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Please read through the FAQ before noting the group or commenting in the Discord chats!

Still can't find an answer to your question? Note the group or join the Discord server, where we have a questions channel!

Registration / Selling / Acquiring An Equus Ballator 

How do I sell my Ballattor?

You can sell your Ballator in any way you like, for any amount of art, points, USD, or for free. However, an ownership transfer note must be sent in from the SELLER. Old references must be removed from the group either before or after the transfer note is replied to by the admin; if you chose to remove it after the admin has replied, the transfer is not official until you remove the reference.
Use the following form to transfer your Ballator, sending this note to the group:

Horse Plaque Link: 
Horse Reference Link:
New Owner: 
Reference removed from group? Y/N

Ballators names cannot be changed without the Nameplate shop item.

How can I get a Ballator?

Read our Getting Started journal for everything you need to know on this subject!

How can I get a free Ballator?

There are many members willing to help newbies get their first Ballator! We also have a newbie Breeding Slot Donation Center where you can receive slots to Ballators for free!

How do I register my Ballator?

Read our Getting Started journal for everything you need to know on this subject!

My request to submit my horse's reference into the group was denied! Why?

Usually our admins will leave a comment on what needs to be fixed. Find the complete list of Do's and Dont's here, at the How to Register Journal!

I'm from the old group and I don't want to keep/register my EB's anymore. What do I do?

If you are from the old Equus-Ballator group, and you no longer wish to have your EB's in the group, we recommend selling them to someone who will use them. If you do not want to do this however, note us and we will mark all your EB's as deceased. 

I don't want my EB anymore. What can I do with it?

We recommend selling it! This not only gives your Ballator another chance to be used, but to be used by someone who wants it, like a newbie! However, if you would like to mark your Ballator as Deceased, note the group with a note titled 'Deceased Ballator' and we will mark it down on the ID list. Deceased Ballators CANNOT be revived.

Can I transfer my Ballators to a different breed?

Yes, but you must send in a "Deceasing" note, which must be approved, before you do. 

How can I see what horses I own/How many I own?

Go to either BallatorDesignAdmin and search your username, or go to our ID List and search for a specific ID or your name!

Breeding / Designing / Plaques / Breeding Items

How do I breed my Ballator?

Everything you need to know about breeding is in the Breeding Info page.

I want to apply a Breeding Item to my breeding note. How can I do this?

Please check out our Geno Reroll / Breeding Item Guide!

How many breeding items can I apply on one note?

Each item has it's limitations. Only two extracts of any potency can be applied to a note or unaccepted horse. Lesser Mutation Dice cannot be applied with any item that also causes or ensures a mutation, and the mutation that LMD gives cannot be removed with blueberry extract. If using Extracts along with Fertilitea, you must use two extracts to pass/hinder passing of whatever gene you are trying to use. Geno Rerolls can only be applied twice per note, and mutations passed from LMD will stay the same with each reroll.

My breeding note has not been answered in over a week / was denied. Why?

Please check the front page to view the turnaround times for the various areas of the group; if a few more days go by, feel free to send a note to the group about it. If your breeding was denied, there is always an explanation given! Check, too, to make sure breedings are open-- if they are, just be patient! We're probably flooded with breeding notes. If not, you must wait until the season opens.

I have genos that are marked as deceased/my dam died during a crossbreeding. How can I revive them?

Genos are only marked as deceased when the following occurs: Two overo (nO) horses are bred and produce a dominant Overo (OO) foal, which causes an issue with the foal called Lethal White Syndrome, and causes the foal to be deceased. Another reason is that you may have bred two horses of incompatible types together. Deceased genotypes or horses cannot be revived under any circumstance.

A horse I have a slot to was deceased; can I still use my slot?

People with slots to a deceased horse have two (2) months from the date of the deceasing to use their slots to said horse. After that, slots should be refunded by the owner.

I need help designing my Ballator from a breeding. What can I do? / Can other people design my foal? / I don't understand the genotype.

Check out our Breeding Info journal for some tips, as well as these resources: Equus Ballator Color/Genetics Info / Visual Guides / Resources
Other people CAN design your foal, but the design must be uploaded on your account.
Make sure to check the Design Hub and the Mutations journal in the group!

What is a Plaque?

A Plaque, also known as your horse's Import or Import Image, is archived in BallatorDesignAdmin and contains their Official Design as well as a log of all their awards, breedings, owner changes, and appearance changes. If something is not on the plaque, such as a Level-Up or a design change, it is not official!

I found an error on my horse's BDA Plaque. What do I do?

All plaque errors should be noted to the group!

How many slots does my horse have and can they be re-used/can I gain more?

