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More Ultra Fractal.

Here, have a song.
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Wow :O I love all the detail going on in this! Your work is amazing
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Intracellular Gravity Wells? Very interesting Specimen.
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Intricate beauty! Love this one!
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What was the song, before the YouTube police got to it?
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I think it was "Chloroform" by Phoenix
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I like it, I've added them to my Pandora, Lindsey Stirling station.
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What's the formula used here? Looks like some Ducky/talis variant. I really like the way you've emphasized the textures in so many colors and maintained a balance nevertheless.
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It is daniele2 in dan.ufm, which does indeed have very similar behavior to ducky/talis.
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have a nice day!…
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Beautiful work!!
Can you help me:
have a problem, downloaded Apo 2.09 and it doesn't display well "Triangle/Transform/Color/variations..." tabs in Trasnform Editor, do you have any idea why?
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Ahh, this has something to do with the font dpi in your display settings. I can't remember exactly the steps to fix it (probably depends a bit on what OS you have anyway) but it shouldn't be too hard to find in your control panel.
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Yes, that was it - problem solved.
Thank you!
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This is so awesome!!
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first class...excellent work :thumbsup:
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Very nice :clap: It's like a painting!
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:wow: !!  I was immediately attracted by the colours and formations and thought it was going to be a painting!  Fantastic work!
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Featured , ..just say if you don't want it there :)
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I really enjoy this fresh take on digital fractal art - beautifully varied and organic.
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Intricacy. poetry. wd
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