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Jojo Oc Tyler and Bonnie Pratchett
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Published: May 15, 2017
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Character's name: Tyler & Bonnie Pratchett
Namesake: Bonnie Tyler & Terry Pratchett
Date of Birth: 06/08/1986 (Tyler) Sex: M Tibet, 03/15/2000 (Bonnie) Canada, Sex: F

Past Story (Tyler): He was abandoned in a front of a Tibetan Sanctuary by her mother ,His real name is Tenzin he lived the middle of his life in Tibet, at the age of 10 he learned what the Hamon is, he start to practice hamon with his master Myūzu, at the age of 14 he know how to use Hamon ,at 16 he get sick an horrible heart disease he could listen the cry of a baby that kipping crying and this for few months , at the age of 17 he perfectly know how use Hamon, at 18 he saw his master talking with a woman out of the temple and listen all the conversation, she said that a foundation named SpeedWagon foundation need his help and that hamon user can solve this problem, and his master make a request take Tenzin with him, then they move to Washington DC and join the foundation and with that another request searching the mother of Tenzin , at 20 he encounter for the first time his half sister "Bonnie" , the foundation tell to him that they took Bonnie because her mother was dead by an heart attack by giving birth to bonnie in 2000 and Bonnie was in a orphanage, they succeed to find her with information of the mother and blood analysis, and then they surname themselves as Pratchett, and a new name for Tenzin, Tyler, and then be reunited together even if his mother died he had a symbol of her presence, at the age of 24 he moved to London with his sister to go on a mission where his master and some people are been missing and they must find them...

Stand name: I need a hero
User: Tyler Pratchett

Ability: Have an armor who boost his speed, strength and its reflexes, this armor have a shield and a sword, the armor activate when Tyler or someone is in danger around him.

Speed: B
Durability: B
precision: D
range: E
Potential: D

Past story (Bonnie) :She is born in Canada she no longer live with her mother because her mother died by giving birth to Bonnie, her stand awake at this moment,  she live in an orphanage for 4 years before the speedwagon fondation take her and encounter her half brother, at the age age of 8  she moved to London with her brother to go on a mission some people are been missing and they must find them...

Stand name: Total Eclipse Of The Heart
User: Bonnie

Ability: Diving the world in the dark for 1 minutes she can only use it the day and can found lost things with a path of light in thoses darkness, the stand have only 7 uses if one is used they will be 1H to wait.

Power: N/O
Speed: N/O
Durability: N/O
Precision: N/O
Range: Infinite (Wherever she wants, anytime and anywhere, at the distance and at the range she wants.

Inspiration: Baoh the visitor
Art by me

conception by me
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