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Jojo Oc O.J.W by FaridCreator Jojo Oc O.J.W by FaridCreator
Character's name: Oscar "Jackson" Wilde
Namesake: Michael Jackson & Oscar Wilde
Date Of Birth: 11/30/1963 Indiana,  USA
Height: 6'2
Weight: 75 kg
Actual residence: ???
Sex: Male

Past story: Born in the Indiana in USA, he had his stand when he was born, during his childhood he doesn't know how to use his stand so when he was caressing someone there were always sequels, at the age of 12 he gain his other ability Bad, at the age of 18 he was a ladykiller all girls loved him in his high school but one day he meet a girl named Annie Christie, he was totally in love but not her She refused the advances that had become harassment from Oscar until she made Oscar understand by a slap, and one day he came to her apartment at by the window to her bedroom silently and kill her with his stand, with this crime comes more crimes with prostitutes, policeman, schoolchild and many more, one day the complete state of Indiana search for him but he had gone far away to start a new life.

Stand Name: Smooth Criminal
User: Oscar Jackson Wilde

Ability: Everything that can be sweet becomes sharp.
Ex: when he made a caress to someone, the person will become injured, if he have a teddy bear with him or anything sweet he can active this ability and the teddy bear will be sharp

Power: A
Speed: B
Durability: D
Precision: D
Range: E
Potential: D

2nd Ability: Bad , This ability has the effect that any person having Bad with them will cause them bad luck

Power: N/O
Speed: N/O
Durability: N/O
Precision: N/O
Range: Infinite
Potential: N/O

reference: smooth criminal & bad: Michael Jackson

Art by me
Conception by me
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May 18, 2017
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