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Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles


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Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles


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Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles

Esper Chronicles

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Tama Nekono

Project Chimera

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Spica Tachibana

Fargusno's Mahou Shoujo Spica-verse

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Jocelyn vs. Sharon

Pokemon Gakuen

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Youkai Meitantei Natsumi Finale

The day has arrived. The final battle against Chase Young to save the two remaining Adepts and to bring peace and justice to Kitsunegahara village has begun. Natsumi and Riku wakes up from their bed and packs up some stuffs before they meet up with Maddie on the Ijuuin residence's porch and teleport themselves to Chase Young's palace in a remote island in Mantra Sea (also known as East China Sea). Before they go, Tsubasa and Mitsuki tells the trio to return home safely with the Adepts, as they're going to throw a party to celebrate Chase Young's second defeat. Natsumi said thanks to her twin brothers and teleports herself, Riku and Maddie to

Fargusno's Rebooted Youkai-verse

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A Game of Seven Chapter 3

A Game of Seven Chapter 3: Losing Someone And so, the cruel death game has been finally ended, with the organizer arrested and given lifetime sentence as well as the broadcast of the game being hacked. Meanwhile, still recovering from her wounds, Fumika stayed for some nights at the hospital accompanied by her parents. She still worried about Nanami, who was on a gun fight against Dawn when Fumika passed out from blood loss. One day later, Fumika has finally recovered from her wounds. She's able to walk again, though some parts of her body still covered with bandages. She meets up with the student council president and her friend, Dominique

Tsuba's Adventures featuring Fumika

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Batter Up!

3D Creations and Artworks

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Youkai Gakuen Chapter 4 Arc 1

Youkai Gakuen ~ Another Story of Tsuba Brothers Chapter 4: ~new days~ A New Student Part of Arc 1: Our First Mission After successfully defeating Vertex, peace has finally came to Land of Illusions for a while. With the rumors about the new student flowing around, the students of Youkai Gakuen has been put in a state of impatience to see the new student. One day later, the student finally arrived at Youkai Gakuen. Not just a student, but two students. One is a pink-haired girl with twintails, and the other is a redhead girl, with a slightly toned tall body. As the door opens, Tsubasa and the other students are excited to see the two of them

Youkai Gakuen

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Kyouryuu Tamers 2 Episode 1

Kyouryuu Tamers 2 Episode 1: A Discovery Out of Time Welcome to Kazamatsuri... Where human and nature live together in peace... Trees outgrow our city, not even a single speck of pollution can be seen, smell or heard here and animals frolick around the streets. By the way, what brings you here to Kazamatsuri? Maybe you're a visitor who wants to see the greatness of Kazamatsuri? By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Kotori Kanbe. I live in this forest, where I take care of familiars and the forest. As you can see, I'm a Druid, and Druids are devoted to protect the forest from any dangers. Hey, my friend is coming. Wanna see my frien

Kyouryuu Tamers Saga

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Dinosaur King: Arena Prehistorika Episode 4

Dinosaur King: Arena Prehistorika Episode 4: Don't Lose!! The Silver Tournament!! Yukina and Dylan continues their journey to Europe. They fly from Neo-Tokyo to the cold Arctic City in the Northern Europe, where the Silver Dino Tournament is held. It seems Tohru is also going to join the tournament as well. After many hours of boredom, they finally reached Arctic City. Yukina and Dylan wear their winter clothing as the climate in Arctic City is pretty cold. They are welcomed by the committee of the Dinosaur Kings Association. Yukina and Dylan walks to the entrance of the stadium and greeted by one of the members of the DKA Silver Dino Tourn

Dinosaur King: Arena Prehistorika

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Fossil League Z: Dino Championship Finals Eps. 7

Fossil League Z: Dino Championship Finals Episode 7: Life Finds a Way The championship has begun. Everyone in Jurassic World are going to the arena to see this marvelous event. But, with Inaho died yesterday after being stabbed by Ludlow in the chest, and only me and Inko left, who will replace him? As I try to find someone with a dinosaur to help me, no one were answering me. They think me I'm stupid or something. However, I found someone with a dinosaur. His name is Aoba Watase. He is a young boy from Japan, but not from Shinawara, where Inaho used to live. Aoba is from Tochigi Prefecture, and has a Zhejiangopterus. He can help us during b

Fossil League Z: Dino Championship Finals

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All Dino Duel and Dino Duel Master dinosaurs

I gathered these names from useful sources for Dino Duel, such as the Wayback Internet Archive, direct Dino Duel gameplay at the remaining cabinet at Mal Taman Anggrek, my own Dino Duel card collection and from old card lists. For those who miss Dino Duel and its sequel, you can see the whole list of the dinosaurs from the game down here. Any scans of these cards are appreciated WARNING: There are some dinosaurs missing for Dino Duel Masters. If anyone knows about them, please tell me and I will put it on the list Japanese transliteration included for those who....love both animes and dinosaurs (the only dinosaur anime I know so far is Dinosa

Dino Duel the Legend Returns

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Fossil League R Arc 2 Chapter 1

Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection Arc 2: Lockwood's Dino Sanctuary Chapter 1: Life Finds a Way Shiho, your mission is to guard Benjamin Lockwood's dinosaur sanctuary located in the southern Pacific Ocean near Tokoriki Island, Fiji. After you reach the island, please meet the island's ranger and fellow Fossil League agent Fumika Momoshina. After you meet up with her, you must fend off the vile DinoHunters Corp. from poaching the island's dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna (as there are also others like pterosaurs, marine reptiles and other prehistoric lifeforms). We got a report that this company was formed by the former members of Din

