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QuickLook for Mac OS X Lion

I didn't like how the original better zip quick look plugin looked like under lion so i modified it.

hope somebody likes it.


Download it, unpack, and copy the BetterZipQL.qlgenerator bundle to your /Library/QuickLook folder (if you want to install it for all users on your Mac) or to the ~/Library/QuickLook folder, this is the Library/QuickLook folder inside your user folder. You may need to create the QuickLook folder inside ~/Library first.

The Quick Look framework will need a little time before it realizes that a new generator has been added. If you are impatient and not afraid of using the terminal, you can execute the following command to make the Quick Look framework reset immediately:

$ qlmanage -r

or you could restart the Finder. Or logout and -in again. Or restart your Mac. Or take a nap. You choose.
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Can't make it work with 10.9.4. Any plans to update? Thanks for the efforts tho :)
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oh, haven't used this in a while. cant promise anything but i'll try to check it out.
It seems as if the HTML page cannot access any resources. If I add the stylesheet and scripts inline it works fine. Possibly some sort of new sandboxing restrictions on quicklook plugins?

If you do get around to checking it out, thanks! This is a very useful plugin.
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hi, thanks for the info, feel free to send me a pull request on github. i'm quite busy nowadays and i haven't been able to check it at all
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don't work on 10.7.4 :( soluction?
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i just updated and it works just fine for me...
try to install it again and let us know if it's working please
Its not working for me here :( Lion 10.7.4 :(
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i haven't updated to 10.7.4 yet.
i'll try it as soon as i do.
thanks for feedback!
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don't mention it. glad you liked it!
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new version at github. added some cool text gradients and changed some stuff.
pic here: [link]
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for snow leopard ?
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For Lion, it's the new OS.
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i don't see the point... the idea is to make it look better with the new white interface in QuickLook, although if you want to try it, it should work. just remember to update safari to its latest version. cheers!
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