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Mizuho and Friends + Misshitsu no Sacrifice

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Published: January 11, 2015
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Another batch of my OCs coming with characters from my fav visual novel, Misshitsu no Sacrifice

Left to right....

Original characters:

Mizuho Kusakabe (草壁 ミズホ)
Pet name: Mizube (ミズベ), Porcupinefish (ハリセンボン)
Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae (Tokyo Ghoul's Ken Kaneki, Nagi no Asukara's Hikari Sakishima and Aldnoah.Zero's Inaho Kaizuka)
Age: 16 years old
Place of origin: Summer Forest, Avalar
Birthday: 5 November 1998
Class: Level 55 Dark Lord (can transform into Sauron using the "Primal Rage" skill)
Design taken from: Primal Rage II, Ben-To, Valvrave the Liberator and Nagi no Asukara
Found at: By beating him at the Prehistoric Palace dungeon alongside Xiao Ming and Eulji
Misaki's elder brother who is also in the same class with Misaki. He is just one year older than Misaki, and he is very protective to Misaki. He is known for his brash and rough attitude and he likes survival games and travelling. He joins the Survival Game Club made one of his friends at Summer Forest High School. He likes to pick fights with Haruhi, and sometimes he likes to bully Yukari by hitting her face to the teacher's table or the wall, making him one of the worst students. Despite his status as a worst student, he has pretty good grades in his tests. He is best friends with Eulji, Alex and Xiao Ming and he fears nothing, except animatronics (like Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Foxy and the like), Creepypastas and the evil undead dragon, Necrosan. He is in love with Asuna, but she is very afraid and scared of him. Unbeknowist to everyone, Mizuho has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Asperger's syndrome. Only his mom, Misha and his dad, Daiichi knows this. He is the wielder of the legendary sword, Carnivoron. This sword was used by the fallen prince of Avalar, Arik thousand years ago and imbued with the spirit of a Tyrannosaurus named Sauron. He can even transform into Sauron himself

Xiao Ming (シャオミン/晓明)
Pet name: None
Voiced by: Ryota Ohsaka (Nagi no Asukara's Kaname Isaki, Blood Lad's Staz Charlie Blood, Tsuritama's Yuki Sanada and Valvrave the Liberator's Haruto Tokishima)
Age: 15 years old
Place of origin: Cloud Temples, Avalar
Birthday: 12 June 1999
Class: Level 40 Musician (can transform into Slashfang using the "Primal Rage" skill)
Design taken from: Primal Rage II and Axis Powers Hetalia
Found at: By beating him at the Prehistoric Palace dungeon alongside Mizuho and Eulji
A Chinese boy who likes to sing. He plays his erhu then he sings some lyrics that makes fun of other people. He dreams that he will be a good singer someday like Mizuho's younger sister Misaki. He is also a troublemaker, like Mizuho and often caught in trouble by Fumino and Sachika-sensei. Some people say that this Xiao Ming is the son of the late Xiao Ming, who is the avatar of Slashfang. His past still remains a mystery as Mizuho and Eulji tries to recover his past again. He has a pet Caudipteryx named Tailfeather, who loves to play and collect Gormiti toys. He wears a pair of bracelets worn by the late Xiao Ming himself and imbued with the spirit of a Smilodon fatalis named Slashfang. He can even transform into Slashfang himself

Eulji (ウルチ)
Pet name: Uchi (ウチ)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro ( (Black★Rock Shooter's Yomi Takanashi, Di Gi Charat's Petit Charat and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun's Yuzuki Seo)
Age: 14 years old
Place of origin: Dongsan Village, Anatoli Isles
Birthday: 17 August 2000
Class: Level 40 Sage (can transform into Armadon using the "Primal Rage" skill)
Design taken from: Primal Rage II, Uta no Prince-sama and Ouran High School Host Club
Found at: By beating him at the Prehistoric Palace dungeon alongside Xiao Ming and Mizuho
A South Korean boy who is named after the legendary Goguryeo war hero, Eulji Mundeok. He is the vice chairman of the public morals committee at Summer Forest Junior High School. He is very loyal to Fumino, and he will help her on patrolling the hallways. He is often mistaken as a girl due to his look and his attitude. When it comes to cooking, he is the best cook. His father works as the head chef at a Korean restaurant at Dongsan Village, his homeland. He wields a huge club used by the king of the underground kingdom, Tor and imbued with the spirit of a Chasmosaurus named Armadon. He can even transform into Armadon himself

