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I have launched my new series on Tapastic, The World of Wishes!

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I wanted to share a touching story about Hailey, a cute young guinea pig from North Star Rescue, who lost both her front legs. The rescue runs a fundraiser to buy her a wheelchair so that she can move around happily like other piggies.

You can now help her get a wheelchair to move around freely by purchasing a shirt at Teespring!
Hailey by Fany001
Learn more about Hailey's story 
Have you got yourself a guinea pig shirt yet? Hurry! Only 5 more days left!!!! to buy this unique shirt and support abandoned guinea pigs!!!!…

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Pigning 2015 Shirts! by Fany001
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Please help support my friend Tasha’s awesome comic Tethered in Line contest! Hi! 

Her main character, robot Ed is a funny fellow and a lover of nature too :)
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Tethered Comic

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Ed Sm by Fany001

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You can now officially support me!  w00t! 

If my pictures and comics put a smile on your face or made you wonder, please consider becoming my Tapastic Supporter or Patreon Patron ! You will gain access to extra stuff and earn something the longer you support and maybe even enable me to do another comic projects! Hug

Text & Illustration © Iva Fany Vyhnánková
Published by Zoner Press, 2011
Photos of the book © Jan Vyhnánek (my brother)

These are photos of the book I have written and illustrated named "O kapybaře, která chtěla létat" ("The Capybara that Wanted to Fly") which was officially published in the Czech Republic on December 12 2011 by Zoner Press the publishing house. I'm sorry it's only in Czech, but my English isn't good enough for me to write it in English, and I don't know any American or British publishers. If there is someone who would like to translate it, I would be happy, please contact me!

:bulletred: You can see a preview at the publisher's site: PREVIEW! :bulletred:

Publishing this book should have meant for me to win in that competition you voted for me in (I'm truly grateful for all your votes) and thus get the money for studies, however, the whole competition turned out to be one big fraud (well, to be honest, I expected it, and who wouldn't, it was suspicious from the beginning), so I'm sorry that your effort was in vain... but I would like to thank you all for all your support so far, I wouldn't have made it so far without your encouragement! Thank you!


Sun Oct 30, 2011, 5:04 PM


The voting has ended and I have passed into the finals, it was all thanks to you! If it hadn't been for your support and patience with that voting system, I wouldn't have got so far! Thanks go also to all the people that at least tried to vote but the app didn't let them. I still appreciate your effort!

THANK YOU 10000000000000000000 TIMES!!!!!!



Sun Oct 23, 2011, 4:06 AM


I'm in a Czech competition where I can win money for my studies and I would like to ask everyone to vote for me on:

:bulletblue: facebook: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: 1] you click "LIKE" on this:…

:bulletred: 2] click the first button "Dát hlas" in this application:…

:bulletblue: AND on :bulletblue:

:bulletred: 1] register on this page:… (don't worry, it's safe)

:bulletred: 2] open the longest link in the email you receive

:bulletred: 3] login here:…

:bulletred: 4] on the page that opens after you login, search (ctrl+F) my name or simply "vyh" and click the button "Dát hlas" under my name

:bulletred: 5] THANK YOU 100000000000 TIMES!!! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

If you vote, you will also see an ugly photo of me even though I have always said that that I never wanted a single photo of me on the net :crazy:


I'm very GRATEFUL to all of you who have voted for me so far: on facebook, even if you only tried and didn't go through all the process (I know, the voting system is extremely stupid, but it's not my fault) and special thanks go to all the people who were courageous enough to vote on the second link which is even more annoying because it's in Czech (I hope the Google Translate helped a bit) - you really have my admiration! I can't believe so many people were able to do it! I'm also happy for all those emails and notes! Thank you all so much!!!

The voting ends on Sunday at 11pm GMT - who hasn't voted yet can still support me! :) Thank you!

Friday edit: I'm extremely sorry that the facebook voting gate doesn't work, I hope they fix it soon.



