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Tattoo - Runes III (Shadowhunter LOVE Edition)

Upon a time there was once, a rather bemused bitch-fest between Cassie and MyS'elf, in which I couldn't morally rationalize "LOVE" as a Glyph, (as it is not a freakin' spell-cast. I mean, 'what about freewill' etc.) eventually I agreed only if I could be responsible for the literal definitions. Alright-y Shadowhunter fans, I will share with you an exclusive treat as this will not be in the guidebook, Shadowhunter Runes; LOVE VARIOUS edition. Enjoy!
... here we go!

Dark Artifice Set; Originally included in the #1 edition of the #LordOfShadows release. Subsequently released and subsequently mislabeled on the official twitter.

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I have one question of course if you can answer it for me on PM, could these love runes be drawn on shadowhunter or not?