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Claire the Sword Master by farhan43 Claire the Sword Master :iconfarhan43:farhan43 5 2 Tsubaki Iwai by farhan43 Tsubaki Iwai :iconfarhan43:farhan43 4 0 Ringo Kurumizawa by farhan43 Ringo Kurumizawa :iconfarhan43:farhan43 6 2
Fossil League R Arc 2 Chapter 1
Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection
Arc 2: Lockwood's Dino Sanctuary
Chapter 1: Life Finds a Way
Shiho, your mission is to guard Benjamin Lockwood's dinosaur sanctuary located in the southern Pacific Ocean near Tokoriki Island, Fiji. After you reach the island, please meet the island's ranger and fellow Fossil League agent Fumika Momoshina. After you meet up with her, you must fend off the vile DinoHunters Corp. from poaching the island's dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna (as there are also others like pterosaurs, marine reptiles and other prehistoric lifeforms). We got a report that this company was formed by the former members of DinoHunterz, a poaching organization that was led by Vandal Savage. Although Savage is no more, but his men are still around under a new leader. Find them, and arrest them before it's too late


Well, this is the beginning of my mission. I've been tasked by the leader of the Fossil League to safeguard Lockw
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 0 0
Fossil League R Arc 1 Finale
 Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection
Arc 1: Isla Dormir
Chapter 3: AGE's Dreadful Demise
After making our way through the dangerous Northern Wetlands, and defeated Husaini's Dromaeosaurus, me and the InGen team advances to the peak of Mount Owen. Getting there ain't easy, because the road is kinda craggy and sometimes pterosaurs might dive bomb towards us if they're irritated. So, we stick together and climb through the rocky path
Serina: How far is the AGE fortress?
Alfredo: Just a few kilometers away and we'll be there
Serina: Come on... I'm tired...
Alfredo: I'm afraid our dinos can't be ridden here. We can end up tumbling down if we do so
Serina: Nnngghh.... I wanna go home.... I'm tireeddd...
Alfredo: If we can find a way to get to the top easier.... But how?
InGen Researcher: I think I saw a cave not far from here. Maybe we can try going in there?
Alfredo: Sure, maybe it can save us some time by taking a shortcut
Serina: Alright!! Let's go into the cave
*one moment later*
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 1 0
Fossil League R Arc 1 Chapter 2
 Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection
Arc 1: Isla Dormir
Chapter 2: Wet and Wild
After defeating Nebula and his Piatnitzkysaurus, me and the InGen staffs led by Alfredo continue our adventure to save Isla Dormir from the clutches of the AGE organization. But, to get to the AGE fortress, we'll have get through the Northern Wetlands. It's a large riparian area located near the foothills of Mount Owen. In that area there are hungry crocodiles and giant amphibians in addition to the resident dinosaurs and pterosaurs. There might be some marine reptiles there as well
Serina: So, Alfredo... Where is the Northern Wetlands?
Alfredo: Not far from here. Just a few meters left
Serina: I'm so tired... I wanna go there quickly so we can kick the AGE's leader's ass and go home
Alfredo: Hehehe, if you're tired you can ride on Jangles. He's not too spiky to ride
Serina: Jangles, give me a lift!!
Jangles: Grrrhrrrr... *gives Serina a lift*
Serina: Woo-hoo!! This is awesome!! I'm riding a dinosaur!
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 1 14
Fossil League R Arc 1 Chapter 1
Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection
Arc 1: Isla Dormir
Chapter 1: Who is Fossil League?