Deadline: 31. 07. 2010

#1 Any technique is acceptable, you can draw traditionally or digitally or even make a sculpture. Just make sure the final image "looks good" (meaning no cellphone photos of the sculpture or drawing) and that it has the resolution of 300dpi. Please send only JPG or PNG images as a PSD or TIFF would kick my bandwidth.

#2 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! It HAS to be related to DRAGON HEROES. It can be one of the characters in either dragon or human form (since I understand that the dragon heads are somewhat hard to draw) or your "additional" character with the Dragon Heroes general design. Images of Zeero, Keerio, the boar and other non-dragon characters in the comic are OK.

Sorry, but I won't accept a Naruto fanart (not even if he was pictured as a dragon, because I do not own the rights to publish an image of him - this applies to all copyrighted characters). What won't be accepted as well are pictures of generic standard dragons (like chinese ones and the ones slayed by knights) unless it has some meaning: like a picture of Mirrage drawn as a chinese dragon-god of cookies. Please don't go on me with pictures you drew 5 years ago saying "but it's a blue dragon it looks almost like Fayllen!". Simply put, everyone must be able to tell at the first sight that your artwork is related to the Dragon Heroes comics.

Yeah and no mature content, I hope it is understandable. And if you wanted to draw a yaoi pic of Mirrage and Fayllen, please draw something else.

#3 The judge will be me and my friend who knows a lot about comics. And don't worry, I will be the last one to take sides. The aspects of evaluation are these:

    * Idea (originality, joke, etc.)
    * The overall feeling of the picture
    * The use of media - but don't be discouraged by this if you don't feel like a pro artist, this is the last thing I will look at :)

#4 By entering the contest you claim that the work is ONLY your own work (but teamworks ARE acceptable as long as everyone from the team agrees with this conditions) and that you didn't copy any part of the picture from someone else's artwork or photo (unless you have their permision). By entering the contest you also give me the permission to publish your artwork in the Artbook in case it wins.

#5 Number of entries per person (or a team) is not limited. However, only one artwork of a person can win, that means even if you post 10 pictures, only one of them can take one of the three first places. Sorry, but you can't take all the three slots :)

#6 Send your artwork to fanyart(at)gmail(dot)com and include:

    * Your name or nickname that you want to have written under your artwork
    * The name of your artwork
    * The name of your country

You can also write anything in the email, I will be happy to have a conversation with you :)

#7 I reserve the right to cancel the contest if the number of participating artists is less than 5.
I have prepared an Artbook containing illustrations of Dragon Heroes you cannot see anywhere else, secret concepts and jokes and also a picture of human Dragon Heroes!

What's more: I want to include a page of fanarts - and this is the place for YOU! Three best fanarts will be published in the Artbook, the deadline is 31st July 2010. So scan or draw your fanart digitally at 300dpi, save it as jpg or png and send it to fanyart(at)gmail(dot)com. So start right now, don't miss your chance!

Here is your inspiration:…

:iconxiaoniao: bought me a subscription! Thank you very much! I didn't expect this :)

Stacey is on the exhibition!

Another news: I'm no longer at Václav Hollar Art School, now I study at MICHAEL - Private Secondary School of Creation of Advertisement which is much more interesting. (But it keeps me even more busy than before.) There are nice people and the teachers are real professionals. I learned a lot since september, and even though I'm new there, they sent me on a school trip to Scotland for two weeks in November! (hehe, you see, my English has improved :D ) Man, I'm glad I left Hollarka and came to Michael School!

Our school has now an exhibition at Old Town Hall in Prague, its probably one of the most prestigious places for temporary exhibitions in our country :D Although I have been studying at this school only for half a year, they chose one of my digital paintings for the exhibition, I can't believe it! They even printed it to 100x70 cm high quality paper, I was amazed how nice it looked!

Stacey on exhibition
The print is really amazing! :3

Stacey on exhibition
Stacey with my friend and roommate Jindra :)
Hi folks!