All Ballators have 10 slots, save for older group ballators. Slots cannot be re-used in any circumstance. Slots can be gained by finishing Quests and getting granted by the Highlords and such.

I have a slot to a horse that was sold; can I still use it?

Absolutely! It is recognized by the group that any new owner that puts new requirements on previously-purchased slots prior to the horse's sale is considered theft and is not tolerated. Slots that have been given as gifts prior to the horse's sale by the previous owner must remain on the horse's counter as well.

I'm from the old group/my horse is from before there was a slot limit. I exceeded my horse's slots, what do I do?

We are allowing people with this problem to acquire 5 new empty slots, but ONLY if your horse was from the OLD GROUP and ONLY if it exceeded the slot limit. You must state after the initial 10/15 slots that the next 5 are granted due to going over the slot limit before there was one.

Can I post my EB's import/foal design on any other social media?

If at all possible, please try not to do this, as the EB lineart/template is for DA only and unfortunately when imports/horses from the official lines get posted on Instagram/Facebook etc, it usually results in a massive amount of character theft and breed theft so we really try hard to keep EB imports and official lines off of IG/FB to protect people's horses from being stolen, and blatant breed theft!

Please refrain from posting official EB lineart/anything official EB art-wise to IG/FB. IG is a different type of community, and is unfortunately full of theft, and we do not monitor IG as a group. So to protect the hard work of all the admins and members, please help us by only posting EB artwork you have drawn yourselves. If you wanted to really help us out, you can also include the group name on your post and direct people to the group if they ask how to get one.

Reference Images

What must be included in a reference?

See our How to Register journal for a form you must fill out!

My horse's design has not been posted to BallatorDesignAdmin yet. Can I draw it?

The group does not allow art, references, literature, or any other form of work featuring an unaccepted horse. Any horse who is not posted to BDA does not exist - knowingly commissioning, drawing, writing, etc, a horse who does not exist officially may result in a group warning and/or temporary bans.

Can my reference be Traditional (drawn on paper and scanned in)?

Yes, but you must draw the horse's colors and markings as accurately as possible with your colors!

Can I remove my Ballator's shoulder/breed-specific manes, fangs, horns, or toes (in the case of Asiatics)?

Manes can be shaved or lost in Hannibal's raffle, as can horns. Removing horns any other way is prohibited by the EBS, as horns are connected to the horse via bone and carry a blood supply. It is considered in most areas to be extremely cruel to remove either the horns, fangs, or toes (of Asiatics). Such practices are not allowed. Shaving can be done, but is frowned upon, for shows and such things which require it, but the manes grow back extremely fast. When shaved, there will always be a residual patch of thicker, denser hair that will be visible and must be shown in all drawings where the horse has a shaved mane. You cannot draw a Ballator without a shoulder mane and have it look like a normal horse. Think of the way a real horse's mane looks when it is shaved!

Can I style my horse's mane(s) or tail in their reference?

Yes, you can! Keep in mind that many of the Types have a specific, natural mane length and it must be followed unless you wish to give them hair extensions, which must be stated in their reference description.

Can I add accessories, tattoos, or other things to my horse's reference?

All allowed accessories and add-ons are covered in the Registration Journal.

Do I have to follow the group guidelines for type appearance?

Yes, all types must resemble their type! A lilliput cannot, for example, be normal-horse sized with one toe. A Plains cannot be pony sized, an Asiatic cannot have a normal mane, etc!


Can I PM an admin any group questions?

We ask that all group questions get directed to the group, not the admins' personal accounts.

When will Custom Imports be open again?

Check our Custom / Import Status journal! In general, customs/imports open around every 6 months.

How much do custom Ballators cost and how do I order one?

A Ballator custom's price depends on how rare you would like it. Check our Custom / Import Status journal for more info!

What are stats, what good are they, and how can I calculate them?

Stats help your horse excel in competitions and quests. Horses with higher stats are more valuable and pass on more quality traits to their offspring. the The Stat System has all the info you need. 

What are Regale's Quests and how do I do them? 

Regale is the EB mascot, an Elite Ballator that is a group horse. His quests are a fun, optional way to use your Ballators and gain prizes and enhance them as well. You can visit the Quests page to find out more. There are also seasonal quests hosted by Highlords.


I am unhappy with the breeding slot requirements/breeding rules of another member's horse who I have a slot to. What can I do?

By agreeing to pay, or agreeing to obtain, a slot to another user's ballator, you agree to their rules. The group does not deal with breeding rules unless theft or fraud is occurring.

A member/admin has really upset me and I don't know what to do/I am really angry with them/I do not want to speak with them.