Welcome to the future...
Where dinosaurs and humans coexist...
There's no turning back...
They're here before us. And now they're here with us again...
It's either respect their existence...
Or expect our resistance...
We are the Fossil League...
Experts in Paleontology...
Chosen people with a dinosaur for partner...
We save dinosaurs from utter destruction and greed...
We study and take care of dinosaurs...
We keep peace between dinosaurs and humans...
And here are the stories...
Of our efforts...
A few years ago after the events of Fossil Le
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 1 19
Puzzle League: Dino Tournament Championship
Puzzle League: Dino Tournament Championship (恐竜王者パネポン) is a puzzle game and a spin-off of MTO's Fossil League series published by MTO, D3 Publisher, Nintendo and Bandai Namco and developed by Intelligent Systems, Good-Feel and Ludia. It is released in 4th May 2018 for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch worldwide. The game features music (mostly arrangements of The Idolmaster and Sword Art Online songs) by Yuka Tsujiyoko, Masaru Tajima, Tomoya Tomita and Takafumi Sato as well as some minor compositions done by Yasuko Yamada and Harumi Ueko/Jimmy Weckl, while the sound effects are done by Akihiro Juichiya and Ryoji Yoshitomi. The game features characters from The Idolmaster, Sword Art Online and Jurassic World as well as different species of dinosaurs
The dangerous hybrid dinosaur Indoraptor has escaped from its containment in the InGen laboratory and started its reign of terror. It uses its echolocation to brainwash severa
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 1 16
Dominique Nishiwaki by farhan43 Dominique Nishiwaki :iconfarhan43:farhan43 6 0
A Game of Seven Chapter 3
A Game of Seven
Chapter 3: Losing Someone
And so, the cruel death game has been finally ended, with the organizer arrested and given lifetime sentence as well as the broadcast of the game being hacked. Meanwhile, still recovering from her wounds, Fumika stayed for some nights at the hospital accompanied by her parents. She still worried about Nanami, who was on a gun fight against Dawn when Fumika passed out from blood loss. One day later, Fumika has finally recovered from her wounds. She's able to walk again, though some parts of her body still covered with bandages. She meets up with the student council president and her friend, Dominique Nishiwaki who's waiting to pick her up on the hospital lobby
Dominique: Hello, Fumi-chan. How's your day
Fumika: Sad, Nishiwaki-san. Good thing I'm already recovered but, where's Nanami?
Dominique: I'm sorry Fumi-chan, but Nana-senpai has died
Fumika: WHAT?!!!
Dominique: She and Dawn-chan succumbed to their wounds caused by gunshot. The authorities
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 0 0
New Year with Ixia-chan by farhan43 New Year with Ixia-chan :iconfarhan43:farhan43 4 48 Yuuki Nakagawa by farhan43 Yuuki Nakagawa :iconfarhan43:farhan43 5 0 Yukie Murata by farhan43 Yukie Murata :iconfarhan43:farhan43 4 0 Fumika's Magic of Christmas by farhan43 Fumika's Magic of Christmas :iconfarhan43:farhan43 6 2
A Game of Seven Chapter 2
A Game of Seven
Chapter 2: The Treachery
Back at the Hoshizora residence, Fumika's mom, dad and her little sister Claire are worried as their daughter is kidnapped along with Nanami and Dawn and sent to an evil death game in a derelict research facility in the middle of the Amazon jungle where they have to kill each other. As the police arrives at Fumika's house, Fumika's dad tells that their daughter was kidnapped and smuggled abroad. However, the police is unable to gather enough evidences as the kidnapping happened yesterday, and it was in a taxi
Police: I'm sorry Mr. Hoshizora, we haven't found any evidences of your daughter being kidnapped. Thank you for calling us, and maybe you can help us too next time
Mr. Hoshizora: Oh well, fine. Good bye *closes the door* DANGIT!! THOSE BLOODY COPS AREN'T DOING ANYTHING TO FIND MY DAUGHTER!!
Mrs. Hoshizora: Calm down, honey. Maybe we can find another way
Mr. Hoshizora: There's no hope, she's probably starving out there and probably she'll di
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 1 0
PokeVentures Attack of the Invaders
PokéVentures Attack of the Invaders is a 3D platformer game by Nintendo, Game Freak and Good-Feel. It is released globally in 17 January 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game features many different type of Pokemon from all generations, as well as hand-picked anime characters. Also features music by ex-Konami Kukeiha Club members Tomoya Tomita and Akihiro Juichiya, who composed for Good-Feel titles such as Yoshi's Woolly World, Streetpass Zombie and Mii Force
The story is about an evil Dark Blacephalon who invaded a land and turns its inhabitants into Pokémon and enslaved them. Not just that, the mutant Ultra Beast also created monsters of its own known as Glob Geists and brainwashed Legendary Pokémons to do his biddings. Two Pokémon, Pawniard and Tyrant goes on a quest to save them and defeat the mutant Ultra Beast. In their way, they also encounter helper Pokémon in addition of the transformed denizens who will help them in their quests w
:iconfarhan43:farhan43 0 0
Freshly baked arts for you to enjoy!!

