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Jojo Oc Klaus Tolkien by FaridCreator Jojo Oc Klaus Tolkien by FaridCreator
Character's Name: Klaus Tolkien
Namesake: Klaus Meine & J.R.R Tolkien
Code Name: Scorpion
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 04/13/1978 , East Berlin, Germany
Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: 67 kg
Actual Residence : ???

Past Story: he lived in East of Berlin until 1986, he always lived in the East of Berlin he was with his mother, at the age of 8, he saw his mother die of a cancer, in the stress of the situation he climb the wall of Berlin to join his aunt to West Berlin when he jump the wall he was shot by an East officer, and then his stand "Wind Of Change" awake and start to take him away for West Berlin and then he was take by an ambulance and take to his Aunt, at the age of 29 he create a activist movement named humanity, a group that wanted to help the most deprived, victims of rape and many others by carrying out activities Illegal to help them.

Stand Name: Wind Of Change
Stand User: Klaus Tolkien

Ability: this stand manifest themselves like a colony stand of 50 paper bird, Mimicry Power: the power of absorb and copy the matter of a living being or a object etc, and his effect, Example: he absorb a knife and he have the matter of a knife and the cutting edge of a knife but is still have the appearance of a paper bird but the knife is absorb by the stand and is not usable unless the stand decide to abandon this object.

Power: A
Speed: B
Range: A
Durability: D
Precision: A
Potential: E (UPDATE)

reference: Scorpions , Humanity, Tolkien

Art By me

Conception by me
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June 14, 2017
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