1. If you have a problem, seek that person out in a calm way within a few days of the incident. Allow yourself time to cool down, but also make sure that your concerns are fresh in your mind. Do not let things fester. 
2. Be sure to ask clarifying questions. Not everyone speaks or thinks the same way, so before you pass a judgment, try and gain understanding of the reasons and background of the issue.
3. Listen and speak. A good resolution requires both.
4. Even when you get frustrated, don't give up. Try to explain your side calmly, and do not be afraid to say "wait a minute so that I can explain" if you feel rushed.
5. There are no absolutes. Make sure that you use "I" and "me" statements when you are in both agreement and disagreement. There is a very big difference between "I feel that this idea needs more thought" and "This is a bad idea". 
6. Have a strong opinion, but understand that most of the best ideas come from compromise and combined effort. Also, understand that other people will have strong opinions too. 
7. Always have a moderator present if you feel like things may get out of hand. The moderator's job is to look at the situation objectively and interject in areas that they think are right or wrong. The moderator is not out to get either side. 
8. Understand that in a team setting, everything is a give and take. Ideally, the ideas would come from a combined effort, but often, time does not allow the courtesy. 
9. When in doubt, ask if you have hurt someone's feelings or did something that bothered them. Be honest in your reply. Holding a grudge without letting the other person know is both unfair and problematic.

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Chocolatesparerib's avatar
aloha! I was wondering, what would the aetherian mutation look like on a poecilia albino? would the colors be normal (aka black/white) and would it even be visible or covered up by poecilia?
Fargonon's avatar
Hello there!
Aetherian will look the same no matter what coat it is on, as it is a gift, it covers all mutations/markings!
Chocolatesparerib's avatar
great, that's what I was hoping for :D thank you!
BlaekNova's avatar
Hello! Just wondering: in the case of non dominant genes given by one of Aether's gifts, does that mean the gene will not show on the Ballator
when it is given? I'm looking to add Oryx to my soon to be Ballator and wasn't quite sure if it worked that way or not ^-^
Fargonon's avatar
Hello there!
Yes, it does, as long as the gene is compatible with the horse's genetics!
Oryx can only be added to Deserts, in that case! <3
pookygirl02's avatar
Are Ballators compatible with horses? Would any problems arise if their stalls were next to each other?
Fargonon's avatar
Most types are very aggressive, but they can befriend horses, yes!
pookygirl02's avatar
Ok! In that case, is it better to keep them separate in pastures when grazing? 
Fargonon's avatar
You can do either! With proper adjustment, they can get along fine! Most notably the 'docile' types, such as Forest, Arctic, Mountain and Lilliputs!
Alcestia's avatar
Can dog companions be an undomesticated canine type? Like jackal, coyote, etc? (Obviously not a fox cause of the fox companion)
0Luna123's avatar
In registration ,is it allowed for the ballator having a halter or tail ribbons?
Fargonon's avatar
HI there, so sorry for the late reply, but yes!
Wherra's avatar
Hi there!
I'm really interested in starting in the Equus Ballator group, but I've fallen in love with the Arctic variety and there aren't any available pairs in the Breeding Slot Donation Center.
Is there any way I could still get a foal of this variety without having to pay USD or points?
And thank you for creating such an interesting group! :wow:
Fargonon's avatar
Hey there!
You can either check back in the SDC in a little while to see if anyone donates slots, or you can post an advertisement in the group saying that you are looking for your first foal and what you can offer as payment/etc! The community is usually very generous when it comes to newbies, so I doubt you will have trouble!! 
Wookadile's avatar
If I have lineart I made just for myself, can I use it for multiple of my horses refs. ex my desert ballators. The mane and tail would be different for each.
Fargonon's avatar
Yes, you can! They just would not be counted for stats because they would be a base.
sana-0095's avatar
Is there anyway to sell/exchange items or companions for denarii other than selling to other members? C: Because there is a way to buy items/companions via the Denarii hub, but is there a reverse in which we can sell items/companions? C:
Wookadile's avatar
Hey, I am trying to submit a foal prompt but have no clue where to submit it to. Do i send it in with a note or submit it to the general ballator art gallery? Any help would be appreciated :)
Fargonon's avatar
You will submit it to the artowork folder! :)
Wookadile's avatar
sana-0095's avatar
Is there any way to change a ballators gender? At least if they have never gotten a reference before?

I own a desert foal that I bought some days ago, it only has it's foal design( before the new design system) and has never been registered with a ref, but in the plauqe it says it's a stallion and I really want it to be a mare! :C
Fargonon's avatar
If they are an old foal design on the old foal lines and never had a reference, then yes! If they are on the new lines, then no!
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