I just have some little time to spend on the internet, so I'm updating my sites - altough my ftp client doesn't work, so I can't update my comics >:[

I have added some new pics and animations, hope you'll enjoy them! (The new upload manager REALLY extremely sucks! The script doesn't work, so the images are being uploaded forever! If it continues, I'm not gonna upload any other pics ever!  - yeah, I'm really pissed off :chainsaw: )

Nevertheless, enjoy the new pics and animations and feel free to comment! :D

It's hard to explain why I was so long time out. A lot of things have happened. Firstly, in February my notebook cought a virus or something like that, and didn't want to work. Then I stopped updating my comics and hoped that my brother could repair it. But couldn't and it seemed bad.
In that time I was contacted by editor in chief from 21st Century Junior, the new czech magazine for kids and teens. The editor found my comic Dragon Heroes and asked me if I would draw characters like in my comic for their magazine. Of course, I took it, it was my first job. During spring and summer, I drew for them a lot of dragon characters and additional illustrations, posters and comics. Thanks to this magazine now I have a quite fast computer, A4 tablet and super big monitor - all my dreams! I can't believe I got so much luck!  :boogie:
I'm still very busy with the work, but I hope I will have time for my comics soon.

I added a few pics I made in my free time and in our school (but only under desk! This stuff we don't learn in our school) :)


... This new face of DA is very cool! :D


Fri Oct 14, 2005, 2:58 PM
FableHill :iconfablehill: did this test and wrote there I should do it too. So I tried it... it's cool!

:bulletblue: Seven things that scare you:
1. crashed computer
2. english
3. envious people
4. terrorists
5. school and teachers
6. bus
7. computer viruses

:bulletblue: Seven things you like the most:
1. my notebook (+ software)
2. my family
3. my online friends
4. my pets
5. my dreamed creatures (like Froddy, Asheron...)
6. webcomics
7. making websites (only actually, I think I will hate it soon :))

:bulletblue: Seven important things in your room:
1. MY BED (I love my bed :)
2. my computer (+ software)
3. cable of internet modem
4. my guinies Angee and Teeny
5. door
6. posters
7. my crocodile Jack (it's just a plush toy :D)

:bulletblue: Seven random facts about you:
1. I live for internet
2. I make webcomics in collaboration with FableHill :iconfablehill:
3. I have two guinea pigs, one rabbit, three parrots and one older brother
4. I'm looking for a new monitor LCD 19', because that old is too small (14') so I need to sell some of my prints :D
5. I try to expand the digital art to our little country, where nobody knows what tablet is :)
6. I hate my country
7. I love animals

:bulletblue: Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. learn to speak english (I do NOT want it, I NEED it >:[ )
2. finished some webcomics
3. draw some pics
4. make some webpages
5. expand in my stupid country digital art
6. do not go crazy after it
7. save the world

:bulletblue: Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. understading
2. ability in computers
3. ability in manipulation with animals
4. ability in making websites
5. empathy
6. holding of some island :)
7. pets

:bulletblue: Seven things you say the most:
1. I hate mankind. (I wanna be an extra-terrestrial :D)
2. Oh my card!
3. I'm glad you hate my scribbles.
4. Throw there a bomb. (No, I'm not a terrorist, I say it for example when our neighbours make a din)
5. Work, work you stupid black box! (to my notebook, it is really very slow!)
6. Ahem, what did you say?
7. I really don't know!

:bulletblue: Seven celeb crushes (whether local of foreign):
1. everyone
2. who
3. is
4. more
5. intelligent
6. than
7. me

:bulletblue: Seven people you would like to see take this test:
1. :iconmarina1:
2. :iconfan-the-little-demon:
3. :iconlysandr-a:
4. :iconjackel15:
5. :iconwhostolemynose:
6. :iconadriana22:
7. :iconfeylyrien:


Fri Oct 7, 2005, 1:20 PM
Prints! Prints! Prints!