:iconmekong-catfishplz: Fishes
:iconjpt-rexplz: Dinosaurs
:icontamaki-plz: Anime stuffs
:icondittplz: Super handsome and macho hero
:iconklarion-plz: Random crazy villains for the hero to beat up
:iconearthplz: The world for the hero to save
:iconbookplz: A good story and a good inspiration


Dyna Brothers 2 by kamiomutsu Dyna Brothers 2 :iconkamiomutsu:kamiomutsu 19 2 Sketchcard Plasma Sword Claire by fedde Sketchcard Plasma Sword Claire :iconfedde:fedde 14 1 Day 11: Cruel by DinoBirdMan Day 11: Cruel :icondinobirdman:DinoBirdMan 21 4 Dynamoterror dynastes by Galaxoica Dynamoterror dynastes :icongalaxoica:Galaxoica 6 0 Dynamoterror dynastes by BangBooDoragon Dynamoterror dynastes :iconbangboodoragon:BangBooDoragon 38 5 Dynamoterror portrait by XStreamChaosOfficial Dynamoterror portrait :iconxstreamchaosofficial:XStreamChaosOfficial 87 10 Dynamoterror and Invictarx by MickeyRayRex Dynamoterror and Invictarx :iconmickeyrayrex:MickeyRayRex 67 2 dynamoterror dynastes by austroraptorcabazai dynamoterror dynastes :iconaustroraptorcabazai:austroraptorcabazai 63 2 Namco -I'm a Fan- Wallpaper series by spdy4 Namco -I'm a Fan- Wallpaper series :iconspdy4:spdy4 127 35 Jeholopterus by Vitor-Silva Jeholopterus :iconvitor-silva:Vitor-Silva 235 45 Tusoteuthis longa by TheBoneSharpe Tusoteuthis longa :iconthebonesharpe:TheBoneSharpe 130 13 Nanuqsaurus by cisiopurple Nanuqsaurus :iconcisiopurple:cisiopurple 58 22 Dynamoterror by cisiopurple Dynamoterror :iconcisiopurple:cisiopurple 60 27 Complaining about being too cool by Toarcian Complaining about being too cool :icontoarcian:Toarcian 82 24 Dentistry on Dynamoterror by TyrannoNinja Dentistry on Dynamoterror :icontyrannoninja:TyrannoNinja 55 2 Dynamoterror dynastes by deinocheirusmaster Dynamoterror dynastes :icondeinocheirusmaster:deinocheirusmaster 23 4



So I recently ripped some shark models from Fishing Hook (an Android game), which are actually reused models from OceanFishing/Grand Mer (since it's both made by Purple Ocean, no surprise)

I'm planning to redistribute these models for conversion into MMD. Anyone willing to help is accepted :)

embedded_item1538316543445 by farhan43
I'm sorry...but Fossil League R will be put on a halt until Late November. In the meantime, I'm gonna make some Gargon-related stuffs from characters to even....small fanfics!!!

Keep an eye for my DA and Wattpad!!
Sorry, but I had to remove the donation box. It's useless now, as no one wants to donate again. Maybe someday, I'll buy a CORE membership for myself instead
Sup mah ni🅱🅱az, my hiatus is OVER now. Kinda early though as the final test's schedule is changed YAY

I will post a journal soon about some stuff and upcoming projects so stay tuned!!
Welp, the hiatus has begun...
From yesterday to April 14th, here we go!! No publishing creations around those dates for me

However, I still answer your comments and active on my FB page and Instagram though


