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I Feel
At times like this,
I feel so alone,
I know you're here,
I know you love me.
Yet still I feel withdrawn,
cloaked within myself,
I long to be...
It is like a drug,
I cannot quit.
Maybe it's the depression,
but when I'm like this,
there are two drugs I crave,
love and solitude.
Torn between being alone,
so you won't see the pain,
and being loved enough
to erase the pain.
Each day it grows,
worse and worse,
needing more and more,
until I drain you dry,
with nothing
left to give.
Waiting for you...
to touch me,
to want me,
to hold me,
to love me.
At times like this,
I feel so alone.
Even knowing you're here,
even knowing you love me.
I'm still withdrawn,
still cloaked,
still hiding.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 29 16
The Warrior's Quandy
I hear the drums, the chanting,
far behind me, near the camp.
I sit alone, under Grandmother Moon.
I need to think.
Which path is right?
Which path is wrong?
Will we, the First People,
regret this way we forge?
The elders counsel waiting,
the younger feel the flames of war,
they hear the call of the drums.
The white devils make many promises,
but the only ones they keep involve violence.
So many of our people, not just warriors,
woman and children, slain as well,
left to rot, lost to history.
We've been driven from our lands,
so many times,
uprooted from our past.
What will the future hold?
Will our ways die?
Our people?
Bear hide keeps me warm,
while I listen to the drums,
to the chanting,
under Grandmother Moon
worrying about the future of my people.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 40 25
Moon Dance Collab with Mariano by Faoiltiarna-Wolf
Mature content
Moon Dance Collab with Mariano :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 35 19
Our situation is
more than complicated.
An intricate puzzle
of millions of pieces.
You're half a world
away from me.
Always taking,
never giving.
I never complain
not to you,
not outloud.
But to myself,
I wonder,
why must it be
so complicated.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 28 7
Little Sweetheart
You call me your
'little sweetheart'
When we're alone.
Never where anyone
might hear you.
I almost expect you
to look from left to right.
Making sure no one
is around.
Are you ashamed of me?
Is that what it is?
My love is not good enough?
I give you all my time,
and you hide me away.
Even a doll gets shown off,
every now and again,
but not me.
We're alone now,
no one is around
to hear you call me
your little sweetheart.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 23 4
Moon Dance
A lonesome wind carrying the sound,
songs that only wolves can understand.
The gentle cool touch of moon's pale light,
tracing the shapes of the priestesses
in light and shadow play.
Only the two dancing, arms upraised.
Calling out in prayer, in triumph.
Rejoicing for their freedom,
asking for a good hunt.
Thanking for the gifts She gives.
Ears, sharp, hearing every sound.
Eyes able to pierce the shadows,
unfazed by the play of colors.
Noses built to scent any trail.
All better than mere human form.
Swiftness of foot, sharpness of fang.
Ready to hunt, to feed.
Taking only what they need.
Offering up their thanks with howls,
making others shiver that hear,
their moon dance.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 30 6
Fear and Hope
I prepare for the worst,
but hope for the best.
I prepared for the news,
but hoped it was not true.
I prepare the shrouds,
but hope she'll not need them.
I prepare the phone tree,
but hope I'll not have to call.
I've prepared the songs,
but hope I'll not need to sing.
I've accepted that she's made her peace,
but I still hope she'll never just give up.
I know I may never see her again,
but I hope to hold her one last time.
I know I may not get to kiss her again,
but I hope to stroke her cheek.
I know how brave she really is,
but I hoped she'd not have to prove it.
This is how my people, my family,
deal with life, it's ups and downs.
We prepare for the worst,
continuing to hold hope in our hearts.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 34 36
Letter to my Heartbreak
To my Heartbreak,
