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Regalecus glesne Oarfish

In autumn I watched a documentary on legendary sea serpents and an amazing fish named Regalecus glesne (oarfish) was presented. I was blown away by the fantastic design of that real-life creature that I immediately wanted to paint a picture as a tribute to its beauty.

Orafish live in deep sea and little is known about their life as only dead specimens washed ashore have been found. In the documentary there was a piece of footage taken by an underwater robot near a production platform showing the fish swimming in vertical position.

If you don't believe this fish is real, google it, there are some photos of dead specimens :)
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I've seen these animals and they are the most pokemon-looking creatures in the world! :P
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Truly one of the most beautiful beasts of the sea.
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Oarfish are definitely very interesting creatures. The oceans of the world are certainly overflowing with fascinating wildlife. :aww:

Excellent job on the artwork, by the way. :D
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Why does this not have more comments? My goodness, this is a wonderful painting.. It really captures the beauty of this species.. I need to see more of it.
Excellent work.~ UvU
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Absolutely gorgeous! I just love how the colors on the oarfish looks. This work needs more comments it's just amazing. Well done!
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I just wanted to let you know that I put this in an art feature in my group :iconrealmsoffantasy-myth: , in the article "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 53 - Sea Serpents" You can find it here: [link] ^_^
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Beautifully done! The texture on the body is wonderful, and I love the many colors reflected on it.
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