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Welcome to Fargusno's DeviantArt page!!
5 years of writing, character making and photoshopping since 2013. Also trying to be a game dev sooner or later (hopefully getting a job at Bandai Namco Indonesia)
Will try to do the best to make new stuff for you!! Keep your eyes peeled!! :)
Currently making:
- A new game pitch project "Gargon: The Prince of Dinosaurs"
- Koikatsu characters
- Mobile game model ripping (for conversion to MMD)
- Fanfics on Facebook group "Dinoverse", Wattpad and
Also known as Koufuku Takarajima (a semi-accurate Japanization of my name) as a pen name

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MasterSaruwatari My best friend and a boxing artist
KiraYamato74 First Korean friend!! and her OC Tamao Silver is very cute!!
AzaSket KiraYamato74's friend, and also one of the best boxing artists I ever seen. Her OC Isabelle Beaumont is very awesome!!
SusenM74 Joined with me in a feature fanfic called "Dino Duel - The Legend Returns" featuring his OC Michael
Patryk1023 My best friend and his GMod vids are very funny, especially his Smexual TF2
Nikolad92 Best friend from GMod, and a 5-star grade GModder
Marine1337 Gives me advices about Biogoji and hackers as well as cyber crimes
WIKIPEDIAUSER Indonesian deviant and likes weapons and makes a fanfic of my fav arcade game "Time Crisis"
NotoAyako Indonesian, too and makes cute yuri arts
Gexon His OC Lin Xion is very cute and cool
GrantTyrant09 A friend on Facebook, as well as a newbie Deviant here. Makes fanfics about Omega 09 and awesome dinosaur drawings
CrystalPhoenixBlader djlordsuzaku2's friend and his Idolmaster fanfics are very exciting!! Moved to CrystalPhoenix2
NTamura Makes only the finest and the most accurate dinosaur arts. Some of his arts are in Wikipedia!!
Alfredo0100 Aspiring fanfic writer and also makes awesome dinosaur models with clay!!
ChavisO2 His comics are very funny and a friend of djlordsuzaku2
Danny-Jay Makes 3d arts and draws fanarts of various video games, as well as my classic favorite Croc!!
StarrySphynxKitty Her arts are very Fantabulous and an anti-art theft
aoikatsu16plz Friend of djlordsuzaku2
fflkasumi19 An avid fighting game fan and djlordsuzaku2's friend
Ruz18 Makes great 3DCG pics and gives me tips about 3DCG
RedFalcon23 Her OCs are the best!! One of her OC named Nagisa Hayami is featured in "The Great Tsuba Escape" fanfic
Daizua123 Great Kaiju and various arts, also hates Biogoji
Apceros1 Roleplayer. especially Monster Hunter RP
MoarCrossovers Making crossovers of dinosaur and monster movies
SilentDragon64 Former GModder and a good guy to talk with
HitoshiAriga Artist who designed the Generation 6 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y
MichKon Makes gigantic anime characters in different situations usiing GMod. Also makes car arts in GMod
MMDCharizard Friend of laopokia and makes excellent Kaiju and dinosaur MMD models
laopokia My best friend and also hates Biogoji
Valforwing Makes MMD dinosaurs, as well as Spyro the Dragon and his companion Sparx the Dragonfly. All I need is Gnasty Gnorc and Riptosaurus Rhynocorus/Ripto MMD model
Ruiyabi friend of ThePancakeman23 and also makes MMD arts, and also the first MMD Smexual TF2!!!
Dinzydragon Makes fanarts of light gun games such as Time Crisis, House of the Dead and many more using MS Paint
Shima0021 An Indonesian TF2 player, who also makes GMod arts as well. Friend of djlordsuzaku2
bigthundermax99 Fossil Fighters and Anime fan. Makes superb Vivosaurs using DeviantArt Muro and uses designs from Anime characters (his Tyrannotitan based of Eren's Titan form is the best!!)
LazardiK A Zoo Tycoon 2 designer from Indonesia. Makes prehistoric fauna from Indonesia and around the world, but mostly from Indonesia such as the Mesozoic marine reptiles from Timor like Globidens and Mixosaurus and Pleistocene Indonesian mammals such as Trinil Tiger, Giant Babirusa and some Indonesian Mastodons
DJ-ENG1E Ruiyabi's friend from USA. He makes MMD videos (especially with Godzilla and Skilentons in it) and also Smexual MMDs
sawnikheoghehg The creator of the Moist Shark meme. Very moist indeed. He is also a shark fan like me
PoniatorFilms The creator of The Return to Freddy's series, which is scarier than the original FNAF series except for the 4th game
miachang The dev of Boxing Angel, an upcoming Android game which I'm anticipating now!!
KittyFazCat PoniatorFilms's senpai and her animatronic makes an appearance in The Return to Freddy's alongside Sugar the Cat
ping69413 One of the makers of The Return to Freddy's Remastered. Makes 3D animatronic models using Blender
sakimichan A highly popular artist in DA. Her drawings makes anime characters more realistic, like Square Enix's works such as Gunslinger Stratos and Final Fantasy series
SCP-811Hatena One of djlordsuzaku2 and Ruiyabi's friend and the maker of Lenventures MMD web series
RizkiusMaulanae Fellow Paleofan from Indonesia!! Also did some awesome paleoart as well!!
HansSuzuki Fellow Indonesian MMDer. Also friend of djlordsuzaku2
kkusanagitw Taiwanese MMDer and djlordsuzaku2's friend. Mostly makes Kemono Friends-related MMD stuff
NomarRubi Facebook friend and fellow Magical Girl Raising Project fan!!
SAB64 MMD video game model extraordinare!!
ikazu-Art401 Maker of the awesome FB webcomic PandaClip. Also draws good fanarts as well

