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Luke Garroway [Mortal Instruments Trilogy] © Cassie Clare LLC, Simon & Shuster Publishing. Spring 2007, 2008, 2009.

Commission for www . mortal instruments . com


Luke's background is on the Brooklyn Bridge. Jace is on the Williamsburg Bridge, Everybody else is in and around the Village... Aside from Clary and Raphael which were from around my neighborhood. This is the last of the first commissioned character designs for Cassie & her site. Good stuff, Go Look!
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i love luke HE'S SO COOL! XD
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It's good to see an image of Luke - I had a hard time picturing him (bizarrely, since I think he should probably be the easiest!).
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We thought so too... How do you make someone so intentionally normal look notable?

We threw around names of people who he should look like and ended up using none of them. This past weekend I tore through some of Travest Charest old works and saw it so clearly. I just don't know people who would look like him! Wish I did... alas no. ^^;

Cassie really really wanted to see him though. I am glad I didn't give up.
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Indeed, but I guess if she commissions you to draw ... the other Luke, as it were, that will be quite notable (;

It's probably sad that all I know of Charest is his Captain America work and that apparently he's slow - glad he inspired you, though (;

I'm glad you didn't, either.

Meanwhile, I was a bit surprised to not see your work in the character information section of the Mortal Instruments site.
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Other Luke, gosh I dunno if that'd be the most terrifying suggestion or the best ever! Character design is not my strong suit.

Charest, Slow? As in mentally challenged or that he never finishes a damn thing on time? I knew about the latter ^^;

He used to do work with Jim Lee for image/wildstorm back when comics were popular in the 90's. Since then I've only seen him do covers and splash-pages. He has a gift for details and lines of motion.

Theo runs the site. It was a time and editing issue which I'm okay with 'cuz it took a lot of pressure off me.