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Kotoko Suite v5.0.1 Beta

By FaradeyUA
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Languages: english | русский | українська | 中文

Styles: 12 (Kotoko | Black | White | Glass | Soft | Milk | Flex | Fancy | MAC | Lumia | Wood | Win)
preview of some styles Kotoko-5-0-release-preview

 Windows Supports: Windows 7/8/10 32/64 bit
 Pride Tested: Rainmeter v. 4.0.0 r2746 64bit  |  Windows 7 SP1 64bit  | Windows XP/Vista/ 8/10 not fully tested
 Pride Required: Rainmeter v. 4.0.0 r2746  |  Windows  
    Q: How to Install? 
    A: Have Rainmeter www.rainmeter.net/ installed > Double click on file you just downloaded and install

New Whats new:

       Point Right Improved and bugs fixed code  
       Point Right New styles
       Point Right New design
       Point Right New features
       Point Right New skins
       Point Right New addons
       Point Right New resizing of skins

New  Changes:

    [version 5.0.1 Beta]
    - added option to insert playlist file (*.wpl;*.pls;*.m3u;*.asx;*.xspf) when editing radio station. Now insted of inputing data you can also insert downloaded playlist file.
    - fixed bug in 'Radio Player' not able to delete station
    - updated localization
    - fixed flickering in 'Notes' skin
    - added ability to add folder/shell path/internet link to the Dock skin
    - updated KotokoRSSReader addon
    - changed e-mail error message, now will show up only 5 times
    - minor UI improvements

This Suite contains a lot of addons (.exe's) which needed to enchanse possibilities and functionality. Almost all of the addons i wrote myself using Autoit scripting language. Unfortunately some number of antiviruses will automatically flag such exe's as not trusted or even infected and one of main reasons why is explained here AutoIt and malware. This doesn't mean that every exe written using Autoit is indeed malware, but some of addons of mine will likely be flagged anyway :(. So if you have your antivirus flagged this Suite of skins to contains malwarea/trojans etc. and if you want to use this unique skins you need to do next:
    add to exclusions in antivirus options: path to rainmeter Kotoko Suite folder
   or any similar way so it will not get to quarantine or even be deleted (your antivirus is ultra paranoiac if it will do deleting lol)
! Otherwise DON'T use this skins because they will not work properly without all required addons !
    Also adding to exclusions will fix problems like freezing/low response/stucking with with some antiviruses. This may happen to any rainmeter skin
   If you downloaded installer file from here it should be clean, but im not guaranty you that it will be same if you download elsewhere. Please compare HASH sums with your file (sums are at bottom)
   If you need proves that addons are not malware i can give it personally.
  Point Right !!! If after you installed Kotoko Suite no configuration window poped up then load it manually by activating ConfigurationTool.ini under 'Configs'. !!! This is crucial!

Star!  Skins:

Here is a list of skins and short descriptions, some major features, overall skins are more advanced than described

• Calendar
You can make your notes on each day of the year and calendar will remind you about your note. Can be disabled. Supports minimized mode. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Countdown Clock
Countdown timer. You can set time and task what should be done on the end of countdown. If you didn't set task then it will only be alarm sound. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Configs
Tool to change almost every setting/option in whole suite. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• EarthQuake
Shows current earthquake activities in the world

• FolderInfo
Shows size and number of files/folders in directories. Can be edited.

• Launcher
    - left side
    - right side
    - Dock
Skins for launching apps or folders. Easy to edit setting. Left/Right side. Dock skin shows current running app and you can maximize or minimize window depending of its state. Right click on icon to see magic ;)

• Launchy
Almost the same as well-known utility. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Multimedia skins
    - MediaControl
        - Classic
        - Amphiton
    - SlideShow
        - Folder SlideShow
        - Instagram
        - Tumblr
        - Pics SlideShow
Basically MediaControl skins are for showing info about current playing media, also skin has controls and other handy options. SlideShow skins are designed for showing pictures from folder or Tumblr/Instagram/DeviantArt/Flickr/National Geographic. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube YouTube YouTube the second video is pretty outdated but you will get the point.

