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Apo Plugins: Starter Pack

You can either download the .zip through dA, or, if you prefer, here is a dropbox link: [link]

This plugin pack is meant for beginners. As useful as the Aposhack Plugin Pack is, it can be very intimidating to download all 400+ plugins and not have a clue which ones are useful. I've even seen a new fractaller try to stick the entire pack in their plugins folder!

So, this is a pack of the most widely used & useful plugins. It is meant as a starting point for people installing plugins for the first time, not an exhaustive library. It also includes a text file giving credit to the coders of each plugin.

I didn't feel like a proper preview image, so here's a photo of my kitties!
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Thank you for this!  I'm just getting started with Apophysis and am overwhelmed to say the least.  
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Link is not working
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meooooow! :elypetsgomi:

and thanks for the plugin pack ^^ - Apo is already intimidating as such (like pressing at random quite anywhere often gives nice pics, but you get no clue what you're doing, lol...)
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serious kitties
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I've been experiencing some difficult problems with Apo not "seeing" variations so this is essential. Thank you so very much for putting this list together since it makes reinstalls that much easier without going through the entire list of what I need/ use. It is definitely a good starting place. Hugs.

BTW, awesome cats. Hopefully next year I will be able to post some as well (gotta love living in an apartment and deposits...) Hugs!!
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when i go into the program folder for ApopHysis 7x 32bit there is not a folder called plugins. so I made one and added the pluging there. Then when i restarted the program I had the error message telling me that it could load and so on. Any help would be great. I am a today born newbie :)

Thank you. Much appreciated.
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I can not thank you enough!!! x

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Our two cats are watching the screen and sending their meow greetings:-)… We think our blanket are more catISH :-)
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Heaven I might finally learn how to dompt Aphopysis had lost interest as I never managed to know what to do with the all the numbers on the left. Thanks. New upgraded as Premium today and put my first two pieces of Art on D.
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Hey Im quite new to this. How do you install these plug ins? or where do I place the files? - thanks
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Your apo install should have come with a folder called Plugins. The .dll files go in there.
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you who are both knowledgeable and gracious with your creative angst, I thank you
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Thanks tons. As a beginner, I'd like to know how to install the plugins. Thanks.
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All you have to do is put the .dll files in the Plugins folder, which should be in the same directory as your apophysis exe.
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love those kits!! thank u x
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don't really use Apo much anymore, but cute kitties!
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Interesting render, nice gradient! This is the FraCATal formula, right? Mine always turn out fuzzy....

(sorry, just popped in with a random silly comment!) =P
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:lmao: Your random silly comment made my morning.
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Thanks for is certainly needed by people like me!:iconroseplz:
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Thanks! Also ... your babies are adorable :D
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