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theF-man Now moving to Pixiv under the name Mik122 since early 2014
Sharkoid Shark conservationist and posts things about shark conservation. Down in 2013/2014
DJLordSuzaku Ye olde account of djlordsuzaku2 filled with troves of good MMD and GMod stuff. Went down in early Ramadhan 2013
Vtorez GModder and friend of djlordsuzaku2, went down in 2014 due to unknown causes
OneTimeZoneAnimator friend of ThePancakeman23. Went down on 2014
Talaghan1997 best friend of laopokia and Marine1337. Went down on late 2014 due to unknown purposes...
charikitten A deviant who helps any other deviants who are bullied, trolled or spammed. Went down in 8 September due to a job
ItsGLaDOS Makes some funny TF2 jokes. Went dead on 2014
3DHarriliancy The creator of Five Nights at Freddy's: Fredbear, an unofficial sequel with only one animatronic made using the "I'm still here" teaser named Fredbear, which is actually Springtrap. Went down on an unknown date
KaiFreshSquidPower Ruiyabi's Inkling friend who has a craving for donuts. Makes Splatoon MMD and GMod pics. Went down on an unknown date (perhaps around 2016 or this year) due to some unknown problems
isuckatGTA Pals since 2015, also active on Google+ in addition of DA. Will be deactivating soon

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Two days ago, June 11 was the release date of Jurassic Park
25 years ago....Jurassic Park was released. Dinosaurs became a popular thing, paleontological studies and discoveries increased...amusement parks began to build animatronic dinos of their own
A journey that spans from Isla Nublar to Isla Sorna...
From the hands of John Hammond to Simon Masrani...
Each dinos revived from their ancient genes...
To thrive in the coast of Costa Rica
Disasters befall, the first park was shut down. Then disaster stroke again on the second park
Somewhere between it, T-Rex rampaged San Diego
And some people lost in the territory of the mighty Spino
And now....we're here. The kingdom is falling down. Isla Nublar is exploding
Genetic powers has been unleashed...
Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary: Rexy/ Roberta by TrefRex

Happy 25th Anniversary, Jurassic Park!!

Let me share a little experience... I watched Jurassic Park for the first time back in 2002 at Keong Mas IMAX Taman Mini with my mom. It was rather scary, especially the T-Rex and Velociraptor part. I was scared to the point I almost wet my pants!! On our way home, I bought a book about Edmontosaurus, which didn't appeared in the movie frankly. It was both fun and frightening, and I got to re-watch it on 3D back in 6th June 2013 at Gandaria City. I almost jumped out from my chair back then due to excitement. I also brought home a plushie Stegosaurus from a crane game in Amazing Town which made me very happy!!