Fossil League: World Dino Championship

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Fossil League R Arc 1 Finale

 Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection Arc 1: Isla Dormir Chapter 3: AGE's Dreadful Demise After making our way through the dangerous Northern Wetlands, and defeated Husaini's Dromaeosaurus, me and the InGen team advances to the peak of Mount Owen. Getting there ain't easy, because the road is kinda craggy and sometimes pterosaurs might dive bomb towards us if they're irritated. So, we stick together and climb through the rocky path Serina: How far is the AGE fortress? Alfredo: Just a few kilometers away and we'll be there Serina: Come on... I'm tired... Alfredo: I'm afraid our dinos can't be ridden here. We can end up tumbling down if we d

Fossil League Kugawattan Dino Championship

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PokeVentures Attack of the Invaders

PokéVentures Attack of the Invaders  is a 3D platformer game by Nintendo, Game Freak and Good-Feel. It is released globally in 17 January 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game features many different type of Pokemon from all generations, as well as hand-picked anime characters. Also features music by ex-Konami Kukeiha Club members Tomoya Tomita and Akihiro Juichiya, who composed for Good-Feel titles such as Yoshi's Woolly World, Streetpass Zombie and Mii Force Story: The story is about an evil Dark Blacephalon who invaded a land and turns its inhabitants into Pokémon and enslaved them. Not just that, the mutant Ultra B

One-shots and requests

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OceanFishing/Grand Mer - Tiger Shark Render

Ripped Models

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Candeloro's Dress Up


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New Fargusno Logo

Photoshop arts

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Tsuba Brothers Interactive ending

Tsuba Brothers Interactive RP scenes

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Hero of the Multiverse


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Spino and Rex IV: Plumage of Blood

Spino and Rex IV: Plumage of Blood (スピノとレックス4: 血液の羽) is the fourth and last installment of the Spino and Rex series. It is published by Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Taito and T3 Entertainment and developed by Rayark, ASCII Media Works, Marvel, Spike Chunsoft and Artdink. It is released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, iOS and Android globally on 7 June 2016. The opening theme of the game is "Magenta" by nano. This game features music composed by various composers from NBGI, Square Enix, ZUNTATA, Capcom and indie composers such as Shinji Hosoe, Ayak

Spino and Rex's Adventures

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Alty and Friends Adventures Episode 1

Alty and Friends Adventures Episode 1: The Voice of Life! In the great dinosaur island named Isla Dormir, there lived a group of dinosaurs who protected the island from danger. The dinosaurs are Alty the Altirhinus, Cammy the Camarasaurus, Mapu the Mapusaurus. Smith the Suchomimus, Giga the Giganotosaurus, Brontikens the Apatosaurus and Patchy the Pachycephalosaurus. One day, when they have a picnic at Corne Heights, everyone was having fun there eating fern and cycad salad and Dino Food L while Giga and Patchy are playing tag. Suddenly, A Hadrophitecus threw a banana peel to the ground and Patchy slipped on it, crashing the wall with his ha

Alty and Friends Adventures

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Mario and Idolmaster Party Wii U (Request)

Box arts

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SpyCroc Chapter 1: And So the Adventure Begins

Spyro and Croc are off to Forest Artisans Island. It seems Dragon Realm has been broken to islands after it merges with Gobbo Islands. The water that flown through the Artisans Home are now replaced by lavas. Gnorcs and Dantinis are everywhere, causing mass chaos and destruction, as well as turning the dragons into crystals and imprisoning the Gobbos Spyro: This is bad!! My homeland is merged with yours!! Croc: Well, at least we're together now... Spyro: It's not about we're together or not, it's about how do we save our houses and stop Gnasty and Dante Croc: Well....their castle are FAAAAAAR from here and we're still in this island. So... S

Croc: Saga of the Gobbos

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New Zealand Story: Quest for Colors Chapter 6

New Zealand Story: Quest for Colors Chapter 6: From Florida to Iced Planet As time runs out, Tiki, Phee-Phee and Tamaki goes to Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral is a space center in Florida, where space researches and rocket launches are conducted. Many computers and space cameras are used to conduct research in the outer space, such as studying planets, the Solar System and stars. Cape Canaveral is also a tourism object for those who likes astronomy and anything about spaces. The space center is named the Kennedy Space Center after the North American president John F. Kennedy. Because much of the installation is a restricted area and only ni

Dooly the Little Dinosaur and NewZealand Story

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Riku Ijuuin

Anime Character Generator

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Kuroro: Tides of Time (Part 4)

Part 4: The Final Battle of Jabberwock Island *Kuroro and Natsumi swims to the South Pacific ocean, when they swim, many fishes and marine creatures surround them, a pair of black-tipped sharks swim near them and a blue whale swims on the top of them* Natsumi: Look at those fishes! Kuroro: I'm getting hungrier! *eats a gray mullet* That was tasty!! Natsumi: Look! Jabberwock Island is just ahead!! *Kuroro and Natsumi lands on Jabberwock Island* Natsumi: Look at those rides! They look fun! Kuroro: I smell something fishy, but not a fish here!! *Kuroro and Natsumi surveys the island, they are surprised that Jabberwock Island is actually a group

Kuroro: Tides of Time and Kuroro's Rising

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A Legendary Fish


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