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Jojo Oc Izora Wash by FaridCreator Jojo Oc Izora Wash by FaridCreator
Character's name: Izora Wash
Namesake: Izora Armstead & Martha Wash
Date of Birth: 09/10/1980 , San Francisco
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 104 kg
Occupation: Surface technician
Actual residence: London, UK
Sex: Female

Past Story: Izora was a normal girl in her childhood a bit shy but a lot tomboy ,At the age of 8, Izora had her stand "Weather Girl", she accidentally blasted one of her comrades good for him, he is still alive, 11 years old , she gain a new ability "It's Raining Men" when some bully tried to steal her money, the bully goes to the hospital : Injury to the jaw and multiple arm injuries , 21 years old she mastered her stand perfectly, 29 years old, she had to move to London in England for personal reasons, she worked  in a school as a surface technician and she encounter some other people like her ,stand users...

Stand Name: Weather Girl
User: Izora Wash

Ability: control the weather in a 20M range with a cloud upon her and can make the rain, the hail and thunder fall.

Power: B
Speed: A
Durability: D
Precision: C
Range: C
Potential: D

Ability N.2: It's Raining Men

This ability will cause that every rain drops that Weather girl drop make to transform them into small rain beings of 1 cm and they can gather together to form one or more 10cm to 2m beings.
This ability manifests itself like a stand colony and can change their shapes into small hail beings with the ability of Weather Girl but they will not be able to move if they entire freeze with this shape...

Power: ?
Speed: A
Durability: E
Precision: B
Range: A (10 Km)
Potential: C

References: The Weather Girls

Art by Me

Conception By Me
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