• Notes
Well, you can taking notes with this :) but also you can create more then one note in one skin. Easy to manage and setting up. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• RadioPlayer
With this you can listen online radio stations with nice animations and functionality. You can add/remove/edit stations; no limits on number of stations. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Reader
:bulletred: This skin is not available for Beta release. Planing to finish it for Final release

• System
    - Recycler
    - System Monitor
    - UpTime
System skins. System Monitor is an advanced skin can display HDD/CPU/Memory (RAM)/Network/Temperatures status. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Tab
    - Battary
    - Mail
    - WiFi
    - Volume control (Win7/XP)
Designed like tab skins in minimalist style

• Taskbar
Has lots of thing inside. Basically it's a taskbar, sits at top of your screen, can display weather/e-mail/media control/time/search bar/launcher/radio/system info/google news/deviantart/flickr/RSS feeds and more more things. Please watch video for more detailed info YouTube

• Time
 Simply these skins shows time/date and some additional info. There 4 skins each has its styles.

• Weather
Displays current weather condition, forecast. Supports: weather.com | openweathermap.org | gismeteo.ru

• Check For Updates
Tool to check for updates; Rainmeter and Kotoko releases

Note changelog pastebin.com

CRC32: 21CE0408
MD5: 9C6201603B36F7976A5BF0B849A4DDCC
SHA-1: 007836F3095906A8BA749289E6008D518CC4CF4A

:iconjsmorley: :iconpoiru: :iconchrfb: :iconvarelse42: :iconreiswaffel: :iconmaminscris:
All Rainmeter Team
Ascend4nt, Yashied
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The functions are great and I am a big fan of the alarm and calendar functions,

but for some reason there is always a line of transparency on each widget and ruins the look, is anyone else experiencing this also? Anyone know how to fix?

Kotoko Widgets

The problem persists on every skin, even glass.

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I loved your UI I was using it when I was on Windows but now completely switched to linux. Is there any chance you will be doing same work for linux platform?

It may not be neccessarily conky may be gtk or kde or gnome themes or might be your own different alternative software for conky. It might be anything. I love to have your UI on linux and so other linux users.

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Если бы  http://weather.com работало - цены бы не было!

Может, почините погоду?

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Hi, great skin! Your notepad app is among, if not THE best out there!

I've had issues as you mention with your Plugins causing AV Software to have issues, and I was wondering if it is possible to get hold of your Notepad as a self-contained download? I've been working on an adaptation of an old skin called "Juno", and if possible, I would like to incorporate your notepad into the skin, making a separate overlay just for notes.

Here's what I've been working on...

Juno ino

Let me know what you think, it only uses Core Temp as I just need something lightweight on the machine I am currently playing on.

Keep up the good work :)

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All my anti-virus software went off when I downloaded it - says it's infected with malware of some kind - ONLY this Skin, no one elses!
angelo0015's avatar
My antivirus also flag it as Generik.GTGZSDP trojan. I uninstall

Virustotal results for the file: www.virustotal.com/#/file/e8e5…

Aetherhiannon's avatar
I've been using your taskbar for a while now and I have just recently started getting security warnings of Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.A which so far over the last week or so has supposedly affected:

Rainmeter\Skins\Kotoko 5.0\Configs\Varia\SendMail.exe



\resources\Adpps\InformMe (2018_03_11 06_27_01 UTC).exe

I see in older posts you mention things like this are false positives? I'm concerned that it's happening so frequently, probably going to uninstall but was hoping you might have some new input. I really do not want to get rid of this taskbar! I don't use the mail or RSS or really a lot of the options but even the few things I have it do are a really nice addition.
dctoe's avatar
It is not unusual for an anti-virus to throw that warning for these utilities.  The trojan it is calling out is a very old one and gets flagged as a keylogger.  Of course, because the programs in question use your keystrokes to get information for you.  When your AV finds these types of programs, it checks them against a database of known programs.  If your program is not in this db, it throws the flag.

I don't know what AV you are using, but most of the provide the ability to whitelist programs that you know are good, but are throwing flags.  I use Windows 10 Windows Defender, and it gives me the ability to allow it  to ignore any programs that are not actually viruses.

Every once it a while, it will throw a flag on a program that I have already whitelisted, but that is usually only after any major updates to Windows.  In which case, I whitelist the program again and go on about my business.  You may want to check to see if you can do the same.

If it is too much trouble, uninstall.  However, I can say that FaradeyUA does not distribute viruses.  I have enjoyed his work for years now and have had no troubles with anything, and my system remains secure.  So the choice is yours.

I hope this helps. :)
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I'm sorry if I don't understand this or anything. But what exactly am I looking at? is it a Custom UI for on Operating system?
lugard1992's avatar
Thanks for the update FaradeyUA, I use your suite for several years ago.
The Win theme is awesome .
Any chance you make the rss-feed for desktop like Kotoko Suite v4.3.1 ?
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Here is the whole list of the AV-es  that block the suite: Scan result
It's interesting that even some of the best Security Suites find it as a malware, but this is a scan with an older update database, from November. Hope your autoits are more accepted with the latest AV DB.
InformMe.exe is the worst with 13/64 negatives.

My Kaspersky shows nothing after full scan (as the best AV in my opinion).

It should all be false positive but many of the users won't be able to use your skins or all the features of the same.

Thanks to: www.virustotal.com/en/

Top Antiviruses from July-Nov 2017. by False Positive alerts:  2017-12-24 19-55-38 by Pul53dr1v3r
FaradeyUA's avatar
Thank you for your input. I have converted some addons into rainmeter code, not the same functionality but...it works...
I really don't know what to change, maybe i will have to remove some most false-detected addons. I'll try dig into it even deepper hoping to solve this, but my expectations are so grim xD

After some tests with avira and dr.Web CureIt I noticed weird detection behavior... I even more "disappointing" in this AVs
testing very same file on one directory both shows clean, but moving file to Rainmeter skin's folder may detect if as suspicious/infected??  or testing file on diffrent computers...WTF i'm asking myself, seems like complete random to me. I'm happy i'm not using such "remove all not digitally signed files" antiviruses! Even Rainmeter was flagged as trojan before it wasn't signed!!! They just want money for digital sign and forcing developers to pay insert curse words here  !
Leandrit-Ferizi's avatar
Once tested for Win10, let me know :) Awesome work btw
chrisstgt's avatar
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Corporate 
Windows Defender 

2 Programms and 2 Warnings .. ?
FaradeyUA's avatar
and pls read my previous respond to you
Thank you
FaradeyUA's avatar
Read release post please before posting such comments Thank You
It is a false positive, you woulnd't have this on normal AV (99% sure)
what AV is this even? in really tired of these noname so called AVs, too lazy to do scanning pff...
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Desktop by Aetherhiannon  
My desktop with a bunch of your components and others. I was inspired by your Big Ben clock skin to make my own version, seen on the upper left :) Also, I customized the ClearText player to fit on your taskbar. It's pretty much the only skin that supports the "Web Now Playing" plugin and since I mostly listen to Soundcloud it's essential for me!
FaradeyUA's avatar
yeah WebNowPlaying it cool thing, playing wit it right now :)
Aetherhiannon's avatar
Oh and ignore the clock comment, got you mixed up with someone else, woops! sorry!
Aetherhiannon's avatar
Ok a couple more things- when using the glass skin, Launchy is white, meant to be that way? Also is there some way to integrate Launchy into the taskbar? I know there's a run executor but I'm not sure why you wouldn't have Launchy in the taskbar. Thanks again!
FaradeyUA's avatar
about transparency: i'm working on it, and yes it was by design because its hard to make input fully transparent and it is actually hard to see on some background so i decided it to have background.

about integrating: i thought about and decided not to add because of Rainmeter design. You see if i add everything in one skin it will load much longer will eat much more resources and will require much more work to be done on optimizing and connecting with everything else. Im not saying im not gonna come back to this to find better solution but this is not what on my list right now.
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