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Ceres Albedo Texture Map 21k

By FarGetaNik
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This is a 21k albedo texture for Ceres. I found textures for each of Dawn's color filters with shadows removed, so apart from small details and unilluminated polar craters this is an albedo texture. I used all color filters to fill the gaps as much as possible and composed this map from red green and blue filters, so this should be fairly close to true colors. A composite with IR filter actually resulted in a more colorless image. As always, I matched the brightness with albedo (at least I hope, Occator is overexposed here)

Data is from here:
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MrSpace43-CelestiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you think you can make an albedo map of the Moon?
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Oleg-PlutonProfessional General Artist
It already exists in the internets. And it is VERY large.
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MrSpace43-CelestiaHobbyist Digital Artist
But, for some reason I can't find one.