But's time for the revealing of a project revival
It's been 5 years since I wrote the Fossil League series of fanfics. It all began when I downloaded the game on April 2013. It was an exciting and decent Pokemon clone with dinosaurs, but it was lacking the post-game content. All I can do is rebattle the bosses and the 5 tournament dinos including Dr. Smith's Yangchuanosaurus. So, I decided to write a fanfic to the game based of mobile game I played back then, Dino Dominion mixed with some weeb stuff like Idolmaster and some 2013-era memes like Pootis
Behold!! Fossil League Kugawattan Dino Championship Eps. 1

It was one of my first fanfics alongside Alty and Friends. There were no audience back then, and the comment bar was almost dead silent except for some random hobos commenting on some of the chapters. It was rather fun making the fanfic, until the people of AFWRPG (a certain RP site I dislike back then because it used some of my favorite characters such as Haruka Amami from Idolmaster for erotic wrestling) made a diss thread to the fanfic (search for "Walking With Dinosaurs AFW" on Google or the AFWRPG website if you want to read it, I don't want to read it anymore No, I disagree!). However, it didn't prevent me from whipping up a 2nd Fossil League fanfic, one that has a Jurassic Park feel: Fossil League: World Dino Championship Chapter 1

The story continues as Jurassic World was announced and about to be released. It had me hyped as I hadn't watched a Jurassic movie again. So.... I decided to write a fanfic I vowed to be the last Fossil League fanfic as a tie-in to the movie, however it was proven wrong now. Here you go: Fossil League Z: Dino Championship Finals Eps. 1. Before writing the fanfic, bigthundermax99 gave me an idea to make a some sort of a small teaser to the fanfic with Touhou and Neptunia characters. I came up with some scraps of idea and made Fossil League Extra: Invasion from Gamindustri as an appetizer

Between World Dino Championship and Kyouryuu Tamers, there were also other dinosaur battle fanfics as well. Trying to take a different move...I decided to write a fanfic based of Dino Duel Masters after playing it at Mall Taman Anggrek back in 2014 (Timezone MTA is now replaced by the much shittier Fun World). Thus, Dino Duel: The Legend Returns Chapter 1 was born. There was going to be a Dinosaur King fanfic as well titled Dinosaur King: Arena Prehistorika Episode 1 but cancelled due to reasons, such as time restraints and lack of idea. I find the rock-paper-scissors style battle to be tedious to write

1 year later, I decided to come up with an idea to make some sorts of Fossil League's spiritual sequel inspired by how the former developers of Banjo-Kazooie in Playtonic Games created Yooka-Laylee (which I discovered around early 2015). It was going to be a retelling of the 1st fanfic with fixed grammars and plot holes, but I decided to make it as a spiritual sequel and unofficial continuation of Kugawattan Dino Championship. Behold: Kyouryuu Tamers Episode 1 Arc 1. It even has a small retelling of Kugawattan Dino Championship as a shoutout. It's also my first fanfic to feature multiple arcs

I even made a follow up on September 2013 to the 1st fanfic taking place in Rewrite's universe with a slew of my OCs: Kyouryuu Tamers 2 Episode 1. However, that fanfic has finally put to sleep as I was constantly bullied and persecuted by someone in my class back then who has a strong hatred for dinosaurs. He even bullied me physically by teasing me with a rat he found on the schoolyard and sniffed my lunch like a pig. I had PTSD because of it, but thankfully it's gone now. However, it was too late to save the's now joining in with my cancelled projects. Thus, ends the Kyouryuu Tamers proposed saga which was going to have a 3rd fanfic based of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