This is hard to write, but I have to. There is a lot I need to get off my chest before it eats me alive. I know you won't read this, may never even see it. Even if I sent it to you...
For months, almost a year, of my life, I've given. My time, my heart, whatever you asked that was in my power to give. I've made time for you, gave you room in my heart. And at first, you seemed to as well. We talked for hours on the phone, online, everyday. When my cat died, you canceled your plans and spent time with me.
You've told me that you care about me, very much, that you're very fond of me. And when you're drunk, you tell me you love me. You tell me, "IloveyouImissyouIwishyouwerehere." But never when you're sober. Oh no. When you're sober, you hide everything behind this wall of almost smarminess. When you're sober, we're just friends with benefits. You tell me you can't say it, that if you do, you'll break. Well, you've already broken something. My heart.
You see, I let you li
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 40 25
She Awaits by Faoiltiarna-Wolf She Awaits :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 60 47
Break Away
A need to escape,
A need to run,
A need to be free.
My heart is tight
within my chest,
as I look to the mountains,
so far from me.
A taste of freedom,
my soul longs for,
seemingly out of reach.
If only I had wings,
to carry me across
the still waters,
to carry me away
from this dead life.
Tired of my feet
feeling parched earth,
I want to feel the grass,
see the trees,
smell the flowers.
I want to touch the sky
and break away.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 30 13
The Warrior
I watched him go,
unable to ask him to stay.
It was for me and our home
he was going away.
How could I ask?
He wouldn't have been swayed.
Not from this task.
So behind him I stayed.
He cast one look back at me,
one glance telling me his love.
That was all there was to see,
as I prayed to those above.
Return him to me, safe and sound.
My love, the warrior.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 33 10
Angel's Dawn
The breath of a new day,
gentle light of sun's first kiss.
Accompanied by a soft beauty
wandering amongst the softness
of a carpet of clouds.
She alights upon the earth,
treading delicately among
the dew laden lavender,
which matches the color of her eyes.
A vision of grace and beauty,
not meant for mortal eyes.
The breeze stirs her hair,
ruffling her wings,
and kissing her skin.
The rose of dawn's kiss,
complimenting her gown,
tinging her feathers to match.
But she is too entranced
with the beauty around her,
to see her own.
A gift of a new day,
the dawn's first light,
the kiss of an angel.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 25 19
Mature content
Dangerous Love :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 35 31
She Got It So Right-Yatesmon by Faoiltiarna-Wolf She Got It So Right-Yatesmon :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 52 26
Destructive power,
no remorse,
no conscience.
Taking what she wants,
giving nothing in return.
The darkest side of Eve.
All demon,
no angel.
Walk away,
run if you can.
Pray you never meet her.
Hollow ebony eyes
burning through you.
Seductive and dangerous,
she'll eat you alive.
There is no surviving,
once she has her hooks in you.
Run while you still can,
before she notices you,
before she claims you,
before she destroys you.
Your life,
her toy.
And her last one is dead.
Go now...
too late...
She saw you.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 38 26
Melt My Heart
A frigid ice princess,
cold and unfeeling.
I protected myself,
too well, perhaps.
But I took no chances.
I would take no more pain,
not from him,
not from anyone.
A heart encased in ice
cannot be broken,
the cold numbing,
keeping me from feeling,
from falling and breaking again.
But the ice drags me to the bottom
of a dark abyss of loneliness.
A frozen heart knows no pain,
but knows no joy either.
The darkness of a hollow soul
terrifies me, is it my fate?
Save me from myself.
Melt my heart,
teach me to love once more,
never let me break,
show me the joys of ecstasy.
Help me to live again,
bring heat and light
to the cold, dark recesses of my heart.
I beg you,
melt my heart.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 35 18

