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Pluto Texture Map 16k

Recently a color map of Pluto was published:…
It's of smaller resolution than my previous Pluto map, but covering more of the surface. I took the details from this map:… and mixed it in, filling the gaps with Hubble data. Pluto's albedo varies from 10-99%, I tried to reflect this in this texture. I also tried to get the colors to look as natural as possible. 0° Longitude is in the center, as required for use in Celestia.

Update July 2017

New map materials for Pluto was published, so I reprocessed this map. This time I believe this is as close to real colors as possible. This version is gamma corrected (gamma value 2.2) and aligned for use in Celestia. This map is not that visually stunning though, so I made another version for that purpose, without gamma correction:…

Update Feb 2019

I decided to start from scratch again. I used this map as a base. I adjusted the brightness to fit an albedo range of ~0.14 in the dark cuthulu region and ~0.89 in the bright sputnik planum. The relative colors were extracted from the color map mentioned above, processed to reflect more natural colors. With the help of a visible color spectrum I determined the overall hue of Pluto and colored this map accordingly. After boosting the gamma value to 2.2 I got this map of Pluto in natural colors.
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Great work! but why is the lower part blurry?

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its hubble data

look at hubble maps of pluto

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This is great! The maculae in my opinion are a little bit too bright, but this did a good job of getting very close to Pluto's true color. Vega and Viking Terra especially look nice.
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Thanks you! Yeah this is what I get with the albedo data I have of the dark regions.
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I think the dark regions are too bright if this picture… is correct.
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That's what I got by just going by numbers. The difference in the picture is the gamma value. Doing some quick and dirty image processing the picture you linked might have a gamma value closer to 1.5... I really don't know what else to go by. Processing it subjectively gives so inconsistent results.
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I can not download it, when I open on the site, my computer start to lag ;-;
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I'm sorry, but maybe the texture is to large for your browser to handle? Maybe right click and "save target"?
Nice map, you really managed to get a good transition between the Hubble imagery and the higher resolution stuff!
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Thanks, it was my goul to make it look consistent :)
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