand is looking for a person that will be His or her new stand master.

Personality: this stand is really interested in the search of its new master, this stand is curious, clever and polite if someone will attack it the stand will attack in return and see what it can do with this person or other, and maybe choose it to become its new master.

Appearance: this stand is an artificial humanoid stand made with discs, it have a tomb for his head, he have headphones and have 3 specials disc 1 upon is head, the second on his torso and the last one on its crotch.


Disc N°1: he can live after the death of it user, and if you take off this disc of is head it will be deactivate.

Disc Remix: when it put this Disc into someone who have a stand the capacities increase but the abilities will be opposite and inverse, example : Avdol have the ancient and absolute fire with the disc now he can have the power of water.

Disc Playlist: if The LivingTombStone gave this disc to someone who have a stand the stand gain a random ability.

Power: B
Speed: B
Range: ?
Durability: B
Precision: B
Potential: ?

Art by me
Conception by me
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July 14, 2017
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