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1070 | IHS Ironclad


IHS Ironclad

Bullet; White:bulletblue::bulletorange:Desert Ballator Stallion:bulletorange::bulletblue:Bullet; White

   ID: 1070
    Meaning: Clothed in iron
    Barn Name/Nickname: Lad; Laddie
    Sex: Stallion
    Breed/type: EquusBallator ; Desert
    Age: 6 yrs
    Height: 16 HH
    Genotype: · Buckskin Dun Reverse Roan Tuxedo Inverted Hornstripe | EE Aa nCr Dd R-r nTx nInv nHs
Buckskin +1 Dun +1 Reverse Roan +2 Tuxedo +2 IHM + 3 HS +2 No Oryx +3 Horns + 8

    Personality/History: Despite his foreboding name and his massive horns, Ironclad is a very goofy horse. He airs more on the personality side of his father than his mother. Like his father, his neck is a bit more cresty due to the extra weight the large horns supply. He has a rather large vocabulary (thanks mom) and it slips out at times. He is very whimsical, playful, and is hard to take seriously. He never has a bad temper, it seems, without good cause. 

    Quirks: Nibbles on pockets for treats.

    Foal Design/Other side of Design:  1070 Design Holder (View other side and color swatch here)


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 081 | IHS Tenebrae Dominus
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: 525 TWR Saevus Bellua
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: 682 | IHS Sekhmet
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  GH-006 | Carmina de Lumine
------------------------------------------ DDD:  Unknown

Breeding Rules: full body breedpic with background and 800 Points State wether you want me to design the foal or not!

User | Horse to Breed with | Status Bullet; Green(Can be used)Bullet; Red(Not paid yet) Bullet; Yellow (Used)| Resulting foal 

1) trekae | IHS Vallis Noctis | 1165 Skully
2) constellar :bulletgreen: with ID 1581
3) Private
4) Private
5)  Private
6)  Private
7)  Private
10)  OPEN

    Discipline: Wrestling
    Society: EBS Wrestling 
    Initiation Image: 1070 Ironclad - EBS Initiation
    Rank: Boxer
    Items: Leather cap/Sleeves, Armor, Studded Shoes, Battlecry (You do not have to draw his items!)
    Attack Strength: 23

IHS Ironclad Tracker TOTAL STATS: 240
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If you would like to purchase a slot to this horse, please go here: Purchase a Slot
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.: | Race | :. by trekae  I know you already saw this on IG XD but let me know when I am a-ok to send in a breeding note :la:
Fargonon's avatar
You're good to go!!
Winzer's avatar
psst can the slot be paid for with USD via paypal y/n?
Fargonon's avatar
Yes of course! 
Winzer's avatar
mmmMMM WONDERFUL I would love to snag a slot!
trekae's avatar
Can I snag a breeding slot - also would love if you designed the foal ahdjbdsjgdhdjsjsjd
Fargonon's avatar
Sure! Which mare?
Just download to urchase :D He also requires a fullbody breedpic!
trekae's avatar
I'll have to find a mare for him, do you have any unrelated desert mares I could purchase another breeding slot as well with? Sorry for all the trouble :giggle:
Fargonon's avatar
trekae's avatar
Okay I sent the payment for this one, about to send the payment for the other desert ballator ;)
And I'll get started on their breed pic, i dont remeber if you said yes or no about designing the foal?
Fargonon's avatar
oh yes I can design it!
trekae's avatar
Fargonon's avatar
After you get the BP done you can send in the note!
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Those colors are gorgeous <3

isn't he supposed to have black sclera though since he's a desert?
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OOp! Thanks for catching that! :,D
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Omg...he's gorgeous. <3
TheGreatCollector's avatar
Awwe man I will never have that many points snuggy sob 
Aspi-Galou's avatar
OMG ! :heart:
I'll come back for him when I have the points ! :la:
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oh he's gorgeous!
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