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Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles

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Character  Alfredo TakahitsujiCharacter  Rachel MasonLocation  Sunshine City
Key art and cover illustration for my novel Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles, featuring the two protagonists Rachel Mason and Alfredo Takahitsuji showing their respective Sigils (Kinetic Jolt and Vermilion Volt), with a nice backdrop of Sunshine City at night. You can read the novel on my Wattpad now, and it will be available on other sites such as Webnovel and Mangatoon later on. You can also choose to serve justice in Sunshine City with Rachel, or avenge your beloved ones with Alfredo!

Novel synopsis:
In the year 2004, two crystalline meteors hurtled towards Earth and crashed on the barren Sonora Desert and the forests of Aomori, spreading clouds of mysterious dust upon its impact. These dust clouds contain a mysterious substance that turns children and teenagers alike into Espers, human beings gifted with supernatural powers known as Sigils. Some have telekinetic powers, others can control elemental properties and some of them have mind-control powers. As time passes, Espers faces prejudice from normal people due to their powers, fearing that they might replace them. Some of them even think that Espers must be eradicated. There are even people who want to capture Espers and exploit their Sigils. On that day, an organization dedicated to researching and defending these supernatural youngsters known as Lazuline was formed. They even built a paradise for them named Sunshine City, an artificial island located on the temperate waters of Sagami Bay, Japan. However, Sunshine City was just a temporary solution to the Espers. New threats began to rise as anti-Esper groups and greedy capitalists began to invade the island, and they must fight back for their rights to live.

Commissioned by me and illustrated by Reei_ReIN on Instagram

Rachel Mason and Alfredo Takahitsuji (c) Kindred Hearts series, farhan43 and Alfredo0100

You can read Kindred Hearts: Esper Chronicles here:…

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