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As of mid 2020, I have retired from DeviantArt, Which means that I won't be posting Deviations anymore. However, I'm still using DeviantArt to look for refs, fav other people's Deviations and answer some comments. I'm more active on Instagram lately, and I hope you can follow me there!

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Due to lack of favs and comments, Ikuze! Pokémon Gakuen will be my final fanfic in DeviantArt. I will keep writing as usual, but not here anymore. I think DeviantArt is better as a place for me to post my characters

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but, I will try to stay active here. Maybe just to talk with y'all, fav things and post my characters here. Slow but sure, I'm gonna stop my activity here and move on to other sites, namely Pixiv and Wattpad T-T

It's been a journey here, 7 years of awesomeness and 7 years of creativity, but every story has an ending. Thanks for following me since 2012 :)
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Ala Hoopa Ring

2 min read

Alaihum Hoopa!!
Ala...Hoopa Ring!!
Alaihum Hoopa!!
Ala...Hoopa Ring!!

Mr. Hoopa, and the Kalos' most beautiful Pokémon
Modern day Genie (uh, yes)
Hoopa to the death (uh, yes)
Is he really Hoopa? (uh, yes)
Mami let me open your Prison Bottle

Hoopa by CJsux

Play dates, we play mates
I'm the Nidoking snatching Nidoqueen, checkmate
What you think?
It's a rumor
I'm really out of this world
Pokémon Moon, Lunala
Make woman comfortable
Call me bloomer
Can't even show love cause they'll sue ya
But I told them, Praise Arceus, have a blessed day'
So ahead of myself
Everyday's yesterday
Want the recipe? it's real simple
A Hyperspace Fury, and she'll Ala Hoopa Ring!!
Hoopa by Xous54

Mood: Hoopa #720 Hoopa by StacoPokeSprites
Listening: Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Dance Again
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
Playing: Pokémon Tretta
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
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You see, there haven't been any activity on DA lately for me. All I do here is just my regular routine of uploading my Koikatsu crap and faving random stuff. I feel lonely...

Gone the time when I used to roleplay with djlordsuzaku2 on Note and my journals, talking with rizqy-ABDN and RizkiusMaulanae about dinosaurs and related stuff and oh, sharing my boxing OCs with KiraYamato74. All of my friends are now on Twitter, IG and Facebook, and some of them are here as well like MaelstromArt, ReedAhmad and KanggeRayHaan. I became more and more dependent to those social medias and as a result, I often encounter toxic and unwanted posts there (especially Twitter, that place is a toxic hellhole filled with cringy stuffs and political shits)

So, what can you do?
  • Be active as possible with me and talk with me often
  • Roleplay if you want. I have a lot of OCs
  • Fav and share my creations, whether here or on my Pixiv or Wattpad
  • Give my creations comments and suggestions
  • And of course, be friendly
With your help, I can cut my time on those social medias and stop being dependent on them. With my dependency on social medias decreased, I can go back to reading my dust-covered manga collection or play vidya gaems on my 3DS. So please, share this journal and help me return back to the golden ages of 2013-2015 :)

In return, I'll try to make some of your OCs or anything you want on Koikatsu, or maybe feature your OCs on my original stories. It's simple, you give me and I'll give you what you want. It's a deal

Mood: Lonely and depressed T-T
Listening: Life Will Change by Lyn Inaizumi
Reading: Nothing
Watching: A Certain Scientific Accelerator
Playing: Pokémon Ultra Moon
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
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This goes out to my blonde tomboy Chris, who will be joining LAW soon :)

Tagged by caplhurgoyf 

  1. Post all the rules of the challenge.
  2. Choose one of your characters, and post eight facts about them.
  3. Tag eight other people, along with one character from each person tagged
Okay...let's get it started!!
  1. Chris' mother came from Edmonton, Canada. She emigrated to Sagamihara after marrying her husband, who happens to be Chris' father/Mr. Hanabishi
  2. When she's not wrestling, Chris performs at a local circus troupe as an acrobat. She was invited to Safari Garden Zoo and Resort once to perform with Yuuki, Serica and Sorami
  3. Chris' hobbies includes jogging, swimming and sparring with Nanami and Fumio. She also practices her acrobat skills at home!!
  4.  She treats Fumio like a body pillow. There's nothing better for her than bearhugging an adorable heavyweight redhead wrestler who happens to be her friend and her rival
  5.  Chris really loves egg salad sandwich from the local convenience store. An egg salad sandwich a day keeps the depression away!!
  6.  Despite her tomboyish looks and personality, Chris has a cute and soft side. She loves collecting teddy bears and sometimes cosplaying
  7. Chris combines her acrobatic and capoeira skills with her wrestling moves, which classifies her as a high-flyer wrestler
  8. Chris is part of the Rebooted Era OCs, which consists of OCs from 2018-2019. Other OCs from the Rebooted Era include Spica, Yuuki, Akane and Rachel. Most of the Rebooted Era OCs are either magical girls, espers, human-animal hybrids or youkais. Chris and Fumio are considered as rarities since they're wrestlers
Now, time to tag some people..
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