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Oblivion skin for MWP

By faragona
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This is my first attempt in creating a skin for WMP. As I'm using WMP12, I don't guarantee it will work for previous version of WMP.

Currently I'm replaying TES4 Oblivion, and I felt an urge to customize my computer into Oblivion style, so I started with this skin when I found out there is no such skin. As this is the first skin I've ever made, it took me around 18h to come to this skin after burying my head in Microsoft Techs library and some other website.

This won't be the last version, as I'm still not satisfied and looking forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions to improve it further. Customizing the skin yourself is also welcome, however I would be glad if you share your work (because it will definitely be better than mine).

[Notice for new users of WMP. If you are familiar with the use of WMP skins then skip this part.]
The file is compressed in ZIP format for easy editing, just use any extraction tool you have and extract it into a new folder. WMP skin files have the extension .WMZ, which is actually ZIP files, so if you don't want any editing or don't know how to, just rename the file and change the extension .zip into .wmz and double-click it. WMP (if installed) would automatically run and voilà, you can start using the skin now.
[End of notice.]

Future possible changes:
- Attempt to find a way to create a fully customized playlist, which brings a better touch of Oblivion than this Windows default version.
- Attempt to optimize graphic.
- Attempt to find a way to make the playlist holder keep the playlist invisible until fully sliding out for a better slide effect.
- Attempt to find a way to make a cover under the video while playing video to hide the visualization. (As you can see in this version, if you play a video that not in 4:3 ratio, the visualization will keep showing under the video. An easy approach is to set the video to stretch to fit in screen, but then will ruin the quality so I crossed it out).
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