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Dream of a Kitten Cover Illustration

This was painted as a cover image for a children magazine Dráček, an issue mostly about cats. It was kind of a challenge because I had never drawn an attractive super-cute kitten, I had always done stylized caricatures of cats. It had to be commercial but at the same I didn't want it to be much of that. So I painted this dreamy illustration. I hope it's successful in catching readers' eyes.  
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Beautiful work! 💜😍
nyukiz's avatar
So cuuute *w* awwwwwww
StoneHot316's avatar
StreetKombatfighter's avatar
ooooooo it's so flufffffffyyyy ! :D
Nyu-Rini's avatar
Wooow! This is so pleasing to look at with its vibrant-than-life colors and the perfectly placed highlights. Amazing!
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
*dies* this is SO CUTE! You did such a good job with it, the cuteness factor is overflowing ;)
SchweetKarelyos's avatar
Roxalew's avatar
OHMYGLOB! :D Love the colours and amount of cuteness SO MUCH :love::love:
This is flipping amazing :iconrainbowheartplz: <3333333
Koushoku-jin's avatar
:love: The colors are just so beautiful to look at -- it made me pause and adore it
Yanialch's avatar
I love it so much!!!
Boubacat's avatar
That is beautiful!! ;u;
bumblemilk's avatar
so cute!!! :3 :+llama: 
Jonra94's avatar
Aaaaaw its so adorable
CreeperGirl23's avatar
So cute!!! CAN'T RESIST!
ContraxSarah's avatar
The colors remind me of Lisa Frank! Soo cute!
poneshibe's avatar
Moc pěkné :33
xSapphireEyesx's avatar
This straight away reminds me of  the Lisa Frank stuff from the 90s... I would definitely say this is successful.
PinkoPrint's avatar
Awe, very pretty. I love the colors
brontolona's avatar
his eyes are so.... *____* cute!!!
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