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Farrell- Reference Template by chocolatemonkey2
Farrell by chocolatemonkey2
Farewill OCT NPCs: Janey by ArtSquirrel
Farewill OCT NPCs: Dr. Manson by ArtSquirrel
Farewill OCT NPCs: Gwen by ArtSquirrel
Farewill OCT NPCs: Amy by ArtSquirrel
Farrell OCT: Patricia ref by Petrotasia
Farrell OCT: Penelope ref by Petrotasia
Apartments by chocolatemonkey2
Houses by chocolatemonkey2
Condos by chocolatemonkey2
Hillhouses by chocolatemonkey2
Round 1


We are indeed taking auditions, you can enter up to four contestants they must be humnod, no robots please.

Info in the journal for what must be in your reference sheet and on how to audition.

We if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask









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Hey everyone! We are finally about to be fully operational! Thanx to the wonderful :iconartsquirrel: who is going to be our new judge. So things are going to be up soon :D If you guys are interested go ahead and get your entry's in!!! Im So Excited!!


You guys I'm still here and working on getting everything going the map is ready to be uploaded as soon as get it from one of my judges. Sorry for the wait to those who are waiting


So The map is near completion :D soooo with the design of Farrell there are going to be a lot more characters coming in. So that means more people that you can ask questions from. once the map is done, i'll be updating the info on the ncp's and questions will be posted in there along with the points it'll take to ask them. Some npc's will be far away from depending on you housing district so that may determine where you'd like to live. please if you have and question don't hesitate to ask me, I will reply.


Alright you guys just to  update everyone one what is still to come come my end.

* Finish the buildings
*Sarah & James
*The undertaker (new character added)
* Amy Tracy the baker (new character)
* a map of Farrell
* intro Comic
* Farrell residents evolution

after all that is finished i shall start to updated the info on each npc and post the questions and the point price.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Merry Christmas Everyone :D hope everyone is having a great day. I just wanted to go ahead and put up the Audition deadline date. Whoop Whoop!

Deadlines as of now are going to be : 4/25/14

if there are any problems please dont hesitate to contact me.


So as you can see, I've start to add Farrell residents to the gallery, and I still have more to go. Im either going to start working on the little girl, or finish the residential area's and make a map Of Farrell.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about anything, I will answer. When im at home i  have my computer, When im out i have my phone. So ask away and i shall answer you.

Everything coming together nicely, in my head anyway. So if you are planning on auditioning go for it, ask questions and look around at our story, prizes and rules.


Thanks to the unbelievably generous gift of a friend, i know have a stable laptop to which i can use more freely. So no i just need to upload everything. once that is done i will set a suitable deadline for auditions. For those who plan on joining im sorry this has taken so long. Farrell is as of now up and running.


We have been on hiatus but we aren't dead, i still have every intentions on continuing this OCT so please tell your friends and spread the word we are taking auditions.


I've been offline for a while because of computer issues but i now have a new computer and i'm preparing to start working very vigorously to complete preparations for upcoming auditions. Have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.


There are more characters to come, and remember that each and every character has a story to tell. What you need to decide is which stories you need to hear in order to be one more step closer to escaping. However of course you only have limited points that you can use. Different character's will cost different amounts because well some information will be more vauluable.

Chacters to come:

The Butcher

Sarah & James

Good o'le Mitch


Who is good? Who is bad? Should you trust no one....or everyone? You don't really know all you know is that you need to figure out what's going on before it's too late.


We are in fact excepting Residents to join our little town of Farrell. Don't be shy head on down to you local Realtor and start seeing what you can do to get one of our lovely properties of your choice. We can't wait until you are apart of our little family. If you are considering joining Please read the rules and the Residents page to see what you need to do join. If you have any questions please leave a comment and i will answer ASAP.
- You can start your audition from anywhere from talking to the realator and moving into your new house,apartment, or condo. If you want you can even start after you've already been settled awhile after you've already made friends with your nieghbors and such. Whatever you think would be better for you story. Your expected to try and obtain access to the outside world in your audition. You can use any form of media to try to contact some one outside of farrell. Remember be creative.
- Please submit your reference sheet AND audition to the account via note.  We will not be accepting any incomplete/wip submissions.