Pops! I finally found some money for a print account, so I made a couple of my pics available for prints!

Prints, puzzles and magnets:
Fly to the Dream... by Fany001 Adventure Train by Fany001 :new:

Prints and magnets:
The End by Fany001 The Friendship by Fany001 Nature Element: Moon Dragon by Fany001 Phaeron by Fany001

Cyber Dancer by Fany001 Phantom Mirrage by Fany001 Escape by Fany001

Cofee mugs, coasters and magnets:
The Cavy Which Can Paint by Fany001 :new:

I love deviantART! This is my first deal! (except my book) *:D Buy some, I need an LCD monitor 19' (old 14' is tooo small)* :D :boogie: :D :boogie: :D

:bulletpurple: Clubs:
:iconswdc: :icondragonlovers-club: :iconengland-community: :iconcastleofshadows:

:bulletblue: My secondary galleries:
NatureElements :iconnatureelements: and Froddy :iconfroddy:


Hey, that's cool! I got a free trial deviantart subscription! :D I don't know why, but it's interesting! But I have it just for this week... :( I must make the best of it, so here is some of my pics:
Fly to the Dream... by Fany001 Asheron's Mum by Fany001 Have You ever seen a Camera? by Fany001 Tomorrow by Fany001 The End by Fany001
Digital Dreamworld:
The Friendship by Fany001 Nature Element: Moon Dragon by Fany001 Sweet Nightmare by Fany001 Phaeron by Fany001 Perfect Pet by Fany001
Cyber Dancer by Fany001 Phantom Mirrage by Fany001 Dont move or... by Fany001 YOU by Fany001 Angry Mirrage by Fany001
Adventure Train by Fany001 Escape by Fany001 Gold Dennim by Fany001 Baffin - the Swamp Dragon by Fany001 The Frog by Fany001 The Cavy Which Can Paint by Fany001 Scared Angee by Fany001

:bulletpurple: Clubs:
:iconswdc: :icondragonlovers-club: :iconengland-community: :iconcastleofshadows:

:bulletblue: My secondary galleries:
NatureElements :iconnatureelements: and Froddy :iconfroddy:

WOW! I have over 1000 pageviews!!! Thank you all soooo much! You don't know how I'm HAPPY you like my scribbles!!
Fan-the-little-demon :iconfan-the-little-demon: was my 1000th visitor! Check her out! She is my friend from the Czech Republic and she draws amazing pics and comics!

:bulletblue: School:
I won't be here in this week, because I live in boardinghouse. So I'm sorry I won't answer your comments. But I promise I will go on Deviantart on weekend! :aww:

:bulletpurple: Clubs:
SWDC - Silent Wings - Dragon Club :iconswdc:
Dragonlovers-Club :icondragonlovers-club:
England-community :iconengland-community:
CASTLEofSHADOWS :iconcastleofshadows:

:bulletblue: My secondary gallery:
NatureElements :iconnatureelements:

:bulletpurple: See you soon! :wave:
:bulletpurple: I'm very happy! I joined the club named SWDC - Silent Wings - Dragon Club :iconswdc:
And Dragonlovers-Club :icondragonlovers-club: initiated me too :D !
And I received a personal invite from recruiter of the club named England-community :iconengland-community: It's very cool! So I joined it! :D

:bulletblue: I created my secondary gallery NatureElements :iconnatureelements: where I have pictures of dragons symbolizing every element of nature. I made it because I don't wanna have pics of Nature Elements mixed with my other art. So I created a special gallery for them! :D
Yeah, I will submit the pics of Nature Elements even into this gallery, so don't worry. In NatureElements you have just the nature dragons pretty in box! :D
Hey! I have over 500 pageview! :excited: Thank you all who watched my gallery, THANK YOU!!! :glomp: Your interest in my artwork makes me very happy! :boogie:
And who was my 500th pageviewer? Marina1 :iconmarina1: - check out her gallery, she has very interesting colorful photos! :w00t: