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Slide Switch 1.2 eng-rus



Slide Switch 1.2 (eng/рус)

Slider skin:
it works something like: slide to unlock (but you should to slide it to the end (left side) of the bar. otherwise it will snap back to previous position :))

This skin designed for making shutdown, reboot etc. things "a bit different" and fun :).
It has:
• 8 styles
• Build-in fancy TurnOff tool, where you can set your own look of it with handy settings (this tool will automatically pop-up when you slide the slider to very left side)
• SlideSwitch Settings (which you can see on screenshot). Very easy to set up the theme of slider.
• 2 languages support (english/русский)

How to Use?
Just slide the slider to the very left side, everything else is easy to understand...
How to Install?
If you already have Rainmeter installed then,
- just double click on file you just downloaded. Notice: The file format must be rmskin, otherwise just change the file format by renaming it.


While Setting Tool is working, slider (skin) is disabled/unavailable. After leaving the Settings Tool, skin will be enabled and will be fully operational

Change Log (ver.1.2)
:bulletgreen: - Updated TurnOff utility
:bulletblue: - Fixed bug when checking to show/hide windows logo
:bulletblue: - added new option to show/hide User picture

Change Log (ver.1.1)
:bulletgreen: - the skin's code is slightly modified
:bulletgreen: - Updated TurnOff utility
:bulletblue: - Fixed bug when user profile pic is not shown
:bulletblue: - added more styles
:bulletblue: - some cosmetic changes (gets more minimalistic and clean look)
:bulletblue: - fixed bug with distorting image in some cases

:iconradman1201: - for idea; :iconactivecolors: - for slider's design and other stuff related to design
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