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Kotoko Suite v3.0.1 -MultLang-


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Kotoko Suite 3.0 Multilanguage


Updated and simply much better version is available > Download <. I highly recommend using new version instead of old. Thank you!

english | русский | українська | 中文

!!! Latest Rainmeter Required !!! Tested on v 1.4 beta 634r (64bit)

In archive you'll find two installers, one for 32 bit system and one for 64 bit system (OS: Windows)

After installing be free to use Configuration Tool and customize your own theme as you want and as you like
Note: Each skin has Tool Tips, thus you can easily to know what it can and what it does :)

To see Suite in action (v2.0), use previews
1st Preview "Black Theme" ||| 2nd Preview "Glass Theme"||| 3rd Preview "White Theme"

------------------- Please test and comment :+fav: or give me Llama if you liked my work -------------------

Easy to Configure, use and highly functional Suite. Many skins has their own buttons to fast configure and use. Use Tool Tips to know how to use...7 styles (some themes has been redesigned since last version)...You can change color theme, load/unload skins using Kotoko Configuration Tool. For changing Variables use Edit Variables Tool...
And as usual many bags has been fixed since v.2.0...many features has been added (Read Change Log).
Detailed change log below:

Change Log: (v3.0)

:bulletgreen: - Added notifier (New mail, New messages in RSS reader, etc).
:bulletgreen: - Added button to switch between normal and minimized mode.
:bulletgreen: - Added new styles.
:bulletgreen: - Added option "Check for Updates", in Configuration Tool
:bulletgreen: - Added option to change Font and height of font, in Configuration Tool (at the moment it applied on some skins | majority on RSS readers)
:bulletgreen: - Added option to control GrayScale, in Configuration Tool
:bulletgreen: - Added Language support. You can change it in Configuration Tool (available langs are : english | русский | український | chinese | (more will come...))
:bulletgreen: - Added options in skins for dynamically change variables etc.
:bulletgreen: - Added ATOM Reader
:bulletgreen: - Added new version of Anime Radio (1.4.1) and new BIG style. In Big style version added function to add additional radio station, any you want. All you need is put the link.
:bulletgreen: - Added new skins for Slide Show : Customize.org and National Geographic
:bulletgreen: - Added new skin for Tiled Slide Show : Style2 :)
:bulletgreen: - Added new skins for WinAmp control: WinAmpIP (recommended for use!)
:bulletgreen: - Added many options to make interface more user friendly

:bulletred: - i can't remember wat has been deleted :lol:

:bulletpurple: - Many skins has been updated according to new features of Rainmeter
:bulletpurple: - Completely rebuild-ed and updated Configuration Tool
:bulletpurple: - Improved interface and performance.
:bulletpurple: - Improved code in Cover Art Load skin.
:bulletpurple: - Improved code for Radio in Button skin. Easy to customize :)
:bulletpurple: - Fixed bug in AutoTask skin.
:bulletpurple: - Fixed bug in Configuration Tool, when change color in *- bar theme + improved code.
:bulletpurple: - some minor changes...

If you have NOD 32 Anti virus Installed and got problems (freezing) with this skin or other skin, try to add to exclusions in anti virus options:
- Path to Rainmeter.exe
- Path to Rainmeter.ini
- Path to rainmeter Skins folder (or Kotoko Suite folder)

This is a basic list of configs in suite and some comment on each:

:bulletblue: Configuration Tool (v3.0)
- With this tool you can easily activate and deactivate each skin by one click. Also you can change the theme and color theme of Kotoko suite. There are 7 styles: Kotoko (default), Black , White , Glass, Wood, Fancy, Parquet, D-Metal ,
You can pick the color of style as you want with color picker. And that is not all :). You can tint your bar and icons using color picker :)..oh and tint can be transparent. Also with this tool you can change Font and Language!

:bulletblue: Clock
- Mini clock
- TimeDate (Big clock)
- TextClock (Vertical)
- TextClock (Horizontal)

:bulletblue: Kotoko Circles
> HDD <
- 1-5 Small Horizontal (auto-detect number of disc. max 5 - min 1)
- 1-4 Big Centered (auto-detect number of disc. max 4 - min 1) (on testing stage...please report on problem)
- Temperature circle

:pointr: CPU
- Simple circle (small)
- QuadCore Histogram small (not the part of Kotoko Circles)
- QuadCore Histogram big (not the part of Kotoko Circles)
- Temperature circle

:pointr: RAM
- RAM simple circle (small)
- SWAP simple circle (small)

:pointr: GPU
- Temperature circle

:pointr: Ambient
- Temperature circle

:bulletblue: RSS Reader
- 4 separated RSS Reader skins
- 2 separated ATOM Reader skins

:bulletblue: WinAmp Control (it can)
- Shows Current Track
- Scroll Current Track
- Shows Duration
- Shows Volume Value
- Shows current position
- Shows file Info (bitrate etc.)
- Control winamp : -Play- -Pause- -Next- -Previous- -Volume- -Seak Bar- -Mute-
- Button for launch WinAmp
- Button for launch CoverArtFinder
- Button for toggle scroll function
!!! Attention: In WinAmp Options (Ctr+P General Preferences) - Uncheck option - "Scroll title in the Windows taskbar" and Uncheck option - "Show the play list number in the Windows taskbar"

:bulletblue: SlideShow
- DeviantArt Slideshow (newest/popular/your url)
- Flickr Slideshow (7days/newest/your url)
- Customize.org Slideshow (popular/newest)
- National Geographic Slideshow
- Folder Slideshow
- Tiled SlideShow (2 Styles)
| You can change the size and style of window easily, apply wallpaper automatically and manual and more. Use Tool Tips to know more

