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2913 | IHS Versailles



Skinchanger for Mosaic Butt applied!

IHS Versailles

:bulletblack::bulletblack:Bullet; BlackDesert Ballator StallionBullet; Black:bulletblack::bulletblack:

   ID: 2913
    Meaning: To keep turning over
    Barn Name/Nickname: x Pronounced "Ver - SAI"
    Sex: Stallion
    Breed/type: EquusBallator ; Desert
    Age: 8 yrs
    Height: 16 HH
    Genotype: Black Poecilia (Mosaic/Mosaic) on Sooty Burnt Buckskin Dun Roan Splash Ee Ata nCr nR DD nSty nSpl PcPc

Rarity 26

    Personality/History: Versailles was an experimental equine, to see if Poecilia could thrive in other types of Ballators. This fellow was a surprise indeed, because not only was he a Poecilia, he was a black poecilia, a very rare and fascinating form of the mutation. Versailles is both curious and foreboding, with a sense of cunning and mischief. 

    Quirks: Scared of horses with bright colored horns. We dont knwo why.

    Foal Design: 2913 Admin Import


Breeding Rules:
Must agree to IHS Breeding Rules. 1 Fullbody breedpic required + 2000 points OR 2500 with no breed image!

User | Horse to Breed with | Status Bullet; Green(Can be used)Bullet; Red(Not paid yet) Bullet; Yellow (Used)| Resulting foal 

    Slots: Please read my rules: 
1)  Mine to IHS Sekhmet | used | 3224 | IHS Rub' al Khali
2) @B-e-h-e-m-o-t-h | USED
3) ToxicCreed USED
4)  MoxieMysteries USED
5)  soulswitch Slot Trade 
7) @Nek0ra | 4684 | The Golden Pharaoh :bulletgreen:
8) Winzer 5687 | Funesti Rosa
9) Mine with 4684 | The Golden Pharaoh

Gaits: 10
Dressage: 14
Jumping: 15
Intelligence: 34
Stamina: 25
Speed: 23
Strength: 0
Experience: 0 
Attack strength: 0

This ref +3
Versailles +3
Untitled +9
A Slave to No One +20
Trio +13
Something's Fishy About This Boy +14
IHS Versailles - Slot Raffle Entry +5
New places, new faces +7
titles what +6
In the Dark Of the night +6
Well Hello To You To +5
Balladerps | ANIMATED +13.5
An Awkward Day at the Beach +16.5
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Hello! Please feel free to remove my name from his slots. Much appreciated!