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If your horse has a numeric ID (example '450') with NO LETTER (example B-450) then it is already registered.


Registration is a simple and pain-free process if you know what to do!
But first lets answer some questions.

Q: What if my EB is already registered in the old group?
A: From this point on, all Ballators must be registered in this group. The old group will be shutting down soon, thus registrations do not count there. 

Q: WHY do I need to register?
A: If your Ballator is not registered, you can draw it, but you cannot breed it, show it, or participate in group-specific events, such as competitions and Regale's Quests.

Q: I've got a foal design; do I have to register that?
A: Yes. Once the foal design is re-accepted, the Ballator now officially exists and you may create it's adult reference. Do not create the adult reference until the foal design has been re-accepted.

Q: Can I use the reference my horse had in the old group as the registration image for this group?
A: Yes! Reference sheets from the old group will still be valid; you may be asked to fix the design or info in the description, however.

Q: Why are you having some people fix their designs?
A: Some EB's, especially older ones, are genetically incorrect or have traits that they should not have according to their genes. We're trying to make every ballator genetically and physically correct.

How to Register EB's into this New Group

If your horse already has a numeric ID number with no letters (B,F,D,E,ST,N, etc) then it is already registered.

Your first step is to join the group by hitting the button on our front page!

If it is a foal design from the old group, with no ref, DO NOT make the new reference yet. 

  1. Check to make sure that you have all the necessary components in your reference sheet (listed in the next section)
  2. NOTE THE GROUP with a note titled 'Registration.' If your horse is from the old group, make sure your horse's old ID numbers are in the note with the hyperlinks or links to their references. If they are not hyperlinked, we will not be able to register them and tell you that you need to link them.
  3. Your horse(s) will be given an ID number. You must put the new ID in the title of the deviation (If your horse is from the old group, list the old ID somewhere on the reference, just in case). You may also be asked to fix major design flaws. This is to be sure that all horses are genetically correct. If you have to fix a design flaw, comment back to us in the note with the fixed design. 
  4. The Registration note must be listed in the new reference.
  5. Once you fix the ID and/or design flaws and have all the info you need in the reference, you will be accepted.

What to Include in Your Reference

  • Make sure the markings are easily seen, if possible. Side-views are most desirable, but any pose is fine!
  • Headshot references are accepted as well.
  • Tracing, copying other art and using premade linearts that are not your own are prohibited.
  • ID numbers must go in the title. Like this: ID | Horse Name  OR  ID Horse Name
  • ID, Registration note, Name, Sex, Type, Slots, Genotype, Bloodline, Offspring and accepted Foal/Import design MUST be in the description. A good format for this is below.
  • Check to make sure that you have all the necessary components in your reference sheet (listed in the next section)
  • Submit your reference to the 'References' folder.
  • You may be asked to fix major design flaws. This is to be sure that all horses are genetically correct. If you have to fix a design flaw, we will decline the submission. Once it is fixed, re-submit.
  • Once you fix the issues, your reference will be accepted.

Below are a few forms you can use to copy-paste and fill in for your references.

These are not the only way to do these, but they are the suggested way.

(NOTE: the ID, registration note, name, genotype, sex, phenotype, type, bloodline, offspring, and slots as well as a link to the accepted foal/import design are REQUIRED)

Barn Name/Nickname:


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD:  Unknown

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
(10 slots for Forest/Desert/Oriental; 15 slots for Mountain/African/Plains)

Gaits: 0
Dressage: 0
Jumping: 0
Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Strength: 0
(Total: )

Accepted Foal/import Design:

© 2016 - 2021 Fargonon
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semper-n-aeternum's avatar
Question. If we are bringing in old group EBs that we have purchased that aren't registered yet, are we allowed to edit the design before submitting to be accepted to be registered? Some old designs are rather blocky and not realistic to coat color for example. Thank you for your time! <3
Fargonon's avatar
Hey there!
Unless a horse has major design flaws (which will be reviewed upon registration) then the design must stay the same, but once the horse is registered you may use an item to change its coat! :)
1RussetFest1's avatar
If we buy an EB from a user that is already registered and has a reference are we required to make a new ref, and if not are we allowed to?
One more question, sorry if this is dumb I'm just a bit confused! Once we've bought a registered EB from someone how do we register it in our name?
White-Crest-Stables's avatar
If you buy an EB from another deviant, do you have to make a new ref for them? 
Tehutiy's avatar
Okay, I've been gifted this foal: B-1014
Who only has lineage in his comments none of the other information. Do I need to make a ref and submit it or send the note as is; being the deviation is not mine and I can't add the other information?
Sorry for the confusion but I'm not clear at all on how this works with the wording and requirements ^^"
Fargonon's avatar
You can send in a note with a link to the current design, and any fixes needed will be touched one! <3
Tehutiy's avatar
Sent, thanks very much for the clarification. Like I said the "make sure the info is there" bit confused me under the circumstances ^^'
AywenSix's avatar
So if we won/bought an import with already an ID number we have nothing to do except to link the import design somewhere in the reference's description ? I'm quite confused about wich reference with have to put in the registration note to get our EB registered and then post its reference in the group --'
Fargonon's avatar
Yes. Registration via notes is only required for horses in the old group!
Hossybutt's avatar
If you buy a geno from a breeding in the old group, that has no accepted foal design, and both parents are not registered in the new group, how would you register the foal?
Fargonon's avatar
If you have the geno, breeding note link and the proof of purchase, you can create the foal design on the new lineart and registere it!
Hossybutt's avatar
Alrighty thank you!
N0rthernSpirit's avatar
Wait, so if an EB's ID is a B, then they are already registered? I'm a little confused... ^^;
Fargonon's avatar
Nope! Any letter before the name indicates that the horse is not regsistered!
MedusasCascade's avatar
Are we supposed to receive a response from a mod/admin if the horse is accepted ?
Fargonon's avatar
You will get a new ID in the registration note and then you will know it was accepted!
Ground-Zero1's avatar
SOOOO sorry for ALLLLL my questions BUT I was going threw old breeding's to see if I missed any babies... And I have... If I have the links to the breeding notes would one still be able to get that said foal?

ALSO I found a breeding that was missed... (I died to get the mares slot...) is there a chance that will be able to be rolled...? (never hurts to ask lol)
Fargonon's avatar
Yes, just send in a note to the Genoa and we will check them over and give a new ID!

and yes to that too! 
Ground-Zero1's avatar
So for the breeding do I just send it in with the genos or what? Sorry for all the question's I just get confused easily x'D
Fargonon's avatar
Yes that would be fine ;D
Ground-Zero1's avatar
When getting a foal design into the group that has not had a ref. how does one go about getting it accepted? I have a foal that was accepted into the old group and was hoping to bring it in the new one ^w^

Fargonon's avatar
Simply send in a registration note!
Hypn0Rex's avatar
I just adopted this EB from someone (it appears hes gone through a couple new owners so im not sure who to tag here) :…

I was wondering if to register him under MY name now I'd have to refill the registration information out and note the group ect? It's sort of a dumb question I apologize ;w; 

and would he get a new ID number or would the ID in that image stay the same?

thank you I'm sorry it's sort of a stupid question ahh ;w;
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