:bulletblue: System UpTime

:bulletblue: Recycler Bin
- Measure bin and clean on click

:bulletblue: Network
- NetIn & NetOut histograms
Set Interface value using "Edit Variables Tool" in case it not working

:bulletblue: Notes

:bulletblue: Cover Art Loader
- Loads Cover Art for WinAmp Control skin. Also you can change the size and style of window easily. No need internet connection anymore. Covers loads from folder where played track located.
You need to have plugin (gen_activewa.dll) to get it to work! You'll find it in the archive
This Plugin needs to retrieve covers for CoverArt Loader Skin
- Close WinAmp if it's running
- Add this plugin into Winamp's Plugins directory
For Example
C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
- And then you need to register this plugin. For that you need to open "Run" and type
regsvr32.exe "here your path to this plugin"
For Example
regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\gen_activewa.dll"
If success, you will get Message about success registration! Now you can use CoverArt Loader Skin :)

In case of error, like 0x80070005
do this
This is well known issue
Try this, but this time try not to close winamp when registering
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\gen_activewa.dll"
(previous was with.exe)

:bulletblue: Calendar Note
- Usual Calendar with one handy feature :) You can make your notes on each day and calendar will remind you about your note (if you turn on this option)

:bulletblue: Anime Radio (v.1.4.1)
~ Change Log v.1.4.1 ~
- Changed and added backgrounds (for best fit with Kotoko Suite)
- Added New Style - Big - (I :heart: it most :)) In this style you also can add your own radio what you want to listen. U will find button it "Radio Stations" list
- Fixed some bugs
- and some minor changes

:bulletblue: Bars
(Maximum supported resolution 1920x)!!!
- TaskBar
- FrontBar
- 4 backgrounds bars (for example for rss reader)
- 2 SideBars (edit )

:bulletblue: Zakladka
(Left and Right sides supported...click the arrow to change )
- Battery
- Gmail
- Wi-Fi (haven't tested yet, sorry, but i don't have wi-fi on my system. Used poirus' code with some additions )
- Volume Changer + mini-launcher | one for Windows 7| and one for other

:bulletblue: Button 3.0
~ With this you'll get ~

- :pointr: YouTube Feed

You can trace which video was:
"Most viewed today"
"Most viewed this Month"
"Most Recent"
"Most Favorites"
You can watch videos on your desktop. !!! (VLC Player installed Required)

:pointr: DeviantArt Feed

Here You can trace what was:
"Popular" on DA
"Latest Rainmeter Skin"
"One custom feed" (edit variables in configs)

:pointr: Flickr Feed

Using this you'll get:
"Group pool"
"Friends' Feed "
"Favorite photos feed"

:pointr: InterfaceLift Feed

Shows 4 latest submissions. You can download wallpaper with all available sizes

:pointr: Google News
Shows News using Google service (Big thanks to Google for this)

:pointr: 2 costume feeds
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: SpeedFan Info
- Shows temperatures, fan speeds and voltage
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: SystemInfo
Shows some system info :)

:pointr: Radio
You can listen to your favorite stations on your desktop
Now it easy to customize and edit stations. Have Fun!!!
(VLC Player installed required and edit variables in configs)

- Shutdown, Reload, Lock, Sleep etc. buttons

:bulletblue: Folder Info
Shows size and number of folders in dir
Thanks to elestel

:bulletblue: Weather
- MSN weather normal mode
- MSN weather mini mode

:bulletblue: WinOrb

:bulletblue: Launchers
Left/Right sides. Easy to customize

:bulletblue: Auto Task
Works like countdown timer. You can set time and task what should be done after elapsing desired (selected) time. If you didn't set task then it will only alarm sound. you can change it also by replacing original with yours, only filename should be same!

:bulletblue: EarthQuake
Originaly made by maminscris. Permition for adding kindly granted. Pictures loads from site.

:bulletblue: Edit Variables Tool (2.0)
Tool for setting variables. Can be loaded from KotokoConfigurationTool Skin by clicking on "Variables" button.

!!! Dont forget to edit variables if you not using Windows 7. Use Edit Variables Tool!

Credit to:
~ Kaelri kaelri.deviantart.com/ for some code
~ jsmorley jsmorley.deviantart.com/ for SystemInfo code and RainRadio inspiration.
~ Kenz0 (not on DA) for circle code and time period code
~ elestel (not on DA) for file list and folder info configs
~ poiru poiru.deviantart.com/ for his wi-fi code and cool app Rainstaller! and for plugin QuotePluginS.dll
~ chrfb chrfb.deviantart.com/ for ecqlipse_2 icons
~ Varelse varelse42.deviantart.com/ for inspiration in creating Text Clock (when i saw Seclorum Clock)
~ JyriK jyrik.deviantart.com/ for neon icons
~ Reiswaffle reiswaffel.deviantart.com/ for Win7AudioPlugin plugin
~ maminscris maminscris.deviantart.com/ for Earthquake skin
~ fediaFedia fediafedia.deviantart.com/ for Rainmeter skin config. Also Credits to Kaerli for RainConfigure source code, Xyrfo and poiru for their help.

Rainmeter Team for developing Rainmeter! awesome program!
VLC Team for their awesome program!
Nir Sofer for NirCmd Tool
Wallpaper unknown
...If i forgot someone please tell me
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