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Vihar sniffing my phone(close up xD) by FaraWolfdog Vihar sniffing my phone(close up xD) :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 12 5 Vihar(Storm) winks by FaraWolfdog Vihar(Storm) winks :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 9 4 The Turul bird 2 by FaraWolfdog The Turul bird 2 :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 9 6 Climbin' up everywhere XD by FaraWolfdog Climbin' up everywhere XD :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 7 10 Tatabanya from the mountain by FaraWolfdog Tatabanya from the mountain :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 7 3 The Turul bird 1 by FaraWolfdog The Turul bird 1 :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 7 13 (PUP-093) Credo Econell 13 by FaraWolfdog (PUP-093) Credo Econell 13 :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 9 7 Zsomi doesn't like thunder by FaraWolfdog Zsomi doesn't like thunder :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 10 3 Vihar(Storm) is full by FaraWolfdog Vihar(Storm) is full :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 10 15 Lili watching by FaraWolfdog Lili watching :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 10 6 MAN Lion's city turning(POC-820) by FaraWolfdog MAN Lion's city turning(POC-820) :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 7 20 Jasper T. Jowls by FaraWolfdog Jasper T. Jowls :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 11 14 Chuck e cheese in my style (maybe a redraw?) by FaraWolfdog Chuck e cheese in my style (maybe a redraw?) :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 13 5 KARR Vs KITT(y) by FaraWolfdog KARR Vs KITT(y) :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 17 4 Fea (from EverWing) by FaraWolfdog Fea (from EverWing) :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 8 11 Wolf head practice by FaraWolfdog Wolf head practice :iconfarawolfdog:FaraWolfdog 11 5


Broken Hearts by Tienala Broken Hearts :icontienala:Tienala 47 51 Scourge the hedgehog by R7artist Scourge the hedgehog :iconr7artist:R7artist 10 4 Puc and Bursztyn in plush version by R7artist Puc and Bursztyn in plush version :iconr7artist:R7artist 9 2 Puc and Bursztyn by R7artist Puc and Bursztyn :iconr7artist:R7artist 8 10 Laughing Jack the wolf animation by R7artist Laughing Jack the wolf animation :iconr7artist:R7artist 24 10 The Loud House by R7artist The Loud House :iconr7artist:R7artist 48 5 Coat of arms of Austria-Hungary drawing by R7artist Coat of arms of Austria-Hungary drawing :iconr7artist:R7artist 14 5 Hussars by R7artist Hussars :iconr7artist:R7artist 25 27 Country puns by R7artist Country puns :iconr7artist:R7artist 12 2 Aladar Heppes by R7artist Aladar Heppes :iconr7artist:R7artist 7 0 Ferenc Szalasi by R7artist Ferenc Szalasi :iconr7artist:R7artist 7 0 Hans Joachim Marseille by R7artist Hans Joachim Marseille :iconr7artist:R7artist 17 2 Needle felted fantasy dragon by YuliaLeonovich Needle felted fantasy dragon :iconyulialeonovich:YuliaLeonovich 466 11 Raba Contact 292 - HDA-227 by TheKKKNo2Gallery Raba Contact 292 - HDA-227 :iconthekkkno2gallery:TheKKKNo2Gallery 4 0 Credo Econell 12 - MMT-623 by TheKKKNo2Gallery Credo Econell 12 - MMT-623 :iconthekkkno2gallery:TheKKKNo2Gallery 5 0 Ikarus E94F - IAW-476 by TheKKKNo2Gallery Ikarus E94F - IAW-476 :iconthekkkno2gallery:TheKKKNo2Gallery 4 0



Maybe I should stop drawing, and upload only photos, I think I lost that not toooooooooo big talent of drawing, I still can't draw :/ Don't want to try more :(
Vihar(Storm) winks
Taking the picture in the right time :meow:
My cuuute lil boy :heart:
Don't mimd my dad's shoe XDDD
Climbin' up everywhere XD
It was fun to climb up at different places xD
It's the Szelim cave. Original name is Szelim hole, but nobody calls it like that. XD
A few parts of the film named Eragon was filmed here.
Questionnaire stolen from :icontienala: (Ugye nem gond? ^^" )


1.What is your true age? 15
2.Do you have any health problems? oblique spine wich causes that my right leg is higher than the left one,
and my right arm is lower then the left. It isn't good to run whit these legs xdd
3.What is one thing you fear? I have too much fear I can't tell
4.What is your full name? Uhm......I will tell it later maybe
5.What is your real gender? Female
6.Are you hiding something? Secrets, what else?