However, the idea of having a dinosaur battle fanfic based of JWFK was reinvented into Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection. A fanfic that will you see right now, around this week. It will be a continuation to World Dino Championship, Fossil League Z and a small followup to what happened after Kugawattan Dino Championship. The story, will be split to 4 arcs, three based of previous fanfics and one original final battle arc against a new original villain...... As an appetizer, I whipped up some projects: Puzzle League: Dino Tournament Championship and two fanfics based of Idolmaster and Jurassic World in The 2nd Idolmaster-Jurassic World crossover fanfic was my longest single chapter fanfic with over 3258 words tossed in it. It even had a tribute to my old nemesis as well, AFWRPG. But for now, I declared truce to that website. It seems that they had minded their own business, and the user that used Haruka is no longer there again thankfully (although her profile there still exists, now without the picture) :D (Big Grin) 

So without further ado...I announce

Fossil League R: Jurassic Collection

A Reinvention and Revival of the 5 year-old Fossil League fanfic. This is the REAL final dinosaur battle fanfic by farhan43 !!
A follow-up to the previous fanfics: Kugawattan Dino Championship, World Dino Championship and Fossil League Z with a different twist...
A double special: Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary and Kugawattan Dino Championship 5th Anniversary
  • Explore 4 different arcs: Isla Dormir Revisited, Lockwood Island Dino Safari and Sanctuary, Nublar Extinction and a new original final chapter...
  • Encounter over 100 species of dinosaurs and prehistoric faunas from the Jurassic Park movies as well as newcomers from JPB, JWTG, JW Alive, JW Evolution and Fossil League series (includes Kyouryuu Ikusei RPG)
  • Play as 4 different characters: Serina Himekawa (farhan43 OC, with Lexovisaurus), Fumika Momoshina (from Alice Gear Aegis, with Sinoceratops), Zero Two (from DARLING in the FRANXX, with Malawisaurus) and.....the mysterious figure Koufuku Takarajima (????, with Spinosaurus and Gorgosaurus)
  • Face to face with evil and wretched villains such as Lewis Dodgson and BioSyn, the evil organization Animal Goes Extinct a.k.a AGE and a band of poachers and big game hunters known as DinoHunt Corp.
  • Meet with familiar characters such as Owen Grady, Ian Malcolm and Claire Dearing as well as new characters such as Benjamin Lockwood, Yotsuyu Hirasaka, Dr. Smith and others. Previous protagonists such as Tsubasa Ijuuin, Inaho Kaizuka, Ryo Akizuki, Manaka Komaki and others might appear as well!!
  • An epic final arc...that will close the book on the Fossil League story once and for all!!
Foreword: After this fanfic is over, my activities in DeviantArt will be decreased. I will be focusing on preparing for college, as well as writing small fanfics (around 2-3 chapters) on and Pixiv. I'm also ordering a new laptop so I can get back to CM3D2 (as its upgraded version COM3D2) and make characters, as well as making characters on the new character making game Koikatsu a.k.a Artificial Academy 3 and making MMD vids on YouTube. I'm also have one fanfic left to write on my Facebook dinosaur group Dinoverse, and it's a spiritual successor to Spino and Rex

I have a dream though, that in college I will develop a game called "Gargon: Prince of Dinosaurs", a 16-bit platformer inspired by a cancelled game by Taito as well as other platformer games I played during my childhood such as Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Jungle Climber, Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island, Kid Dracula, Dino City and Ganbare Goemon. It will be a some sort of continuation to the Alty and Friends fanfic as an original story, with Gargon the Gorgosaurus, Featherclaw the Utahraptor and Ricky the Erlikosaurus the main characters and takes place in Saurinesia Island (based of Dino Dominion's Isla Dormir). It would be developed by me and my friends on Binus and the Indonesian game company Mintsphere, and Tomoya Tomita or Norihiro Furukawa would've composed the music. I asked RizkiusMaulanae once to maybe help me design the characters, but he's currently not free, so maybe I'll probably design my character by myself or with GrantTyrant09 . I will try to make this dream come true in 2019.....

I will do my best for college!! But don't worry, I'll keep connected with you guys here and on my social media!!

Mood: Excited, and slightly tired
Listening: Lamb by GARNiDELiA
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Playing: Jurassic World Alive and Alice Gear Aegis
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Some concepts would be great!! Maybe I'll do it next time when I'm free OK
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Ha! Farhan is my middle name! But mine is spelt Ferhan.
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