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Yu-Gi-Oh: BLUE Stardust Dragon

The first upload of 2020 is... an  edit of an older picture.

In 2016 I had recreated the artwork for Stardust Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh, with hopes of using it for my personal desktop wallpaper. It took so much work, and yet I didn't really end up using it, as the colors felt too intense.

Some time ago I realized that perhaps going for a more general blue tint of color than green would make it easier on the eyes. With the Christmas Break I had more time to tinker with it, and so I finished this edit.

Perhaps it's a waste of time, but .... who cares! Enjoy!!!

Originally drawn by .... I don't know, Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't seem to give artists credits, it just lists Kazuki Takahashi and I kinda doubt the big main creator drew every monster himself.…
Yu-Gi-Oh is owned by Kazuki Takahashi
This art was drawn by ME!
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Thank you very much :)
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