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Beauty and the Beast

my part of art trade with :iconbhora: :hug:
first version i drew with watercolours- [link] ...but it was only quick sketch and.... found in library great book about baroque fashion :love: ....and i had to drawing new one :blushes: (i :heart: fashion desing :blushes: )
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Such a beauty~
SailorVenus92's avatar
Love this so much
faQy's avatar
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oooohh, i want to see this animated. itd be so beautiful as a feature length film.
faQy's avatar
thanks :D
(i like to desing such detailed things but i would never animated something like this...only thinking about it sounds painful XD )
Marla-chan's avatar
yes, yes it would be. oof. still, wonderful designs.
mamaOOD's avatar
Lovely illustrations!
Mendedpixie's avatar
beautiful! I love all the detail, the child like appearance of beauty, and the very unique design of the beast.
CyborgJanEyre's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the mixture of patterns in her dress.
Minkymy's avatar
Her arms remind me of the tattoos on the Ukok Princess.
Well done, I must say.
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Is there a line missing on her right arm? X:
Beautiful piece though.
tell me a story...using only your drawings!!! :DDD <3
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You need to illustrate books. ALL THE BOOKS. Every single book should be illustrated by you, it is only right.
faQy's avatar dream's be illustrator at least of one book...of one short story...or fairy-tale...
maybe future ^^;
jugez-moi's avatar
You need to! Seriously, my dream is to be a writer (I think, it's so hard to decide), so if I ever write a book I promise you can illustrate it, if you want :D It would be amazing, you're so good. x
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this is absolutely stunning :D
Archer1's avatar
Very nice. I was thinking of doing one myself. This is beautifuly
Sugarglass-Fairy's avatar
This is so pretty it does look like it came from an old storybook. Love the color choices and the dress.
LittleMissUnholy's avatar
This reminds me of the images that were in the story books I read when I was little! :iconiloveyouplz:
faQy's avatar
:D ...I¨m glad you like it (...awww....being illustrator of children's book is my dream :blushes: )
LittleMissUnholy's avatar
If that is your dream, then you're doing an amazing job! :clap:
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