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Project Echoes - ver. 0.2 (Celestia)

It's finally done. I'm officially releasing my preliminary version of "Project Echoes"!

This Project has a long history and is basically the reason I'm a content creator on DA. Things got messy along the way so I had to make a cut and put what I got so far together into a pack. There is still a lot to do so I hopefully will update this some time in the near future.

Project Echoes is a rework of Celestia's default content focused on to the solar system. The solar system catalogues have been updated with the newest data and the solar system has received a graphical update to the newest textures and shape models. For details see the Readme-PDF file contained in the pack.

This submission provides the base pack, "" which contains all the catalogues and necessary modifications to make this project work. Textures and shape models are in medium resolution.

Note that this version of Project Echoes was developed for Celestia 1.7. You may want to update Celestia to ensure this pack is working correctly (see the Readme-PDF for details).

I want to thank the Celestia community for their help and providing content I was able to use in my project. Especially lately on the official Celestia Discord server I received a lot of support that allowed me to progress.

Update Nov 9 2019

Version 0.2 Update: Implemented the texture processing update that I had to cut out of the previous release. Updated some more physical parameters and improved atmophre render. See Changelog.pdf in Base Pack for details.

Base Pack: Provided as attachment on this Deviation.
Hires Pack: Download here.

NOTE: I was made aware of a syntax error that made Celestia ignore a bunch of moons. You can download the fixed .ssc file here. Just drop it in your Celestia installation and let it overwrite the one from Project Echoes.
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this is trappistplanets from discord

i have a REAL height map (DEM) of europa

europa-DEM (yes its real)

(filled missing poles)

its kinda useless but i made a semifictional one

from that dem and your europa texture

Europa-DEM semifictional

there is also a real callisto DEM too

Callisto real height data

and i made a semifictional map from that and kexitt's fictional data

calisto-DEM semifictional

and there are real height maps for the uranian moons other then umbriel and oberon

and i made a feb 9 2021 cloud map

Earth Clouds Feb 9 2021

and i found a real enceladus height map (you can convert this to a norm map for a 3rd version of PE

Enceladus-DEM (yes its real)

no i am not telling you to add these, but these are just here if you want to include any of them into a 3rd version of ProjectEchoes

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What's the difference between Project Celestia Echoes, Celestia Origin, and Space Engine? What do the Celestia Echoes and Celestia Origins textures look like in Space Engine? Which one do you think is better?

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Finally, after a couple of years you've done it. I know that until recently you haven't had time to work on it a lot - and it's still not finished yet - but honestly it's a great accomplishment that you've done here. I feel like you contributed so much to the Celestia community, and now that you're back.... y'know what I'm saying? Overall I just wanna give a huge thanks from me and the Celestia community for what you've done.

Good luck in your future endeavors,
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Thank you very much for your encouraging words! It's amazing my work does get apprechiated this way. Feels great to have this accomplished but the work never stops.
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lol yeah I can't imagine what the workload must look like for you. I'm only in high school and I'm already stressed out ffs
Just know that if you ever feel like taking a break from doing space stuff you're free to do so, I'm sure the community will understand.
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Well I've kinda been doing that for the last 2 years. I'm happy to have found my motivation again!
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