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Equus Ballator Mane Mutations

By Fargonon

Mane mutations pop randomly in breeding notes. They are not hereditary and cannot be ordered!
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N0rthernSpirit's avatar
Do any of these apply to Artic Ballators?
akumawolfsong's avatar
I just wanted to let you know that there is broken coding in the description
A-little-bit-crazy-k's avatar
So I think I've seen people gaining stats for there horse then " trading" them in for a mutation? I can't find anything about it on the breed format :-: please correct me if I'm wrong ;-; 
Skylinator's avatar
Hi! I'm not an admin, but I think I can help you out! ^^ If a ballator earns a certain amount of stats, they can claim a gift from a highlord that grants them a mane mutation, or any mutation for that matter! There's a whole lot more info here: equusballatorsociety.deviantar…
EverlastingStables's avatar
what's the likelihood of say two barbary mane eb's breeding and popping out a barbary baby?
Fargonon's avatar
The manes are randomly rolled and the fact that the parents have mutations means nothing in the overall scheme!
Flamestorm11's avatar
1241 Cinnamon Toast Crunch by Flamestorm11  
Afghan Plains :3
TSDTR's avatar
Oh and, 1052 | Uali is Angora
And 1096 | Nierika is Bald !
Don't know if you want to keep this updated but..
PoltergeistNaga's avatar
I need a Barbary! 
LivingDeadProxy's avatar
I have such an intense need for a Barbary Oriental like gOD DAMN
stardae's avatar
I need one in my life
Coffie-Buzz's avatar
Tha Orientals look liek Foo Dogs!! o0o :heart: I need one in my life! 
ComplacentFool's avatar
What are these beautiful Orientals I see on this list?!!
Fargonon's avatar
A little surprise for the new group opening... ;D
ComplacentFool's avatar
Hnng!! You tease!!!:heart:
Elemes's avatar
oh sweet jesus this is epic.
(also - you butt - you don't need any help drawing africans - you got them just fine!)
IAmTheGinger's avatar
So curently most of the older desgins will be preferred as Angora?
Nukinit's avatar
No, Angora will just make your horse fluffier and softer. With a longer and more dense coat. The old designs don't have any specific mane mutation.
IAmTheGinger's avatar
Oh okies, so for now if we are to update our old horses...they will still have no specific mutation available in case of upgrading them?
Nukinit's avatar
It has been decided that horses can't be changed today. So your horse would stay the same. The only thing that might be asked to be changed are fatal issues on the design or an incorred genotype/phenotype.
IAmTheGinger's avatar
Alright^^ good to know! I look forward to the group reopening!
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