This not set in stone obviously if we get this amount good, if we don't great, if we get more even better, but this is what were hopefully for.

1. :iconpetrotasia: Ref:……

2.  Ref:

3.  Ref:

4.  Ref:

5.  Ref:

6.  Ref:

7.  Ref:

8.  Ref:

9.  Ref:

10.  Ref:

11.  Ref:

12.  Ref:

13.  Ref:

14.  Ref:

15.  Ref:

16.  Ref:

17.  Ref:

18.  Ref:

19.  Ref:

20.  Ref:

21.  Ref:

22.  Ref:

23.  Ref:

24.  Ref:

25.  Ref:

26.  Ref:

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28.  Ref:

29.  Ref:

30.  Ref:

31.  Ref:

32.  Ref:

Farrell is a densly populated city in the middle of no where just past desolation. The location sounds absolutely terrible, but being isolated does have its perks. It helps bring us closer as a comunity, the neighbors are friendly and generous and soon they won't be just your neighbor's they'll become you family. They'll always greet you with a smile and what better way to wake up than the a warm concerning smile every day. Our streets are never cluttered with trash or debri, or criminals. Farrell hasn't a crime in the past 10 years earning our little city, the award for safest city 8 years running. Our weather is never too hot or cold, its always just right for whatever activity you may be planning to do. Everything about Farrell is just absolutely perfect. So why wait a moment longer go ahead and call our friendly realitor Eunice and she'll get you squared away with your own little slice of heaven.

The first people you wanna call is your family and friends you dial the number but then realize that your calls just aren't going through. You try to send an e-mail with no response. You get to your car deciding that your just going to drive and visit your family, but you drive and drive and drive but never seem to be getting any closer to the city limits. You have no idea what's going on but you plan to get to the bottom of it. But the next time you go outside you notice everything has changed the skies are dark the air is painfully cold and the nieghbors now have scowls on their faces. Whats going on? What's changed? And why can't you escape? You knew it was just too good to be true.... Is there's no way out? How do you escape from paradise......
Since this OCT will not not be like most other OCt's i decided to do things a little different. This is going to be a mystery OCT where you'll have to find clues on how to escape and what is really going on with this litttle town of farrell. The whole story will not be given to you, you will only recieve the information we wish you to know. To obtian more info as you progress through the rounds you must use your points.

   You will recieve points based on you entries, so yes people may have more pionts than you. Depending on how many points you obtian depends on who you can talk to and what kind of information you can get from said person so choose carefully. You may have enough to talk to them but you might not have eough to get the info you wanted.

   Despite that after every round their will be a Clue that will be posted in the journal that everyone can read and use, so if your character is shy and doesn't really like talking to people. Then by all means save your points you will still be givin information in the aid of solve the mystery just not as much as those who are talking to the...."sane" towns people.

P.s When going up against someone you may use their clue and you entry as well, just hope that they didn't pick the same one. =3
Welcome to the center of prizes. =D

Awesomeness right lol anyhow on with it.

This is it for now but more is yet to come =3

First Place:

A one year subscription from chocolatemonkey2

A full digital color commission from TheMadHattersMistres

A full picture from Chriss-Topher

A colored sketch Gregor-Lives

A Shaded sketch of your charcter from KittytheFencer

A Realistic portait sketcgh of your character from KittytheFencer

Second Place:

A three month subscription from chocolatemonkey2

A grey scale digital commission from TheMadHattersMistres

A chibi drawing from Chriss-Topher

A  lineart  Gregor-Lives

A full body sketch from chocolatemonkey2

Third place:

A pencil commission from TheMadHattersMistres

Full color shaded chibi(s) from Little-Lovely

A line art sketch from chocolatemonkey2


Character Chibi portrait from chocolatemonkey2

Character Chibi portrait from KittytheFencer

Everyone =D :

OC photo album (details to come)
More Journal Entries


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