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Mural Of Gods The Scarlet Guild by FaridCreator Mural Of Gods The Scarlet Guild by FaridCreator
Here's the Mural of my gods from the lore of my manga

Rosae: Creator of all life on Magnolia (the planet of my manga) and Love And creator Of the six Gods that follow below.

Achillea: Goddess of War and Strength, mostly revered by Reptilians Draconians & Orcs , if a person accomplished her Test of Courage the person would had the bless of Achillea with her Phlox (blessing Fire)

Nigrum & Solanum: God of Justice and Truth he would judge you by his spear Solanum if the spear transperce you and you bleed you would not be able to go in the afterlife , the first mortal who have been transperced by Solanum was a Dog-Man and this species faded away so in the commun language we call that spear "Kill-Dog".

Olea :Divinity of Peace and Chance when you are in a sanctuary for that divinity they would bless you and then your journey would be with no problems.

Ipomoea : God Of darkness, shadows, and feelings , Mostly revered by Dark Elfs this god is the symbol of all Dark Elfs and Black Magic !

Crataegus: Spirit of Nature and Hope, mostly revered by wood Elfs if you cross hit ,the spirit would give you a blessing to be able to talk with animals.

Lilium Goddess of Light and Purity, mostly revered by light Elfs she will give you her purity for one day if she bless you !

Thank You all and See Ya !
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