Misshitsu no Sacrifice characters:

Miki (ミキ)
Voiced by: Kei Shindou (Galilei Donna's Hazuki Ferrari and AIKa ZERO's Manami)
Age: 15 years old
Place of origin: Summer Forest, Avalar
Birthday: -
A Japanese girl who is good at sports and was originally aiming to become a high jumper but due to an injury she received during a practice, she has given this up. She is very silent and calm, yet friendly to everyone. However, she turns demented and trying to shoot someone with a handgun during the climax of Miki and Asuna's route. She died in Asuna's route, where her handgun is stolen by Asuna and used to shoot her. She also has her own spinoff titled "Misshitsu no Sacrifice ~ Miki's High Tension Night" where she is trapped in her own school and she must survive with the help of a cleaning robot

Asuna/Anastasia (アスナ/アナスタシア)
Cyrillic writing: Анастасия
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Black★Rock Shooter's Kagari Izuriha, Corpse Party's Yuka Mochida and Fairy Tail's Cana Alberona)
Age: 16 years old
Place of origin: Winter Tundra, Avalar
Birthday: -
A pink-haired Russian girl with an appearance similar to Misaki, except she does not wear glasses and her hairs are tied into twintails. She is very stressful and can get easily panicked. She was first found with blood covering her blouse and she is unconscious. She has a best friend named Honoka (ホノカ) that she always trusts. She died in Miki's route after Miki shot her in the chest, killing her. She has a yuri relationship with Jitka, as seen in her 2nd chapter where she helps Jitka escape the trash disposal area

Olga (オルガ)
Cyrillic writing: Ольга
Voiced by: Shizuka Itou (To aru Majutsu no Index's Kaori Kanzaki, To Heart 2's Tamaki Kousaka and Sekirei's Benitsubasa)
Age: 17 years old
Place of origin: Matryoshka City, Forgotten Arctic
Birthday: -
A Russian scientist who works as her father's assistant, who is a doctor. She loves to drink black tea and she has a taciturn personality. She is the leader of the gang and has good knowledge about medical stuffs. She is first seen in Mki's 2nd chapter where she helps Asuna to recover. Her father was involved in the development of the Foundation, the underground city that traps her and her gang. She and Chloe died in her own route, where a pack of mutants mauled her to death, while Chloe is killed by Olga in a gunfight

Chloe (クロエ)
Voiced by: Yukana (Code Geass' C.C., Black Cat's Rinslet Walker and Arpeggio of Blue Steel's Kongou
Age: 16 years old
Place of origin: Sunrise Springs, Romurea
Birthday: -
A German girl who is skilled in hacking computers and accessing the Internet. Has a seductive and sarcastic personality. She is one of the member of a terrorism organization known as "SECT". Their motives are unknown in the game, and she poses as an anti-hero in the game. She is first seen at Olga's 1st chapter where she sneaks into Olga's laboratory to talk with her. She died in Olga's route where she is killed by Olga in a gunfight

Jitka (イトカ)
Voiced by: Asuka Ogame (Fantasista Doll's Kunoichi Kuu and Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl's Touwa Erio)
Age: 17 years old
Place of origin: Fracture Hills, Avalar
Birthday: -
A Slavic girl who has awakened from her deep slumber. Her past is shrouded in mystery and has a childish behavior. She has the power to see the past of her friends using her own dream. She died in Chloe's route where her brain is planted with a sweeper by Chloe, damaging her brain cells. She also has her own spinoff titled "Misshitsu no Sacrifice ~ Jitka's Escape from the Sealed Facility" where she must escape from a secluded laboratory with the help of the same robot that saved Miki

Orange/Mysterious Woman (オレンジ/謎の女)
Voiced by: Yuuko Kaida (Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny's Ryomou Shimei, Mekakucity Actors' Tsubomi Kido and Black Bullet's Sumire Muroto)
Age: Possibly 32 or 27 years old
Place of origin: -
Birthday: -
A member of "SECT". She is an infamous terrorist who has a connection with Chloe. She challenges Chloe in a game of chess during Chloe's 2nd chapter. After that, she is not seen again. Presumably, she died before the game events and her image appearing in Chloe's chapter might be her spirit/datas left in the computer

Misshitsu no Sacrifice and their characters (c) D3 Publisher and Intense
Primal Rage II and their characters (c) Atari and Midway
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