Random Favourites

old town by ePu3 old town :iconepu3:ePu3 75 20 KILL by Goldenwolf KILL :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 272 24 Dispute by Goldenwolf Dispute :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 327 25 Punchline by Goldenwolf Punchline :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 270 16
I'm not your kind of pretty,
But you are my kind of perfect.
Perfection in imperfection.
I like that.
She is your kind of pretty.
And at first glance, perfect.
You seem to think so
And I can't help but think so too-
From what I can see, from a facebook pout spree,
And what others tell me,
She's got it all, that girl's on fire.
There's a lot that separates the two of us.
A handful of months,
And a whole scale, beauty to plain.
Her character "nice", mine "weird"
She's got her style
I've got my odd quirks.
Contest? Not likely. Not bloody likely.
For all I know, on the inside,
She could be just like me.
She could wonder at the world, the beauty and pain.
She could hear the heartbeat in a song
Or see the beauty in something small most people
Cast aside.
I wish he could do that.
But few do. Who would
Notice a pebble in the dirt when it lies next to diamonds?
I used to be bitter.
Raw and hurting.
Loathing myself- in all my weakness.
It took me a wh
:iconrainbowflyinglizard:rainbowflyinglizard 14 10
Tapioca by spoofdecator Tapioca :iconspoofdecator:spoofdecator 163 270 Vampyress by Gwasanee Vampyress :icongwasanee:Gwasanee 13 11 Pantie by Gwasanee Pantie :icongwasanee:Gwasanee 20 16
Death of an Echo
Rushing in a mindless fuss
Kissing lies with endless rust
Tearing hairs at the tip
Biting back poison darts from the lips
Bowing inward with a concave scream
It hurts to only see you in my dreams
Hearing truths in disbelieving ears
Reading words through blurry tears
Crumbling on knees that buckle
Like a child with no tit to suckle
Forced to live without you by my side
How could you have went and chose to die
Feeling the anger start to rise
What once I loved, now despise
You left me all alone
Now in heaven lives my home
I said I loved you to death
Not knowing soon you'd be put to rest
You haunt me in the early hours
Between dreams and reality showers
I never want to have to wake
Cause then your death I have to face
As they place your casket beneath the snow
I realize I've only been chasing echoes
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 5 6
Zombie Infection
The light has left
Gone with the sun's descent
In the midnight hour
Your grave is my one torment
Gasping can be heard
Beneath the mound of dirt
The sound springs hope to flutter
From the ground your shirt's uncovered
With hollow eyes you begin to rise
Body cloaked with maggots and flies
Horror steals my vocal cords as I empty
My stomach contents upon the floor
Smell of rotting flesh and
Sight of peeling skin
Your a walking epitome
Of every nightmarish sin.
In front of me you stand
And not one word you utter
Your mouth feasts on my neck
All I can do is shudder
Every night I prayed
For your resurrection
Now I must eliminate
This zombie infection
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 5 3
half a girl,line and shade by dielectric-m half a girl,line and shade :icondielectric-m:dielectric-m 265 303 Perfectly Matched by pallanoph Perfectly Matched :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 746 141 I'm Not Fat I'm Just Big Boned by SalemCat I'm Not Fat I'm Just Big Boned :iconsalemcat:SalemCat 43 24 This Old House by SalemCat This Old House :iconsalemcat:SalemCat 28 9 The Magenta by SalemCat The Magenta :iconsalemcat:SalemCat 21 19


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Yes, I know it's huge.. and it's growing larger.. I'm easy to shop for, what can I say!



Tiarna or Failenn or Banba
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Now in Virginia!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Print preference: Hmm.. Calligraphy
Favourite genre of music: Too many to choose.
Favourite photographer: I had one, now I has many.
Favourite style of art: Again with the tough questions.. too many.
Operating System: *blank stare*
MP3 player of choice: My computer?
Shell of choice: Mother of Pearl...?
Wallpaper of choice: The full moon over Bulgaria, It's beautiful!
Favourite cartoon character: I don't know...
Personal Quote: Nothing worth having comes easy..and today, people don't know how to fight for what they want..
Unfortunately, there is only a little new to report, sadly.
1. I have finished my bachelors in Psychology with a 3.99, Summa Cum Laude and am currently working on my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling before I move on to my Ph.D. hopefully in Clinical Psychology! As we all know, this takes it's toll on my ability or time to write, and I apologize profusely.
2. I have divorced and moved on with my life. Currently I am living in Virginia with my fiance, no date set yet, but hoping.
Also hoping that at some point I'll find a little time to flex my writing muscles!
I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, and faves, and comments. When I can get on to read them I do, and again, my sincere apologies for not being able to respond to everyone.
Another tidbit, if I can find the time, and the inspiration.... there shall be a second book out, hopefully in time for Christmas... this time of short stories, most of which will not be published on here..
But, love you all, miss you all, *huggles tight!*
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  • Eating: pomegranite
  • Drinking: Vernor's Ginger Ale.



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