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Eternal Fight
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Published: March 16, 2013
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Since I still keep receiving emails asking for this image from the Dragon Heroes Artbook (which really surprises me, several years after its publication, but makes me happy) as a wallpaper, I thought of posting it here where people can download it without having to email me and having to login to DA (yeah, you all, who have deleted your DA account and now keep sending me emails instead of commenting here! You have no idea how that complicates my life! But thanks for your support anyway and forgive me if I haven't replied to you yet ^^; ) Just save the picture and when setting it as a wallpaper, select "center". It should fit both 4:3 and widescreen monitors.

I'm glad that this picture is one of the most favorites from the artbook, though it is about 4 years old! I painted it during several cold winter nights at the boarding house where it was too cold to sleep so I kept my laptop busy to heat the room at least a bit :)
This old picture saved me this autumn when I worked on a commercial comic and we didn't have almost any time for the last few chapters. In one scene of a destroyed city I used this background and thanks to that managed to finish the chapter in time.

Last week I met a younger artist who knew the Dragon Heroes and Asheron comic. I was kind of startled because I'm one of those people who don't like to be recognized. It was a nice talk, though. It made me think about the DH comic, as there are many of you still waiting for its continuation. I guess it's time to make a resolution.
The years of making Dragon Heroes were very precious to me, and you, the readers, were just as precious and your support made me very happy. However, time has moved on and the season of making webcomics (just as my season of writing novels) has gone and now belongs to my childhood past. I have grown up from it and there is no reason to force something flawed by my childish impatience to make something real as quickly as possible to continue. I have now a different view on things, improved and learned a bunch of things about storytelling and art that if I were to make a comic someday, it would be something really different. But now I want to continue studying, which requires funds, thus I have to devote my free time to commissions. Though I will miss Dragon Heroes, that period of my life is gone and my focus has shifted to other things. For the past few years I have been commissioned to drawing many things I really love and which have a wider and more general audience than a webcomic, such as promotion comics, concept art, mascot and 3D character designs, coloring books, magazine illustrations and covers, etc., which make best use of my best skills, give me important experience and also help me fund my studies.
I also realized that my introvert and naive character was a big disadvantage for a webcomic artist leading to situations I don't want to experience again. A year ago I was invited to join a big studio which unites illustrators and mediates commissions. The people there are very kind and take care of all the dealing so now I don't have to worry about being taken advantage of and just draw all kind of different things the clients ask for. This kind of life I have now is very precious to me and by no means I want to lose it. So I won't waste my time on things that belong to my childhood, no matter how much I loved them. Dragon Heroes were an important experience for me, but now I have different things I want to focus on. I know many DH readers will be disappointed by this, but I believe you will understand once you too arrive at a point in life where things get different and you change your heart with focus on new things.

But still, I humbly thank all readers who supported me!
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AutumDragonflameHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this picture, and I am sad to see DH go, but I look forward to World of Wishes with such anticipation it feels like I'll burst. I am quite young, and have still lost interest in comics I have done. I tried to write one for my brother, but it died quickly. I understand your reasoning, and though I am a bit late finding this, I am glad for the closure. Thank you for the wonderful, and inspiring work that you have done. I truly cannot thank you enough. I hope to be an artist that inspires as you do someday, although it is not my main goal in life. All the DH fans in the world appreciate what you have done, and will accept your decision.

Thank you.

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I've got periods of my life, where comics are something of the only thing I care for. Right now I'm in one of those periods. I randomly found your website, and I really liked you style, so I gave it a shot. I liked it. After I'd read the first chapter, I checked the rest of the website out, and I thought it was rather odd that you hadn't updated it in a long time, so I found your dA account. And now I've found out why that is.
But time to get to the point: I'm young and inexperienced, but I know how it feels to lose the passion. I once translated web comics into Danish, because I liked doing it. I eventually lost this passion, and slowly stopped doing it at all, even though I'd wish I could do it again. How sad I might be, that this awesome comic is no more, I really respect you decision. And I'd also like to thank you, for the amazing chapter I got out of this.
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scarlet-dahliaHobbyist General Artist
Amazing image. It is the first time I have seen it, and it is stunning.
I am so glad that you have found a path that fits your needs and where you are in life. It is a great thing to take the experiences of your past and use them to move toward the future. I am sure all those that loved your webcomics of old will miss them but if your passion does not lie there then it is best to not continue and destroy what they loved about it.
I look forward to seeing the new chapter of your art in your future work!
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Fany001Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the beautiful comment - and you are right about not continuing being better when the passion is gone. To me it would feel like cheating the readers if I myself didn't give the creation of the comic my all. I'm glad this loss of passion hasn't happened to me in professional work, but it's luck that my employers keep commissioning me with things I love :) That's exactly why I want to focus on working for them now.
Thanks, I will try to update the gallery from time to time.
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Fan-the-little-demonProfessional Digital Artist
what life taught me, and believe me I'm old, is that loosing your childhood and things that were precious to you means killing an important part of yourself. and it cannot be filled by anything no matter what.
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Fany001Professional Digital Artist
That's true, this another viewpoint, thanks for sharing. I didn't think of it, but believe me, I still sketch something from my comics from time to time, especially when I'm flustered by cramming for exams and feel like drawing something full of action to vent the frustration :)
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wing693789Hobbyist Writer
really awesome picture!
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