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Jojo Oc Perry Caroll by FaridCreator Jojo Oc Perry Caroll by FaridCreator

Character's Name: Perry Caroll    

Namesake: Steve Perry , Lewis Caroll, AbbA

Code Name: MMM (Money Money Money) 

Sex: M

Date Of Birth:  11/15/1993 ,Stockholm, Sweden

Height: 5'8 ft

Weight: 65 kg

Actual Residence : ???

Past Story: He was born with his stand "Anyway You Want it" he was in some way the goose with golden eggs he is really generous and just want to make the people happy and participate in charity in his all life, at the age of 14 he encounter a man named Klaus Tolkien who had the same kind of power as he had, he started an activist movement called "Humanity", a group that wanted to help the most deprived, victims of rape and many others by carrying out activities Illegal to help them, they are currently against a Party apparently responsible for some murders of poor, The empires of clouds, he joined this movement to help those people ...

Stand Name: Anyway You Want it

Stand User: Perry Caroll

Appearance: this stand doesn't really have an appearance except a holographic tablet

Ability: This stand can transform anything into its monetary value (with is hands)and inversely, example: he take a flashlight and then the flash light is transform into money.
Disadvantage: he can't do that on living being, the flesh and bones etc except the leather, the price of the object depends on the time that you used it and the valor of this thing.

Power: N/O 

Speed: N/O

Range: E

Durability: N/O

Precision: N/O 

Potential: A

Reference: Alice in wonderland, Journey, Humanity, Lewis Caroll

Art By me 

Conception by me

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June 14, 2017
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