Eight Factors for Chris!!

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This goes out to my blonde tomboy Chris, who will be joining LAW soon :)

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  1. Post all the rules of the challenge.
  2. Choose one of your characters, and post eight facts about them.
  3. Tag eight other people, along with one character from each person tagged
Okay...let's get it started!!
  1. Chris' mother came from Edmonton, Canada. She emigrated to Sagamihara after marrying her husband, who happens to be Chris' father/Mr. Hanabishi
  2. When she's not wrestling, Chris performs at a local circus troupe as an acrobat. She was invited to Safari Garden Zoo and Resort once to perform with Yuuki, Serica and Sorami
  3. Chris' hobbies includes jogging, swimming and sparring with Nanami and Fumio. She also practices her acrobat skills at home!!
  4.  She treats Fumio like a body pillow. There's nothing better for her than bearhugging an adorable heavyweight redhead wrestler who happens to be her friend and her rival
  5.  Chris really loves egg salad sandwich from the local convenience store. An egg salad sandwich a day keeps the depression away!!
  6.  Despite her tomboyish looks and personality, Chris has a cute and soft side. She loves collecting teddy bears and sometimes cosplaying
  7. Chris combines her acrobatic and capoeira skills with her wrestling moves, which classifies her as a high-flyer wrestler
  8. Chris is part of the Rebooted Era OCs, which consists of OCs from 2018-2019. Other OCs from the Rebooted Era include Spica, Yuuki, Akane and Rachel. Most of the Rebooted Era OCs are either magical girls, espers, human-animal hybrids or youkais. Chris and Fumio are considered as rarities since they're wrestlers
Now, time to tag some people..
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That's fine :)
If you choose not to do this, it's fine. I'm not forcing you