Your Life

1. How would you describe your life right now? A rollercoaster
2. Do you still play with dolls/toys/cars? Yes, with some toys and cars(and buses)
3. What is one thing you can't sleep without? A blanket
4. Are you creepy? Yeah xDD
5. Do you collect anything weird? Toy/model cars and buses weird? or plushies?
6. Are you emo? No
7. Do you ever cut yourself and why? Just one little cut.....but back in 2016, I wasn't right
8. Ever think of suicide? Yeah.....not just once :/ I wasn't okay mentally I guess
9. Do you ever cuss and swear? Swearing? Yes xDDDD

Friends and Family

1. Do you honestly love your friends/family? Yes
2. Do you have a crush on any of your friends? .
3. Do you have a crush on any of your best friends? I don't think so
4. Are you always there for your family when they need you? I don't know
5. Have you ever been betrayed by a best friend? Of course
6. Do you have any family who have no contact with you? My grandmother. I met her 1-2 times a year, maybe less :(


1. Are you straight? Yes
2. Are you bisexual? I was thinking about it, but I don't think so
3. Are you homosexual? No
4. Are you pansexual? No
5. Are you assexual? No
6. Are you transgendered? No
7. Are you queer? No

Your Future Life

1. Will you get married one day? Who wants a wife like me? xDDDDD
2. Where do you want to live? Tatabánya or Debrecen
3. Who do you wanna spend forever with? My best friends, family, pets
4. Do you want kids some day? Noo xD I don't hate kids, but don't want kids
5. How would you describe your 'dream mate'? Kind, funny, loves me no matter what etc.
6. Where do you wanna have a honeymoon at? And if I won't have husband, I will go alone, or what? xD btw Tokyo 
7. Where do you wanna take vacations to? London, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Japan

Your Dreams and You

1. Do you ever write down any of your dreams? Yes. Remember :icontheycanthurtyou: ? xDD
2. Do you ever have vivid nightmares? Yes
3. Do you ever dream of yourself as someone else? Yes
4. How many dreams have you had about your crush/someone you love deeply? Idk
5. Do you ever dream of past events? Yes
6. Are your family/friends ever in your dreams? Yes
7. Where do most of your dreams take place (as in setting of the dream)? Random places
8. What is one thing you have had the most dreams about? (besides a crush) Idk 
9. Who is mostly in your dreams every night? Random people
10. Do you ever wake up crying from a dream? Yes, a few times


1. What are you doing at this moment? Listening to music
2. Talking to anyone? No
3. Eating? Yes
4. Doing something naughty? No
5. Reading? The questions xDDDD
6. Sleeping? No
7. What are you wearing? Jeans, T-shirt
8. Music? "Everywhere I go"
9. Surroundings? My stuff
10. Where are you? In front of my computer in my room

Tag some lucky people to do this!
Everybody who wants xDD


FaraWolfdog's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm a 15 year old girl who likes to draw. (But my draws are not really well :( ) I like cars, buses, etc. My favourite animal is the wolf, dog, cat, cheetah. I love Knight Rider,Cars very much <3
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Microsoft Paint User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Paint Tool SAI User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Microsoft Windows User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp Stamp: Slovak Language Beginner by Alpanu Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Hungarian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy BT EN Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirl I'm Insane and Proud STAMP by SilverSheCat Animation Memes STAMP by n4ds I Ship What I Want! - Stamp by GwenCanDrawZat Long Live the Car Crash HEARTS by bloody-narku-gurl Cars are my life Stamp by FragmentChaos Chevy Fan Stamp by TFBumblebee-Jazz-Fan Ferrari Stamp by Toop Logo: Ford Mustang by TheStampKing My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Dog Owner Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Cat Owner Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Seriously? Can We Stop Now? (Warning: Rant Time) by Inkfy Chuck E. Cheese (1994-2011) stamp by Genesismax HungarianCommunity_Stamp by zoopee Knight Rider by phantom Girls Cars Stamp 2 by bunsnspurs Mouse artist stamp by TheMysticWolf jacksepticeye stamp by aspienpastels Markiplier (Stamp) by ELLlOTT PewDiePie (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
I love stamps too much help pls ;-;


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